#44 Thursday August 16th, 2018: “He fooled us” #1yearagotodayCW

Shan’ann Watts’ body was exhumed at 23:00 on August 15th, about the same time Watts was arrested and taken into custody.

From the station in Frederick Watts was taken to Weld County Jail by Officer James. The same officer had taken Watts’ father earlier in the evening to local hotels on Firestone Boulevard.

He didn’t know it just then, but that night was to be the first night of the rest of Watts’ new life – not surfing sand dunes but wiling away his life, reading the bible and tattered prison paperbacks all within an incarcerated state. So much for keeping his home, his girlfriend and people’s good impression of him – within three days of the murder he’d lost all of that, as well as his freedom for the rest of his life.

The Phone Data Review has one fairly nondescript entry for Thursday the 16th.

Fullscreen capture 20190815 121400

It’s easy to forget this aspect one year later, but immediately after Watts’ arrest, the Thayer couple did a series of interviews with the media. Some following this case may recall that Nick and Amanda had let Watts sleep over in their home on Tuesday night, August 14th, following a few hours of questioning by the FBI. Nick [a professional photographer] and Watts were jogging pals. Nick Thayer had taken the now famous Watts Family Photos and also likely photographed Shan’ann’s spread for a Thrive magazine promotion.


Shan’ann and Amanda [an education director] were friends and fellow Thrivers.


The couple had copped a lot of flack online for harboring a man suspected of killing his family. Many who had watched the Sermon on the Porch reckoned Watts story didn’t add up, but the Thayers seemed to feel differently. They’d actually stood beside him, off camera, while he addressed the media.

Prior to his arrest the Thayers defended their decision to on social media, and defended Watts. But on Thursday and Friday they did damage control, doing back to back interviews, apologizing to the public – as well as their own daughter – for their mistake.

Although Watts is often criticized, not without justification, the Thayers were among those duped by his explanations. Watts may not have had much game, but it’s not like he didn’t have any game.

More: ‘He fooled us’: Friends of man who allegedly killed pregnant wife, daughters speak out after shocking arrest – ABC

Couple who defended Chris Watts ‘had no idea’ – 9News

The interview on Thursday following the arrest of her former boyfriend was the second Kessinger had given to law enforcement, but it was the first time Kessinger and CBI agent Greg Zentner sat down together.

Zentner was easygoing, sometimes he seemed too easy going, just as Coder seemed perhaps too friendly to Watts in the beginning. But don’t be fooled, Zentner’s no slouch, he’d already interviewed another Nickole [Atkinson] at length at her work place. He knew what was going on and he knew to approach these people carefully and in a friendly, somewhat firm and open manner.

The other question to ask is if you’d sent naked pictures of yourself, would you want the world to see all that, even within the context of a crime? The point is, it doesn’t matter what you or I would do, Kessinger didn’t want to do that. And on this point, she was questioned by Zentner.

Fullscreen capture 20190807 223823Fullscreen capture 20190807 223813Fullscreen capture 20190807 223819Fullscreen capture 20190807 223806

The interrogation above, recorded in camera, was Kessinger’s third meeting with law enforcement, from August 17th at Thornton Police Department. Discovery Documents page 568 onwards. Her second meeting with law enforcement occurred on August 16th, the day after Watts’ arrest.

Kessinger’s reason to Zentner isn’t the full story of course. She had other reasons to delete their affair, principally the fact that she wanted to keep her job. It’s important to draw a distinction between the interrogation with Watts and the interviews with Kessinger. If Watts lies, he’s covering up the premeditated murder of his own family. If Kessinger’s economical with the truth, she’s covering aspects of an affair she considers private and not necessarily relevant. There’s a tradeoff here between her and law enforcement. If they don’t go after everything, she’ll co-operate.

Fullscreen capture 20190807 223903Fullscreen capture 20190807 223912

And Kessinger does provide law enforcement with a lot to go on. She tells them about her two visits to the Watts home. We still haven’t seen security footage of this, either from the neighbor of potentially from Watts’ doorbell camera.

Fullscreen capture 20190807 223720Fullscreen capture 20190807 223731

Something else we still haven’t seen are those dozens of naked and semi-naked images sent by Kessinger to Watts, and that is as it should be. Fact is, while it would be tabloid gold, it’s not in the public interest in the conventional sense that true crime is meant to be. Even so, Weld County have released some images that give one a sense of the relationship between the two Anadarko co-workers. It’s sufficient.

Fullscreen capture 20190807 223635Fullscreen capture 20190807 223639Fullscreen capture 20190807 223642Fullscreen capture 20190807 223715

What does come through quite strongly in Kessinger’s interviews is even though by August 16th it’s clear Watts probably murdered his wife [her body was recovered from a well site he visited, and her death was reported in the media], it doesn’t seem to really register with Kessinger. She seems to be in a dreamworld, and Agent Zentner would – from time to time – have to remind her that she was talking him about her former boyfriend not for fun, not for tiddlywinks, but as part of a murder investigation.

18 thoughts on “#44 Thursday August 16th, 2018: “He fooled us” #1yearagotodayCW

  1. There was also that moment in Watts interrogation where he waxed slightly poetic about NK, and Coder had to steer him back to the matter at hand, saying let’s get back to your missing wife. It was probably the first time CW had actually had the opportunity to talk about her to someone, even though it was an FBI agent. I know I’m in the minority, but I do feel sympathy for NK — she had a colossal lapse in judgement by becoming involved with a married man, however he did lie and lie and lie to her. She wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to fall for that. She might have had a little edge to her, but that’s ok. I really don’t believe she had any part in any of it, and contrary to some social media theories, I don’t think she was in the truck that night !

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  2. Here is my source for the longer response I sent several hours ago under this same post. My Item 1, where I feel NK catches herself giving too much information to Kobak on “just how deep the rabbit hole goes”
    I believe she starts to tell CW, “You should make sure that you have a (burner) phone, wait a minute….”

    Dangerous Minds U-tube Channel
    Watts Murders
    Nichol Kessinger Interview 2 part 6 (Parody) Finale
    January 21, 2019
    Time stamp 10:43


  3. lol. I’d still like to see the nude pictures of NK anyway – afterall we were “treated” to those nude pictures of Jodi Arias that quite frankly, turned my stomach. I saw on a Plunder video where Nichole was a little disgusted at the picture Watts sent her of himself. And I’ve heard that – that women don’t like it, but of course men like to see women. It’s highly erotic. And it’s possible he took quite a few of them himself, saved them somewhere, then transferred them into his secret calculator.


  4. I do wonder how close Chris Watts was to getting away with it.
    Chris needed to get Shanann’s phone unlocked to send fictitious messages.
    This buys him time to go back to Cervi 3-19 and ‘get rid’ of any evidence (like bed sheet, reburying Shanann or staging the whole site to blow up).
    remove final traces from the house (he had almost cleaned up the house apart from the soiled bed sheet in the bin / trash).
    Now if Nickole Atkinson wasn’t a dedicated friend and Shanann didn’t have a doctors appointment he would have got away with it.
    Also getting rid of his Facebook page put him at a disadvantage. he may have known about the doctors appointment and various other plans Shanann had made


    • I’ve heard a few people putting this idea out there of staging the site to blow up. It’s possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever come across in true crime. Do you realize the point of going to so much trouble to hide bodies out of sight is to hide bodies out of sight? The whole idea is not to draw attention anywhere. It’s hard to imagine anything drawing more attention than an explosion. The Firestone explosion in 2017 attracted regional, national and international attention. It led to huge community distress and ultimately a referendum on Proposition 112. Only someone with zero concept of the criminal mind thinks like this.


  5. After seeing it again the word was “inappropriate” and that she didn’t want them- far cry from disgusted, it’s what she’s telling the officer, my interpretation got in the way. But here it is at 3:00:

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  6. I hate to even say this, but looking at the photos of CW with NK, he actually looks like he is in love and happier than any of the “staged” photos with SW.


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