#46 Sunday August 19th, 2018: Nichol Kessinger searches “Amber Frey Book Deal, Net Worth” on Google #1yearagotodayCW

The final entry in the 50 page Phone Data Review is this one, on August 19th.


Did people hate Amber Frey?

Do people hate Nichol Kessinger?

If the answer to these questions are different, why are they different?

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Amber Frey emerged as a hero in the Scott Peterson trial. She played a key role in his arrest and an even more prominent role in his conviction. Many of the circumstances of the Watts case are similar to the Peterson case. Laci Peterson was 8 months pregnant, Scott Peterson was cheating on her with Amber, there were serious financial problems and Scott and Laci were also seen by the community and their families as the perfect couple.

The personalities of Laci and Shan’ann and Scott and Chris are also broadly similar. The wives seemed to be in charge of their husbands, wearing the pants and holding the purse strings in the marriage. The husbands were handsome, not particularly successful in the career sense, and somewhat introverted. There’s even the notion of stealing the murdered wife’s jewelry and pawning it for much-needed pocket-money in both cases.

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Nichol Kessinger’s statements played a key role in the ultimate arrest and arguably, swift prosecution of Watts. Had she supported him to the end, even through a trial, things could have been very different.

It’s certainly possible that his version that Shan’ann murdered the children could have succeeded in a criminal court if he’d had her support and backing. The fact that Kessinger went to the police as soon as she did is the reason that never happened.

It should also be pointed out Kessinger went to the police within two days of finding out about the family’s disappearance. It’s not clear when Amber Frey went to the police, some reports say she went too the cops on December 30th, which was six days after Laci’s disappearance.

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But we do know the circumstances were different because Laci’s parents and friends maintained their faith in Scott’s innocence while the Rzuceks and Shan’ann’s friends did not. So in Amber’s case, the police didn’t want it immediately known when they knew about Amber. This also allowed Amber to secretly record many conversations with Scott for three weeks after Laci’s disappearance.

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This is another big difference in the two mistresses. Kessinger broke off her relationship almost immediately while Amber Frey didn’t. Amber finally came forward publicly on January 17th, around 4 weeks after Laci’s disappearance.

The public have since praised Amber for double-crossing Scott despite her – a single mother – having an affair. Amber also knew Scott was married but assumed he was separated, or that his wife was dead, it’s not clear which.

Read the Rocket Science trilogy on the Scott Peterson case at this link.

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6 thoughts on “#46 Sunday August 19th, 2018: Nichol Kessinger searches “Amber Frey Book Deal, Net Worth” on Google #1yearagotodayCW

  1. I think one of the differences is that Amber latched onto Gloria Allred (or vice versa) before she went public, and availed herself of that professional marketing. She dressed in office type attire for her press conference, and came across as a single mom with a young daughter, a little down on her luck and unlucky in love, vulnerable to being preyed upon by Scott. Nichol (who I do feel sympathy for and don’t believe was involved any further than having very bad judgement) seems more self assured, financially secure, slightly edgy and someone who should have been able to put 2 + 2 together and recognize Chris’ lies. Had she called Gloria Allred first, I wonder if things would have been different? I also think social media (there it is again) played a part – all the photos and videos of SW and the girls, the text messages, etc. gave the Watts case a much more personal feel, we knew much more about all the personalities involved.


  2. Vast differences between Amber Frey and NK, IMO.

    It is believable that Amber Frey had no idea Scott Peterson wasn’t single. She was fixed up by a trusted friend who had no idea that Peterson was married. Frey and Peterson lived in different cities, had no mutual friends or acquaintances where she could get info. Nor did social media exist in the form it does now; no open, public Facebook Laci account that she could check . . .

    >>> None of these factors apply to Kessinger. Why would anyone who thought their lover was single google articles about “being a mistress” and “do men marry their mistresses”? Obviously she knew she was a mistress before Shannan was killed.

    Also, when Richard Byrd (Fresno detective and friend) contacted Frey on the 5th day of Laci’s disappearance, Frey immediately contacted police and began working with them. That took courage. In contrast, after learning SW was missing, Kessinger busied herself deleting texts and photos (later trying to make it sound like she did it because she was “hurt”), and doing internet searches about how much money the mistress of another guy who murdered his wife was worth . . . her instinct to cover her a$$ and possibly take advantage of the situation financially really says a lot about who this woman was/is.

    By the way, thoughtco’s article about Frey says she hired Gloria Allread in May 2003, five months after Frey started working with the Modesto police. This was right before the onslaught of the press after the details of her relationship with Peterson were made public.


    • When I look at the comments about Amber Frey 17 years after the murder of Laci Peterson, I have low confidence that the Watts case will ever be properly understood. This is a ridiculous outcome given the huge volumes of information out there. It just shows how lazy the majority [and the media] are when it comes to interpreting data. It appears most can’t, or won’t.

      Regardless of what you believe, you’re misinformed about Amber Frey. She did know Scott Peterson was married before Laci’s disappearance. Shawn Sibley was an industry associate of Scott’s, and her colleagues were well aware that Scott Peterson was married. In early December Sibley found out, confronted Scott and told Amber to demand an explanation, which she did.


      “…he divulged his marriage to Frey on Dec. 9, 2002 — 15 days before Laci Peterson disappeared…on Dec. 6, 2002, one of Sibley’s co-workers who also knew Peterson told Sibley that Peterson was married, and she confronted the fertilizer salesman in an angry phone call.”


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