#12 July 15th, 2018: Chris Watts on the line with Vivint #1yearagotodayCW

On Sunday, July 15th, Watts spends 23 minutes on the line with Vivint, his home security company. It’s likely this was prompted by Shan’ann finally FLIPPING OUT over the dodgy garage sensor. [Watts’ call to Vivint was prompted by a 5 minute call from Shan’ann about an hour earlier].

Fullscreen capture 20190708 110932-001

For the remainder of the day Watts seemed to be doing chores in the basement, possibly at Shan’ann’s behest. Remember she could not reach him the day before while he was out at the museum and canoodling with Kessinger. Watts took several photos of the inside of the basement and presumably sent them to Shan’ann to prove that he was done his chores.

We can only speculate what happened during Watts’ 23-minute conversation with Vivint. Vivint may have described the ins and outs of the technology, and how to work around issues. This insight may have come in useful a month later. Whatever Watts’ learned, the garage sensor remained busted when the cops arrived in mid-August.

In terms of the taking photos as “evidence” or as an alibi for chores, this seemed to be part of a habit in the Watts household. Just prior to murder of the children a month later, Shan’ann also asked Watts to send her pictures of the children in bed. He couldn’t on that occasion, because they were already dead. He resent pictures of the children from earlier in the day instead.

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10 thoughts on “#12 July 15th, 2018: Chris Watts on the line with Vivint #1yearagotodayCW

  1. I’m a little confused. The last pictures of the girls were at the dinner table (eating cold pizza) dressed in the clothes they must have gotten wet at the birthday party. If he took care to put their wet shoes outside to dry, why give them dinner in wet clothing? Bella and CeCe are wearing the clothes they wore to the birthday party – CeCe in the pink t shirt and Bella in the purple dress. They were supposedly “soaked” according to Watts, talking to Nichole.

    Then, did he change them into their night wear before sedation or after?


    • It is a little confusing. The photos of the girls eating at the dinner table were from Sunday morning, images he’d already sent to Shan’ann that morning. The only updated image he sent Sunday night was the one of Bella at the party, taken on Sunday afternoon.

      Incidentally, for those idiots who still think shadows on driveway is proof that one or both girls were alive, why wasn’t Watts able to send a photo of the girls in bed when Shan’ann specifically asked for them at 19:46 on Sunday, August 12th?

      The conjecture is absurd on this point – so a shadow that you can’t see is then conjured into [of all possible things] one of the children, meanwhile we have actual evidence that Watts wasn’t able to comply with this second request for photos, right at the time when the murders were most likely [remember he spoke for 2 hours on the phone to Kessinger that night, and she heard the television was playing loudly in the background]. It’s not that Watts didn’t answer her request, he did. He simply couldn’t honor the terms of the request.

      As part of my research into EPILOGUE [book 9] I also noted the tracker dogs found no scent of any of the 3 victims leaving the house. How do the shadow boxers explain that?

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      • Looking forward to book 9 nick. I believe he must have killed the children at home. Why would he risk taking 2 distressed kids …because they would have instinctively known that something was horribly wrong with mummy…on a 40 minute drive to kill them in a public (albeit it fairly deserted) place. It wasn’t to decrease the risks of random police stops because he’s already got one body in there for sure. And he strikes me as someone who’d kill in a ‘non confrontational’ manner to maintain his own view of himself as a good guy, so drugs at home makes sense. What I don’t get is why his version is that he drove them out there and killed them there…because frankly it doesn’t make it sound better or less planned, so why does he want people to believe that?


      • Because he thought it’s the version they wanted to hear. If he didn’t give it to them he would have had a heck of a lot more explaining to do.

        Actually a premeditated murder sounds more monstrous and is more monstrous than a murder where one is suddenly, randomly possessed by a demon and one just snaps. How do you explain to anyone in this world, parents, would-be girlfriends, that you carefully plotted the triple murder of your own family? Who would really forgive such a crime?

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      • Nick, why the name calling: “idiots” … you are breaking your own rules. Maybe he didn’t send pics of them in bed simply because he didn’t want to go upstairs and take the pics. I thought the girls are light sleepers, maybe he didn’t want to wake them. Or maybe they were dead.


      • You seem to be quite flippant on this point. Maybe he didn’t feel like taking pictures or maybe the girls were dead. There’s a big difference either way, and I don’t think one can be – or should be – so casual at this stage of the game to still be going, “Maybe this, maybe that.” A year later one has to have a theory that accommodates all the facts, the psychology, the timeline, the evidence. Do you have one? Maybe it’s time you committed to one.


  2. Okay then, that makes sense. That he gave them a light lunch or something before they left for the birthday party. When they had their last facetime with Grandpa Rzucek, I wonder if he noted what they were wearing? He just said they were eating pizza and candy, and he didn’t see Celeste but he heard her. I wonder if there are any pictures of the clothing he took them out of after the party. Since he was LaundryMan wouldn’t he have laundered their clothing and hung them up like he usually did.

    In regard to not honoring Shan’ann’s request to take a picture of the girls in bed, I think her mom radar was going off, that she might have had a horrifying thought that he could do something to the girls, so she requested a picture of them nestled all safely in their beds. He uses the excuse that he just got Bella back in bed, knowing she knows what that’s like, Bella being a light sleeper, etc. However it does indicate another of his lies, since he feels no compunction about blasting the television set later.

    Yep, you’re right – no dog alerts in the driveway when he apparently “bends to pick up Bella” as her shadow approaches him.

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    • Shan’ann’s mom and wife radar was going off, but she believed she was in control, manipulating him. If you think about, he was acting cold to her and the kids, and it was already out there that he intended to go through with a separation.

      Interestingly, on page 627 of the Discovery Documents, Addy says in Arizona that Shan’ann was afraid he was going to take the kids away from her.

      On August 7 she confided to Addy:

      “l told him last night, I don’t feel safe with him after what he said about the baby…”

      If this case has only one message it’s watch out for the signals, pay attention, and listen to your gut, especially when you’re in a bleak situation.

      Instead of her manipulating him and controlling him, it was actually the other way around right at the end. Always a dangerous game. So often in these high-profile cases we see a build-up to the crime. There’s a long burning of the fuse. After the crime the suspects do their best to dispel this knowledge with the “I just snapped” or “I was demon possessed” scenario. This is to fragment and break their real emotional and psychological connections to the victims, muddy the real situation and their conscious decision on how to deal with it.


  3. Yet we never heed the inner voice. “O.J’s going to kill me and get away with it.”

    A bit of speculating – if Shan’ann had told one person, Nickole A. who I think was good at keeping secrets that she was going to surprise Chris by returning to Frederick Aug. 12, morning of, then imagine how his plans might have been foiled. No last date with NK. He still could have gone ahead with it Saturday night but he’d have to lay really low, as he wouldn’t be able to remove the bodies until he went to work Monday morning which was great cover for him. And the cadaver dog would have gotten a better scent. He also would have had to be the one to call Jeremy Lindstrom and express his regrets that his children would not be attending the party. Same as he did by calling the school. I guess he still could have pulled it off. Then sends texts to NA from her phone “I got home safe and sound. Glad I returned early”, etc.


  4. At this point the when and how isn’t as important as the why.

    Back up to the fitness tracker (and this is going back to when did CW kill SW), why hasn’t there been more information about that? If there is info, I haven’t found it. We had a murder in our area, husband said wife hung herself. Guess he didn’t know his wife was wearing a Holter cardiac monitor, which showed exactly the time her heart stopped, and the husband’s timeline of events was way off. He hung her. Back to SWs fitness tracker. I can’t believe she would take it off since it tracks sleep patterns. What did it show? Please don’t tell me the FBI waited too long to download the data and it’s gone.

    [Note: I’ve redacted your response. The question was how, not why. Please note we don’t do ALL CAPS or !!! on this site. It should go without saying that insulting the owner of this site will get you booted off it. If you have a difference of opinion you’d better have a strong, valid and well-researched reason to back it up.]


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