3 thoughts on “Rebecca Zahau Case File: Volume 1 [of 2], Section 21 [of 43] CALLS, TEXTS & NOTES

  1. So sad (Rebecca’s notes). But was she suicidal? I think we have all felt the pain of being with someone that we love more than they love us, and the other way around too but at some point you cut your losses, you don’t send a message to the loved one in such a hideous way as the way in which Rebecca was found.


  2. Rebecca felt humiliated because she did everything for Jonah – loved him more perhaps than he loved her. She shuttled his children around and they disrespected her – all but Max. She left her job because Jonah had many needs of a girlfriend and she wanted to fulfill those needs. She has no money of her own anymore. What’s worse he is starting to treat her like a child. Then Max falls and she is left to deal with this alone. She’s shut out.

    Jonah leaves his ex-wife angry and jealous after he was through with her. I don’t know the ins and outs of their marriage but I know there were occasions of domestic violence and calls to the police.
    Dina felt humiliated for reasons we don’t know in their marriage but likely if he left her and found a younger “model” and one that he could rub in her face that the girlfriend and her only son had become bonded to each other who is now in a coma because the object of your hatred wasn’t keeping an eye out for him when he fell, feels humiliated too. She can’t take it out on Jonah, he’s also grieving. But there is someone she can take it out on.

    In my book Jonah is a man who doesn’t take care of the women he once loved. He gives them settlements and child support but he doesn’t finish his relationships in a way that leaves them powerful, but leaves them powerless or angry.


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