One thought on “Inside the Patrick Frazee Trial: Denver7 special

  1. I am about 3/4 through murder most foul and I think it’s one of your best books. I did have to have a short break after the crime scene cleaning chapter – I knew it was bad, but it really hit home what the two of them actually did, reading that and I felt sickened by what happened. There definitely is strong echoes of the watts case – though frazee wasn’t shy of being hands on in carrying out the crime – to a repulsive degree. I found myself thinking of what can be the worst aspects of possibly gender based criminality. For example, men who see women who have no further value to them as expendable and disposable, obstructions to be removed like a dodgy car. Women who’ve become so fixated on a particular man that they ‘d be prepared to travel a path like krystal in order to ‘win the prize’ – i.e. Him. I would be interested to know what sort of nurse She was – empathetic ? Because there’s not much empathy for another person going on here. She is rewarded by talk of her maybe having the honour of looking after the poor orphaned child for him. My god. She should have been charged with more, but as with watts, I guess that’s the gamble of plea bargains. I would also like to make reference to another crime, which Nick has written books about. A crime in portugal. The dogs don’t lie do they ? They have no agenda, they are not capable of dishonesty and they either find the one thing they’ve been trained their whole life to sniff out or they dont. If they find it, it’s because it’s there.


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