#45 Friday August 17th, 2018: “Mr. Watts, why did you kill your wife and two children?” #1yearagotodayCW

The bodies of both little girls were retrieved in the mid to late afternoon on Thursday. Bear in mind the children were murdered Sunday night, but even if we accept they were murdered Monday morning, it took until Thursday afternoon to simply retrieve their bodies. For those thinking this was an easy or simple case to investigate, prosecute or just figure out, think again.

Watts’ exit strategy may have been seriously flawed and poorly conceived, but his execution was far from the worst of the dozen or so high-profile cases True Crime Rocket Science has analyzed over the past few years.

Moving on to Friday, August 17th. It doesn’t appear at all in the Phone Data Review. One reason for this is that Watts’ phone had been confiscated at this point. [Kessinger was still using hers, however]. August 17th is the first day since July 4th where a day is missing from the timeline. June 17th is nevertheless a very significant day.

Just one day after Watt’s arrest, he’s already assembled [or one has been assembled for him] a sizable legal team. On the same day but prior to his court appearance on August 17th, several members of his defense team are actively working inside his home; boxing evidence, taking photos, scribbling notes and making observations.


Watts’ neighbor, possibly Nate Trinastich, calls in a burglary next door. Then, this happens.


I deal with the details of the cops entering the scene in book six of the TWO FACE series. One detail worth noting here is the camera equipment set up below the stairs.



Chris Watts appears shackled in court as bodies of missing pregnant wife and two daughters, 3 and 4, are found – The Mirror

It should be noted that as early as August 17th the media was reporting on the fact that prosecutors believed the crime scene [where all three murders took place] was inside the Watts home.

Fullscreen capture 20190816 145401

When Watts emerges for his “perp walk” wearing his orange outfit for the first time, a local reporter calls out:

“Mr. Watts, why did you kill your wife and two children?”

During the court session, the bald fellow [James Edward Merson] that had been in Watts’ home gathering evidence can be seen seated at Watts’ right hand. Nothing ever came of the “defense case” that day, nor ever since.

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