DEATH AT THE MANSION – The Final[e] Analysis [Part 3 of 3]

Significantly, two different pairs of gloves are identified in crime scene reports, and crime scene photos. In one instance what appears to be a single black latex glove was found in the dirt in the crawl space under the stairs. The second glove seems to be missing.

Fullscreen capture 20190701 005917

And then there’s this pair, found in plain sight upstairs on the living room table.Fullscreen capture 20190701 005852

This same pair, or a similar pair, appears in Greer’s “War Room” resting on a packet of cream-yellow Multi-Purpose Latex gloves.

Fullscreen capture 20190629 144850

In the above image we see the gloves stored beside the ski-rope in Greer’s War Room. The possible use of the gloves raises a few possibilities. Were they used to grip the rope when lowering Rebecca? A ski-rope is by its very nature slick and slippery. Were the gloves used to intentionally transfer black paint onto Rebecca’s hands, to make it seem as if she painted the message? The gloves in question appear to resemble gloves associated with watersports, including boating.

Only one of the two pairs has potentially the sort of “skin pattern” that may have left the characteristic imprint on Rebecca’s fingernail. But if a glove made this imprint, why was no black paint found on either of the gloves?

Fullscreen capture 20190701 005751Fullscreen capture 20190701 005933Fullscreen capture 20190701 010504

Finally, why are we talking about two pairs of gloves?


Who did the gloves belong to?

It makes almost no sense that no DNA was recovered from two pairs of gloves, especially because gloves would essentially serve as a receptacle for hairs and skin cells. But apparently only minute partial and mixed DNA traces were found, and the San Diego cops were pretty good at not doing much with the little they did find.

Fullscreen capture 20190701 005405-001Fullscreen capture 20190701 004547-001

The finale does a good job to undermine the amateurish efforts on the San Diego PD side, both in terms of the original investigation and the so-called “reinvestigation”. One of the presenters hits the hammer on the head when describing the reinvestigation as “not a true investigation”.

Crazy as it sounds, apparently whoever tested the plastic bag on the floor by the bed, and even the entire door, used a single swab in each case. That’s a little like using a toothpick to measure the size of a football field.

But even without DNA analysis to guide us, we have one pair of those same gloves appearing in a series of crime scene photos. At the bottom of the stairs on the railing.

Who did they belong to?

Fullscreen capture 20190615 235043Fullscreen capture 20190619 155638-002

Fullscreen capture 20190701 155837Fullscreen capture 20190701 160307Fullscreen capture 20190701 160745

7 thoughts on “DEATH AT THE MANSION – The Final[e] Analysis [Part 3 of 3]

  1. Are the pair of gloves on the livingroom table the same pair on the banister post? If so then they were moved – from one location to another. That makes no sense. Do we know which of the two areas were their final resting place? The livingroom table or the banister? In either case, why leave them out in plain sight?

    Then the black latex glove in the crawl space. Was it thrown there – there don’t appear to be any footprints, or kneel prints in the dirt and even if there were would these cops have done any testing?

    Why was pressure put on the sheriff’s office to rule her death a suicide without much of an investigation? I can see if a brother is helping a brother that would be the case but it seems much more than that. We’re talking about convincing a whole department to leave it alone and refuse to look any further. According to the podcast Dina said Jonah was in the hospital room with her and told her Rebecca had killed herself. No question.

    But back to the gloves – were there more in a package somewhere – where would they be kept, in the garage, under the kitchen sink, maybe in the guest house?


  2. The rubber garden gloves that appear on the bannister are photographed from the ACCIDENT scene photos about 40 hours before Rebecca Z was discovered. The same gloves are then photographed on the living room table in the CRIME scene photos.


    • The police refer to the gloves as garden gloves, and the glove in crawl space as a latex glove, although the photos aren’t placed alongside one another in their presentation. It does beg the question who moved the gloves, when were they moved, and who did they originally belong to?


  3. Okay I just had an idea who’s gloves the multi purpose industrial pair might belong to – Jonah. He could have been using them at the gym – for cross training or weight lifting. Usually the fingers are cut out but they could have been his gym gloves and he was going to the gym as soon as he dropped off Max from taking Ethan and Gabby to the airport. Since you see the gloves on the banister post, in the area in which five paramedics were working over Max and one Sheriff standing by Jonah likely ran in the entryway and deposited his gloves there. How or why they ended up on the livingroom table – maybe Rebecca moved them there later. And maybe they had nothing to do with the crime – not those specific gloves at any rate.


    • It crossed my mind that Jonah arrived back from the gym with the gloves, but it was mid-summer, and those don’t look like gym gloves I’ve ever seen. Rebecca was a gym bunny, so her and Jonah would have had the right gear. The gloves on the stairs are the most out-of-place item of all, even more out-of-place than the crashed chandelier. What are they doing there?


  4. If we’re going to call them garden gloves Cottonstar, then they might have been Rebecca’s. Do we know if she liked to garden? And why would they have been placed on the banister. This leads down other rabbit holes. With Jonah gone to the gym and the two brats I mean older children put on a plane Rebecca might have been outside and Xena left to watch Max – leaving a child to keep an eye on a child. And if they were playing – Rebecca really didn’t see the fall but heard it. She ran into the house, took her gloves off, and put them on the banister.


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