Kelsey’s Mother Cheryl Describes “Growing Panic” as days passed with no sign of her daughter – PATRICK FRAZEE TRIAL DAY 1

The criminal trial of Patrick Frazee, ex-fiance of 29-year-old Kelsey Berreth, finally kicked off on Friday November 1st, 2019. It has taken 11 long months to get this case to trial after Kelsey was last seen [at a grocery store with her daughter] on November 22nd, 2018.

The jury [excluding alternates] comprises 7 women and 5 men. Interestingly, 1 out of 14 people in Teller county received a summons for this particular trial.

Bizarrely, the control over the coverage of this case has been extreme to say the least.

The prosecution came out swinging, using emotion and arguably their strongest evidence – surveillance stills and cell phone data – to sketch Frazee as a deceitful dissembler, and worse.

The opening statements of the Frazee trial zeroed in on Frazee’s mistress Krystal Kenney. Small blood spots “left behind by Kenney” at the crime scene are highlighted.

“This face, this man, is a murderer.”

After an hour of openings, the first witness called by the prosecution was Cheryl Berreth, Kelsey’s mother.

More: “She was a great mom” – 9News

Cheryl Berreth’s testimony is emotional. She points out Patrick Frazee in court. He meets her eyes, staring blankly back at Kelsey’s mother.

On the morning of the alleged murder, Kelsey made cinnamon rolls “hard as rocks”. But something didn’t look right about the homely scene. On second thoughts, a lot of things didn’t feel right.

Cheryl felt a growing panic after days passed with no word from her daughter. This prompted her to head to the Woodland park Condo herself to investigate.

Additional Information:

1. Prosecutor:  Jennifer Viehman

maxresdefault (3)

2. Defense attorneys:

Ashley Porter

Adam Stiegerwald

Murder suspect Patrick Frazee to get new attorney – KRDO

Early parallels to the Watts case:

1. Alleged involvement of a mistress.

2. Incongruous luggage, and the idea of someone leaving, while leaving their luggage behind.

3. Cheryl arriving at scene analogous to Nickole Atkinson’s investigation – but critically delayed by 11 days.

4. Kelsey Berreth’s cars were both in the driveway [just as Shan’ann’s vehicle was in the garage]. Kelsey Berreth’s keys were missing, however. [Shan’ann’s keys were left on the center console].

5. Poor relationship between Kelsey and Frazee family [echoes Shan’ann’s relationship, or lack of with the Watts in-laws].

6. Period of physical separation predating murder.

7. Kelsey started working less after her daughter developed mineral deficiency.

8. Frazee claimed he’d broken up with Kelsey on the day she disappeared. Chris Watts also claimed he and Shan’ann were in the process of separating on the day Shan’ann disappeared.


1. Frazee “painted a picture” of Kelsey as a bad mom, abusive and an alcoholic. We can’t be certain what sort of picture Watts painted to Kessinger about Shan’ann, but Kessinger knew Shan’ann was a spendthrift and a controlling figure.

He said SHANANN spends most of the money. He was frustrated SHANANN had bad spending habits. – Discovery Documents, page 571

2. Frazee allegedly asked his mistress to assist in the murder and/or clean-up.

3. Kelsey allegedly killed violently, sadistically in the day.

4. “What they did not tell you is that Krystal did not go to police voluntarily. They had to track her down.” – Ashley Porter, referring to Frazee’s mistress

5. No human remains found in the Frazee case.

Further reading:

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8 thoughts on “Kelsey’s Mother Cheryl Describes “Growing Panic” as days passed with no sign of her daughter – PATRICK FRAZEE TRIAL DAY 1

  1. There may be another parallel to the Watts case – a first attempt to poison the victim – as when Frazee initially ordered Kenney to deliver poisoned coffee to Kelsey.


  2. I’m always shocked how women still don’t understand the male animal. Any and all attempts to control, manipulate or dominate will be met with fierce resistance, and possibly violence. And yet time and time again women seem to like playing with fire. I don’t know what Kelsey may or may not have done with Patrick but we do know that Shan’ann went on for years treating Watts as the lessor in the relationship, she dominated the social sphere, the money, parenting, relegating him to not much more than someone who brings home the bacon, does the laundry, fixes drinks and packs lunches. Sometimes the woman will take a big risk and make a baby with a violent man who cannot be coerced. Women don’t understand that men are born to fight – they are warriors. Do not try to compete with a man, he will win. Be soft. Be a woman. And there is power in that.


  3. Given the painful- to- hear incidents of Patrick Frazee beating his horse, a cow, and being “hard” on his dogs I think the fake news media would do a better job if they would out an animal abuser and potential homicidal maniac before they have a chance to kill someone, instead of picking on Keanu Reeves for copping a feel.


    • Yes the double standards are ridiculous. It feels like it’s become normal for some people either to be accessories to murder, or to think it’s normal and thus not a big leap to suspecting others. These same people go nuts at the idea of a man actually touching a woman. Well, this is the result. No touching.


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