#23 July 26th, 2018: Money, Security and a “Good Mood” #1yearagotodayCW

Whose idea was it to go the Great Sand Dunes National Park that weekend? When did that idea come up?

July 26th, 2018, was the last Thursday leading up to Watts’ final weekend with Nichol Kessinger before flying down to North Carolina. They were going to need to make it count. But first, there was some admin to be done.

Unusually, the first call to Watts’ phone that morning was from Kessinger. Since he was up and running, Watts elected to call his wife afterwards. Shan’ann called him back, then again mid-morning. Their calls may have had something to do with Vivint, and the still broken garage sensor, or to do with cash, or both. Watts was going to need some if he was going to go on a camping trip with his mistress that weekend. [On July 30th we know for a fact that Shan’ann and Watts were still talking about the “sensitivity” of the Vivint settings].

After work, Watts called Chase Bank, which suggests the idea to go to Great Sand Dunes that weekend could have happened sometime that Thursday, possibly at work. Since Kessinger says in the video “thank you for coming here with me”, it appears to have been her idea.

A few minutes after calling the bank, Watts accessed Myprepaidcenter.com. It was by using this system that Watts was able to buy things for several weeks without alerting Shan’ann to his non-discretionary expenses.

After that Watts tried to sort things out with Vivint, calling Shan’ann afterwards to report  on any progress. Possibly he also took Kessinger out to the Lazy Dog restaurant near their home that evening and used his prepaid debit card to finance the meal.Fullscreen capture 20190726 102512

Meanwhile on Shan’ann’s Facebook, she and Bella were all smiles. Shan’ann gave herself a clean bill of health, as well as everyone around her.

Fullscreen capture 20190724 131244

7 thoughts on “#23 July 26th, 2018: Money, Security and a “Good Mood” #1yearagotodayCW

  1. Any thoughts about his search for “G.I.T.”? I tried Googling to see what came up. Most results are for GitLab, but I doubt he was interested in that. I think it’s most likely he was looking up “gastrointestinal tract”—maybe he was looking for info about how long things take to digest?


  2. It made sense to me that the camping gear was hers. Tent, cookstove, whatever other things they used. Also how many nude selfies were being transferred per day? On average. Maybe that was a routine of theirs, that she would send him at least one a day.


  3. Not sure if it’s just me but vivint seems to play an over prominent role in their life before what happened as well as raising questions about the deaths and what it recorded or whether it was tampered with. Her continual worrying about getting it fixed…..his time spent calling them. I don’t know how much someone living in that area would see having it fully operational at all times as a necessity, i.e how vital would it be seen to an average citizen living there as a security measure ? It doesn’t seem like a high crime area. I suspect if it was me and if I had their looming financial Armageddon (both), was away for work and family (shannan), was getting together with someone new (cw), then I’d be letting problems with the door system lapse. This may say more about my shoddy house maintenance standards of course! Is it possible she had specific security concerns before she went away because something happened? Or had suspicions about what cw was up to and wanted it working to keep tabs on who was coming and going.


  4. Is the entry for the 25th missing or am I just not seeing it? I’m sorry if it’s been addressed, came back to catch up in the last two days of entries.


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