#28 July 31st, 2018: When Chris Watts arrives at the airport in North Carolina, an alarm can be heard sounding in the background #1yearagotodayCW

Chris Watts had to be up early on July 31st, a Tuesday morning, to catch his 05:00 flight with Southwest Airlines [WN 656] from Denver International Airport to Raleigh, North Carolina. It wouldn’t be a direct flight either. He flew via Atlanta. Including the stopover, he’d be at airports, in transit and in the air for around five hours, plenty of time to get some shut eye, or to contemplate his lot in life.

Since Watts had the use of the Lexus [something he elected to do either out of ignorance or in spite of Shan’ann’s wishes], he spent the night at Kessinger’s, and close to 03:00 drove direct from her place to the airport.

Kessinger’s apartment was on the way to the airport anyway, five minutes closer than driving from Frederick. Once again, the dodgy garage sensor not going off that morning came in real handy. It provided him with yet another alibi.

Kessinger’s home was 15.7 miles south of the Watts residence.

Fullscreen capture 20190731 122118

Fullscreen capture 20190731 121648Fullscreen capture 20190731 121602

The fact that Watts took a photo of the parking sign suggests that Shan’ann did want Watts to take the car to the airport. They could all use it when they flew back. The setup at Denver parking is such that rates vary from $120 a day, to #33 a day, $25 a day, $16 a day and $8 a day.



Watts chose the second cheapest option, which triggered a fuming response from Shan’ann. We’ll deal with that in more detail in a moment.

Fullscreen capture 20190726 102544-001

We can clearly see Watts’ headspace even early on a Tuesday morning. While he’s trying to follow his wife’s orders, he’s also trying to hide away evidence of his mistress. At 04:08 he hurriedly transfers around 50 images to the Secret Calculator.

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 on a taxiway

Once done with that it’s back to keeping the peace with Shan’ann. At 04:46 he lets her know he’s boarding and tells her he loves her. This is Watts trying to manipulate her with terms of endearment. But it doesn’t work.

Fullscreen capture 20190726 102549

The instructions Shan’ann sends to him at 04:53 for how to schedule a ride with Uber suggests Shan’ann didn’t authorize her husband to use the car, and didn’t want him to use airport parking whatsoever. We know even on her short trip to Arizona, Shan’ann caught a ride with Nickole, and possibly shared the parking fee.

Regardless whether Watts was in the wrong, or whether Shan’ann was justified in being stung by another unnecessary expense, Watts rendezvous with his wife was off to a pretty sobering start. Where he’d been footloose and fancy free surfing the sand dunes and romping with his girlfriend over the weekend, now he was reduced to photographing parking signs and being reprimanded for “not listening”.

If Watts took and sent the parking photo on his own initiative, then we see signs of a more  Machiavellian nature. Then the “cheap parking” image is a distraction from the real reason he wanted the car – so he could transit at Kessinger’s place for a final few hours before catching his flight.

Watts continued to give Shan’ann regular updates. This too was in stark contrast to his behavior over the weekend, and in fact over the past several weeks. Shan’ann continued to give orders.

When he arrives, she’s to let him know so she can record the girls’ reactions. [It doesn’t matter that he hates being in these videos, and that all of them end up being posted on social media].

But Watts tries to be as casual and forthcoming as he possibly can. He tells her:

Ok Boo.

He’s using the affectionate term often to imply that there’s absolutely nothing amiss from his side of the relationship, even though there are serious problems. Watts just doesn’t want a confrontation.

But there is a confrontation – of sorts. Watts has to face his children on camera, and sure enough, it doesn’t go well.

“When Chris Watts caught up to her, Bella was screaming at the top of her lungs…” [Discovery Documents, page 681]

If Shan’ann’s father’s account is accurate, then the reunion had to be filmed twice. Why would Bella be terrified of her father, or be acting in a strange way towards him? One possibility is that the little girl may have overheard her mother talking with her father on the phone, and possibly crying or appearing distressed afterwards. Another possibility is that Shan’ann may have implied to Bella that Watts’ mother had tried to kill her sister, or almost killed her. Either way, having spent 5 weeks [at this point] only in the care of her mother, it’s possible her emotional bond with her father had been refashioned into a kind of terror. Ironically, this “intuition” was correct, but it may also be that if Watts felt his girls had turned against them in some significant way, he may have seen their lives as “taken” by Shan’ann, and “lost” to him.

In any event it’s probably a mistake to ask whether Watts’ behavior caused his children to feel alienated, or the other way round. It was likely a bit of both.

If the video clip below is the second take of the reunion at the airport, we notice a few things weird about it.

  1. Neither of the children seem to have any kind of obvious limp or injury to their ankles of feet. [Shan’ann also says, “Don’t run” over the sound of an airport alarm.]
  2. Watts appears awkward, and despite his Boos and loves yous over text, makes little effort to even greet or acknowledge Shan’ann on camera. [If he does, and Shan’ann posts is, and Kessinger sees it, he’ll have to answer to her too].
  3. Sure enough, Shan’ann posts the fake reunion online, which is how and why we’re able to see it today.
  4. Shan’ann recording the reunion and sharing it online was her way of caging her husband, by continually portraying him against his will in the role of a loving father, and husband, but really, trying to coerce him into staying in the marriage. She knew as well as he did that things weren’t going well in their marriage, and with their family in general.
  5. Finally, Watts hugs and kisses Shan’ann [off-camera], but the way he does this sets off the alarm bells for Shan’ann. [A few days later she is still commenting on how she practically had to ask him for a kiss at the airport].Fullscreen capture 20190731 133033

Bear in mind, Watts’ official version [and apparently the accepted version] is that on the morning of the murders, he had sex with Shan’ann and then they had a conversation where they discussed getting rid of the house. Even then, even in this fictional spiel, Watts didn’t see himself admitting to the affair. He couldn’t.

It’s important to emphasize Watts’ use of terms of endearments to soothe his wife while his feelings for her and how he acts towards her aren’t affectionate either. It’s also worth noting that Shan’ann is also guilty of the same two-faced approach, scornful in her messages and instructions, but the perfect all-is-well mother on social media.

On July 31st he got into a shitload of trouble over a parking disagreement. Imagine what would have happened if he asked his pregnant wife for a divorce while he was having an affair, and while she was still in nuclear meltdown with his parents over nuts in ice cream.

This dilemma would be on his mind for the next week, while his wife and children milled around him, and while his mistress sent him regular images of herself in various states of undress.


#27 July 30th, 2018: Resetting Settings + Writing Love Letters #1yearagotodayCW

On Monday it was back to work for Watts. This day was arguably the last normal work day for Watts, because when he returned from North Carolina, the premeditation was likely locked in.

As was her usual habit, Shan’ann called Watts first thing in the morning before he left for work. She may have given him a brief list of instructions that included sorting out her car insurance and getting the damned defective Vivint sensor fixed.

At 09:18 Shan’ann sent Watts three images of a serious injury to one of their children. Watts observed that the ankle appeared dislocated. It’s possible the visual of this injury fed into the mental preparation that was psychologically primed and already in place. How did he feel about his family getting hurt? Bear in mind, what he did to his children’s bodies [stuffing them through thief hatches] wasn’t just an effort to hide their bodies, but to destroy their limbs, to dissolve them into nothing.

It’s unknown which child was injured but it would be no surprise to learn that it was Ceecee. This injury should also be seen in the context of Shan’ann’s earlier fear that Watts’ mother had tried to kill her child. Now we have a serious injury, the circumstances of which aren’t even mentioned. Who was supervising the child when the injury happened? Were they trying to kill the child? Obviously not, but doesn’t it reveal a double standard at best, hypocrisy at worst?

Fullscreen capture 20190726 102539-001

At 16:44 Kessinger called and left her second voicemail with a creepy, schoolgirl-like giggle. Background noise suggests the call was made while driving. The couple were very much in love at this point, as evidenced by the effort Watts made into researching lovey-dovey lyrics and love letters.  [Five days earlier he’d researched “when to say I love you” online].

Watts likely called Kessinger back shortly after receiving her message, but this call is also deleted from Watts’ device.

Fullscreen capture 20190726 102544

It’s noteworthy that the last order of business for Watts before he decamped from Colorado, was dealing with Vivint and crafting his love letters to Kessinger. On July 30th, his final day in Colorado without his wife and children, what’s he doing specifically?


Watts is working, “…resetting settings and sensitivity…and [monitoring]”of the home security system. This is necessary because he’ll be away all week, and also because the system needs to be programmed so that Deeter doesn’t set it off.

This also begs the question, when Watts was away on the camping trip, and sleeping over at Kessinger, where was Deeter? We know Nicolas Atkinson and Nickole were roped in to babysit the dog during the first week of August, and were briefed on the security system and front door code, but what happened before that? Did Watts leave the animal “caged” in the basement the entire time he was sleeping over at Kessinger’s? 

Did this control of the animal while he was getting his kicks also form part of him hardening his heart, and developing the necessary mental preparation to commit triple murder?


And there’s something else. It may be that during the next week, while sulking, and pining away for Kessinger, he started plotting, and saw the loopholes in the home security system as the key to pulling off his scheme.


At 18:38, presumably while still at home, Watts Googled “love letters”. About an hour-and-a-half later he was likely done, and ready to leave him. Instead he told Shan’ann:

“Letting Dieter out and going to bed Boo. Love you.” 

But he no longer loved her.  He loved someone else, really loved her. That night he didn’t go to bed early, and didn’t sleep in his own bed. It’s likely he didn’t go to sleep at all.


INCEL: Elliot Rodger Crime Scene

Fullscreen capture 20190728 174501Elliot Rodger's roomFullscreen capture 20190730 000327

article-0-1E423A7400000578-907_634x396article-0-1E41BC4D00000578-888_634x398article-0-1E41F5E300000578-840_634x405article-0-1E41F5EB00000578-389_634x395article-0-1E41F5EF00000578-388_634x393article-0-1E41F5F300000578-413_634x394article-0-1E41F5F700000578-831_634x397article-0-1E41F5FB00000578-421_634x400993453_10200251027157247_1882019989_n_93879679Fullscreen capture 20190729 194221Fullscreen capture 20190729 194155Fullscreen capture 20190728 174655


Fullscreen capture 20190729 234040Fullscreen capture 20190802 153103Fullscreen capture 20190802 143429Fullscreen capture 20190802 145023Fullscreen capture 20190802 145233Fullscreen capture 20190802 145257Fullscreen capture 20190802 145407

Fullscreen capture 20190802 143356


Fullscreen capture 20190729 125131

Fullscreen capture 20190729 234023140524215207-nr-lah-cali-shooting-surveillance-video-00032115-horizontal-large-galleryucsb-shooting-elliot-rodgers-eyewitness-tells-all-lead-1 

Fullscreen capture 20190802 161511Fullscreen capture 20190802 161619Fullscreen capture 20190802 161548Fullscreen capture 20190802 172929

Fullscreen capture 20190803 163822

Fullscreen capture 20190803 173520



Fullscreen capture 20190803 222346

Fullscreen capture 20190803 223252

Fullscreen capture 20190803 222125

Fullscreen capture 20190803 224100Fullscreen capture 20190803 224044

Fullscreen capture 20190803 224100Fullscreen capture 20190803 230312Fullscreen capture 20190803 232535

Fullscreen capture 20190803 234730

Fullscreen capture 20190804 000139Fullscreen capture 20190804 000229Fullscreen capture 20190804 000239Fullscreen capture 20190804 000252

Fullscreen capture 20190806 231347Fullscreen capture 20190806 234735

Isla-Vista-shooting-skateboard-APFullscreen capture 20190807 011540Fullscreen capture 20190807 011225Fullscreen capture 20190807 011251Fullscreen capture 20190807 005354Fullscreen capture 20190807 005444Fullscreen capture 20190807 005459Fullscreen capture 20190807 005525


Fullscreen capture 20190808 00052548976847_105024440572326_2231973969769005056_n

Fullscreen capture 20190729 234011



College Community Shootin

This photo shows the scene of a drive-by shooting that left seven people dead, including the attacker, and others wounded on Friday, May 23, 2014, in Isla Vista, Calif. Alan Shifman an attorney for Hollywood director Peter Rodger, who was an assistant director on The Hunger Games, said the family believes Rodger’s son, Elliot Rodger, is responsible for the shooting rampage near the Santa Barbara, California, university campus. Authorities have not confirmed the identity of the shooter. (AP Photo/The News-Press, Peter Vandenbelt)




Fullscreen capture 20190730 005133

Fullscreen capture 20190729 193617


Fullscreen capture 20190802 142944Fullscreen capture 20190802 142903Fullscreen capture 20190802 142929

#26 July 29th, 2018: “You’re out of it from Playing” #1yearagotodayCW

On Sunday morning, Chris Watts awoke in a yellow tent at the Zapata Falls campsite. Probably the firewood and ice they’d bought at the Oasis gas station the previous day was already burned through, and melted.

Fullscreen capture 20190729 110700

But it was a night well spent, and the start of a beautiful new day in Colorado. That morning, the lovebirds left their perch beneath the trees and above the clouds, and headed to the falls.

By 09:22, relatively late, Watts started taking photos.  If the previous afternoon had been cloudy, and and about sand, dunes, surfing and leaving footprints in the sand, Sunday morning was about a slower, gentler pace, with the sound of gurgling water, and a whooshing waterfall in the background.

Fullscreen capture 20190729 105841Fullscreen capture 20190729 105911Fullscreen capture 20190729 110005

The power and beauty of the natural setting was relaxing and refreshing. That day Watts changed his grey shirt for a shirt with a grey front, and charcoal black shoulders and sleeves. Kessinger changed her bright outfit for a softer grey too.


Fullscreen capture 20190713 234144

At 10:38 Watts transferred a fully nude selfie of Kessinger to his secret calculator app. Was it taken that night?

At 10:55 Watts consulted his phone again and noted with dismay what he expected to find: a bunch of missed calls from his wife. He felt the resistance rising in him as he reported to her that the hike was “finished”, and that they were heading back. He purposefully didn’t call. He didn’t want to talk to her. He didn’t want to go back.

In the image above, taken by Kessinger, notice there’s a slight edge to Watts’ smile. It’s slightly forced.

Fullscreen capture 20190729 110629Fullscreen capture 20190729 110652

Between 12:46 and 14:21 Shan’ann made four more unanswered calls to her husband. Kessinger’s friend Charlotte Nelson also called her, and invited her to a Renaissance Festival. But the “hike” wasn’t quite over.

When returning home from the Great Sand Dunes, NICHOL’s friend CHAROLETTE asked her to go to the Renaissance Festival. NICHOL made an excuse why she could not go as she was with CHRIS and did not want CHAROLETTE to know. NICHOL said she and CHRIS stopped in Colorado Springs at “BJ’s”. They sat to the right of the doors and CHRIS paid for their meals with a gift card. BJ’s Restaurant is located at 5150 North Nevada Ave Colorado Springs, Colorado. – Discovery Documents, page 648

We see that on July 30th it was still important for Watts to keep his expenditures off Shan’ann’s radar. That’s what the gift card and the mypredpaidcenter visits were all about.

It’s a four-hour drive from the Great Sand Dunes back to Frederick, via the BJ’s restaurant in Colorado Springs and through Denver. Watts knew Shan’ann wanted to talk to him and would be pissed when he did, so he elected to postpone the inevitable confrontation.

Fullscreen capture 20190729 114739

Watts finally called Shan’ann and spoke briefly to her at 14:25. He’d been incommunicado in terms of direct two-way communication since Friday afternoon at 16:44 [assuming the Phone Data Review is accurate]. It’s likely this call on Sunday afternoon was made with Kessinger still sitting beside him in the car, possibly driving.

On the other hand, maybe Watts was driving since he didn’t respond to a series of work-related texts throughout the day either. Watts only reported in to them at 18:20.

Fullscreen capture 20190726 102532-001

By 17:30 Shan’ann was starting to losing it. She made more unanswered calls to him, then texted him again at 17:49. Watts used the bit of intel he had to fashion a credible lie. He knew about the Renaissance Festival. He used a plausible event to conceal and divert from his little adventure further south.

Shan’ann finally got hold of her errant husband at 19:24, when they held a fourteen minute conversation. Shan’ann clearly bought his bullshit, but then wanted to have a conversation with her husband. But he didn’t want to. The weekend [as far as he was concerned], still wasn’t over.

Shan’ann wanted to talk about her weekend, and especially her Sunday.

This is what she’d been up to while Watts was sandboarding with his girlfriend.

Fullscreen capture 20190724 131352Fullscreen capture 20190724 131305Fullscreen capture 20190724 131313Fullscreen capture 20190724 131319Fullscreen capture 20190724 131326Fullscreen capture 20190724 131340

Fullscreen capture 20190726 102539

But even though Shan’ann was trying to guilt him into talking to her, her sarcasm didn’t work. He told her he was sorry she had a hard weekend, and he’d make it up to her. Well, he wasn’t sorry, otherwise he would have stuck around to talk to her. And he wasn’t going to make it up to her, he just needed her to get off his back ASAP so he could back to her.

Shan’ann followed this up with a few more barbs until she finally gave up, telling him she was done begging him to talk to her. But Shan’ann’s right. He was out of it – their marriage – from playing. And if Shan’ann was done, it just made his life so much easier.

Watts’ mind, meanwhile, was on how to pay for the events of that evening and July 31st, his very last day with the new love of his life before he was torn back to North Carolina.

#25 July 28th, 2018: “So Damn Sexy!” #1yearagotodayCW

Based on the sheer amount of photos Chris Watts took during the two-day camping trip to the Great Sand Dunes, it’s clear the adventure with Nichol Kessinger meant a lot to him. It was exciting, fun, and he was intoxicated by her [and she by him].

They used Kessinger’s vehicle to travel to the Great Sand Dunes, and by 12:53 they’d already pitched a yellow tent [Kessinger’s].

Fullscreen capture 20190728 113020

This song was playing in the background when the campsite was briefly recorded on video:

It looks like these images below [above cloud level] were taken with the campsite slightly in the background, to the left.


Between 14:29 and 18:55 Watts took dozens of photos and video, of the landscape, but also of his mistress sandboarding, and several selfies of himself with her. Kessinger was dressed provocatively for the outing in a tight, sleeveless teal t-shirt, and very short shorts. Watts was more understated in a grey shirt, black shorts and black cap.

fullscreen-capture-20190706-165552Fullscreen capture 20190729 105850

Fullscreen capture 20190713 234539

Fullscreen capture 20190729 110112Fullscreen capture 20190729 105722Fullscreen capture 20190729 105728Fullscreen capture 20190729 105714Fullscreen capture 20190729 105717Fullscreen capture 20190729 105731

Even without make-up, Kessinger was hitting the right buttons with Watts, causing him to voiceover a video of her skiing down to the bottom of a dune:

“So damn sexy!”

Fullscreen capture 20190729 105726

She thought he was too.

We know that shortly after the trip ended, on July 30th, Watts wrote several love letters on colored paper.

Whatever he felt, it appeared to be mutual. In a self-recorded video that first afternoon, Kessinger breathlessly thanked Watts for coming out with her, and said she was glad he was having a blast.

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Both Watts and his mistress knew they had to make this last weekend count. It was the last chance, at the end of their long, hot, summer romance, to punch the ticket and stay on the roller-coaster for one final series of giddy swoops and turns.  After that, it would be back to intermittent cuddles and random, stolen intimacies.

Kessinger still had the idea then that when Shan’ann and the kids returned, her access to her beau would be seriously reduced. Watts was even more painfully aware that once Shan’ann and the kids were back, the roller-coaster ride was going to be over, perhaps forever.

That night they made a campfire and then bedded down together under the whispering trees and twinkling stars.

Fullscreen capture 20190726 102526Fullscreen capture 20190726 102532

It’s also worth noting that on July 28th Shan’ann never got hold of Watts, and he never got hold of her. If they had spoken at any time that day, perhaps this would have interrupted the spell, broken “the leash” Kessinger was placing on her man.

This was the first day in weeks, perhaps years, that they had not spoken for a full day, and perhaps that was all that was needed to put his family completely out of his mind. On the 28th he was experiencing what it felt like not be be married, not to be a husband, not to be a father, not to be obligated to them. He didn’t need to think about them or do anything he didn’t want to do. And he liked loved it. This was the life he wanted.

The Great Sand Dunes made an indelible impression on Watts and, based on Kessinger’s texts to her friend Charlotte Nelson two weeks later, seemed to seal the deal for her too.

Fullscreen capture 20190712 210334

#24 July 27th, 2018: Friday #1yearagotodayCW

July 27th was a Friday. Wine and romance seemed on the cards before leaving for their adventure in the dunes the next day. Watts told his wife he was going hiking. Plausible deniability. A small lie to hide a bigger lie. This way he could get away with not having reception on his phone for long periods.  This would be his same MO when lying to friends, family and cops. Watts may have imagined himself a good liar, but lying to a wife and mistress about minutiae is a different ball game to lying to the media and the FBI about triple murder. Fullscreen capture 20190726 102521

It’s likely a lot of data has been deleted from July 27th, including Watts’ bogus hiking bullshit to Shan’ann.

12-year-old Jonelle Matthews’ remains located at well site just 20 miles West of CERVI 319 [MAP]

Chris Watts has often been described as an idiot, and his crime as idiotic. In the Jonelle Matthews case, it’s taken 34 years to locate her body. It’s not clear whether Matthews’ remains were found recently on the Cervi Ranch property, but thus far it appears to be either on the property or nearby.

If one follows the black tab below with Jonelle Matthews’ name on it, it takes one right into the territory of the Cervi Ranch, to the Watts well site.

Fullscreen capture 20190726 172504

Below is a map linking the area of Jonelle Matthew’s remains to Saratoga Trail. Whoever drove the child’s body from La Salle, had the same idea Watts’ did – that a well site would be a very good dump site, and he was right. This suggests Mathews’ murderer was an oil worker, just as Watts was.Fullscreen capture 20190726 172555

The image below shows the approximate distance from the well site closer to the top end of the Milton Reservoir, and CERVI 319. Fullscreen capture 20190726 172724

The distance from Jonelle Matthews’ home in La Salle to the well site where her remains were found is approximately 12 miles.

Fullscreen capture 20190726 173938Fullscreen capture 20190726 173754Fullscreen capture 20190726 173559

#23 July 26th, 2018: Money, Security and a “Good Mood” #1yearagotodayCW

Whose idea was it to go the Great Sand Dunes National Park that weekend? When did that idea come up?

July 26th, 2018, was the last Thursday leading up to Watts’ final weekend with Nichol Kessinger before flying down to North Carolina. They were going to need to make it count. But first, there was some admin to be done.

Unusually, the first call to Watts’ phone that morning was from Kessinger. Since he was up and running, Watts elected to call his wife afterwards. Shan’ann called him back, then again mid-morning. Their calls may have had something to do with Vivint, and the still broken garage sensor, or to do with cash, or both. Watts was going to need some if he was going to go on a camping trip with his mistress that weekend. [On July 30th we know for a fact that Shan’ann and Watts were still talking about the “sensitivity” of the Vivint settings].

After work, Watts called Chase Bank, which suggests the idea to go to Great Sand Dunes that weekend could have happened sometime that Thursday, possibly at work. Since Kessinger says in the video “thank you for coming here with me”, it appears to have been her idea.

A few minutes after calling the bank, Watts accessed Myprepaidcenter.com. It was by using this system that Watts was able to buy things for several weeks without alerting Shan’ann to his non-discretionary expenses.

After that Watts tried to sort things out with Vivint, calling Shan’ann afterwards to report  on any progress. Possibly he also took Kessinger out to the Lazy Dog restaurant near their home that evening and used his prepaid debit card to finance the meal.Fullscreen capture 20190726 102512

Meanwhile on Shan’ann’s Facebook, she and Bella were all smiles. Shan’ann gave herself a clean bill of health, as well as everyone around her.

Fullscreen capture 20190724 131244

#22 July 25th 2018: “I miss your face” #1yearagotodayCW

On July 25th Watts spoke on the phone to his wife at the beginning of the day, and his mistress at the end of the day. He spoke to Shan’ann for a total of 34 minutes, and to Kessinger for 14 minutes. There’s a clear relay going on with calls to Shan’ann, voicemails from Kessinger, then calls to her. Even in this aspect, Watts is left with a hypoethetical choice:

Who do you want?

Who do you want to talk to?

What to do about this person I don’t want to talk to…? 

It’s clear when juxtaposing Watts’ communications with his wife to his obsession with his mistress, just how torn in two he was. With Shan’ann he was arguing, and lying, with Kessinger he was making love, and lying.

It’s also possible, with a week to go to his departure to North Carolina, Kessinger was becoming anxious, and told Watts she loved him for the first time on July 25th. The day before she’d wanted to know [based on her Google search] if he was going to leave his wife. By telling him she loved him, she was in a way committing to him in a long term relationship, or at least the idea of one. This would have given him confidence to commit to a divorce [a permanent break with his family].

Fullscreen capture 20190724 130707

Kessinger’s voicemail message feels a little like a sexy schoolgirl role play.  Like the nude and semi-nude selfies, it feels like it was intended to get him hooked. Did it work?