CCTV shows Heidi Broussard got into Maygen’s car – Willingly

Note: TCRS will be following Heidi’s spelling of Maygen’s name – with a Y. ABC and the Daily Mail have not, preferring to spell her name Magen, but TCRS will stick to the convention used by Heidi herself.

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Video at Broussard’s Austin apartment complex captured her getting into Fieramusca’s car willingly on Dec. 12, the day she went missing, said sources. Margot was with her. They were old friends.ABC13

Why would Heidi willingly get into Maygen’s car if not because she’d just been assaulted by Shane? She may have left under the ruse that her and Maygen were simply going to sit in the car, or around the corner to have coffee. It does seem strange that no baby-related items appear to have been taken with. It doesn’t seem as if Heidi thought she was going to be on the road for over two hours, to Houston.

The Daily Mail also provides this insight into Maygen’s relationship – rent free – with Chriostopher Green:

Neighbors of Fieramusca said she lived in the Houston home with Christopher Green, who owned the residence. Green, who was named on Humphrey’s baby register, is actually her landlord, can disclose. Green, 33, has owned the home since 2015. He has not been charged in connection to the case.

Speaking outside her Houston home, his mother Christine Green, 54, said her son had been renting the property to Humphrey for two years. She dismissed any notion that his relationship with Fieramusca was closer than landlord and tenant and claimed she ‘had never paid rent’. Asked if her son had been in a relationship with Fieramusca, who also went by Humphrey, she said: ‘No, she lived there. That was it. She never paid the rent. She was there for two years and never paid a thing.’

However, Green bailed out Fieramusca out of jail in 2018 after she was arrested for theft for allegedly stealing money [$5000] from an Ace Express check cashing business where she worked as assistant manager. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Green is thought to have no connection with Broussard and was not at the home when her body was discovered.

It’s the neighbor’s version of hearing a muffled scuffle at around 14:00 in Heidi’s apartment that suggests foul play of some kind started in Austin, and that Shane knows more than he’s been letting on.

Heidi and Shane: The Plot Thickens

Two True Crime Rocket Scientists have contributed to this post. They’ve based their contributions on this episode from J for Justice:

Heid’s friend Carissa confirmed Maygen Humphrey’s worked at Cypress Ballroom as a wedding planner. They have a FB page. There are a few mentions on Maygen. Carissa confirmed Maygen didn’t have social media and sent no photos of the baby to any friends.

Carissa said Maygen didn’t have her cell phone # and was surprised to hear from her after Heidi went missing. I believe Maygen used Heidi’s cell phone to obtain the number. I’m not sure if the authorities had the forsenic data from the phone because they received a tip.

Humphrey’s is her maiden name. Carissa stated Maygen had asked her “does anyone know my last name?” Carissa stated that Maygen had quite a bit of money and another house in Hawaii. I’m not sure if she did or not.

This was taken from her twitter account.

Baby crib in Houston |$25

Baby crib good condition

Note the date

Fullscreen capture 20191221 145800

More bizarre is Chris Green…see twitter posts by A.J. Weberman.

  Living on Bo Jack Rd. would be definite improvement from the area in South Austin. See the reviews for the apartment complex. Carissa confirmed Heidi was living in a studio apartment. She wanted to move to Shane’s father’s house which is empty after he re married but Shane’s father said no.

Cairssa stated that Shane inherited $10,000 when his grandfather passed away and he was “keeping” it. I think for his drinking habit and drugs. Carissa lists what drugs he took. Xanax some other ones. Carissa mentioned Heidi moved out and was having fun partying and met someone and they had sex but went back to Shane. She become pregnant during this time. So, the paternity test will be revealing.

At the time she moved back Shane beat her while pregnant and Heidi filed a formal complaint floating around on FB. When Heidi was giving birth Shane left and went out to drink and Maygen stayed for the birth. Also, she went with Heidi to her pre natal appointments.

Interesting that in Channelview, Texas Maygen in 2011 while married opened a day care at the house. Channelview Child Care. The Mushroom Patch Child Development which is on FB. I confirmed the address.

958 Earls Ferry Drive Channelview, TX

Carissa noted that Heidi’s seat was pulled back in her car.

From Feirmusca’s twitter account. Christopher Green is owner of the house in the photo.

Fullscreen capture 20191221 013210

And this from Sylvester:

1) The friend said Shane thought Heidi had gone to Katrina’s. Katrina lives in the complex. Rather than knock on Katrina’s door, he calls someone named Rachael to ask if Heidi was with Katrina. Odd. But Friend said he was controlling, always had to know where Heidi was. So maybe not so odd. He keeps tabs on her whereabouts. Unless he was feigning concern by calling someone to check on her and not be pro active by looking himself.

2) Friend says Shane would be on binges, drinking binges, and not come home for days. It’s possible then that he did not “hit the snooze button” that morning, go in and wake Silas and Heidi at 6:40, give them a kiss, etc. Friend also said Shane would take vicodin and xanax. This reminds me in some ways of the Haleigh Cummings case – how everyone around Haleigh had a opioid drug habit. Alcohol may be the main culprit here though. Alcohol and a dysfunctional relationship.

3) Rachael says, according to the friend, that Heidi’s car seat was all the way back. Driver’s seat or passenger? Didn’t say, no one asked. Might Shane have done some transporting – or are we going to pin it all on this Maygan person and one other woman.

4) Shane also has two stories – the purse was in the apartment – no it was in the car. Was she abducted from her car – then made to turn off her cell phone? Odd.

5) Heidi’s on again off again relationship with Shane. That she texted someone she had “found the love again” with a guy named Christopher when she was in the midst of the on again off again relationship with Shane – but most of all the baby might be with someone named Casey. That was the biggest highlight so far – that friend said paternity has not been established. That Heidi “went with Shane” because she just guessed it might be Shane’s “because it was closer.” And Shane knew it might not be his.

6) Shane looking through dumpsters at 7 pm. Why was he doing that? According to friend, he was looking through the dumpsters before he called the police, and was still looking into them while the police were there at 7:30. That I find hard to believe. The police would want to question him, not allow him to roam around looking into dumpsters. But I don’t doubt that he was looking into dumpsters, he admits he was. But friend said she doesn’t think he was looking for keys. If the baby car seat, clothing, diapers, blanket, etc. were in the apartment then what was Shane looking through dumpsters for? Maybe not looking through them but depositing something IN them.

7) Friend thinks the working timeline should not begin at 2 pm but should begin the last time Heidi was heard from or seen – which was 8:23 when she texted a friend. Was this the Maygan friend who stole her baby? If so that’s scary awful. Friend didn’t know this at the time of this phone interview. Timeline should be 8:23 to when Shane picked up Silas at 5:38. And

8) Friend said “he did not get a phone call” (from the after school karate program to pick up Silas). Well we know that he did so where is she getting that he picked up Silas at 5:38. But that is peculiar. If he did pick up Silas before he got the phone call from the after school program, then that is very suspicious. He’s not even waiting for Heidi to go get Silas.

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Is Shane Carey Innocent? He Might Be – or not

There are allegations of an argument, that Carey thus far has failed to disclose.

…neighbors have cast doubt on [Carey’s] version of events, with one saying that he heard an argument from next door just before 2pm. – Daily Mail

And abuse:


And a best friend who faked her pregnancy.

A woman suspected of faking a pregnancy then murdering her best friend to snatch her newborn daughter has been named as Magen Fieramusca. Fieramusca, 33, was arrested Friday, hours after a body believed to belong to missing mom Heidi Broussard was found in the trunk of a car in Houston, Texas… An autopsy is underway to confirm her identity and establish how she died. Her suspected killer is due to be arraigned in court on Friday morning. A second woman is also in custody, but has not been charged with murder. Prison records show Fieramusca was initially arrested for driving offenses. –Metro


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Shane Carey: Body Language and TCRS Analysis of Transcript

Fullscreen capture 20191218 154313

Tongue flick.

Looks down.

Speaks softly.

FEMALE REPORTER: Tell us um…basically…what happened.  [Tongue flick]. Is your like…your fiance? We just aren’t sure…?

CAREY: Yes, uh [looking in the middle distance, to his left]…it’s my fiance. Yes ma’am.

MALE PRODUCER: So Shane, can you just talk to your dad?

Fullscreen capture 20191218 154327

CAREY [Glancing up, smiling slightly, waves his hand]: Yeah. I look down when I talk. I’m sorry, I’m going look down the whole time, probably.


CAREY: Yeah. [Swallows].

FEMALE REPORTER: So just tell us about the day your fiance disappeared…um…

Carey closes his eyes.

Fullscreen capture 20191218 155416

FEMALE REPORTER: What kind of day was it? Was it a regular day?

CAREY [Opens his eyes]: It was uh….[looking down, heavy-lidded, into the middle distance]…

Fullscreen capture 20191218 160523

…it was just a basic [shakes his head slightly] Thursday [looks down]. Uh…we basically have a routine every day. I get up around uh 6am. [Scratches head]. And uh…[unintelligible] hits the snooze button…uh…couple of times…then I finally get up around 6.15. Drink some water. Uhm…[raises his right hand, looks down]…

Fullscreen capture 20191218 160431

At 0:55 Carey sighs heavily.

CAREY [Still looking down]: Wake the uh…kids…around 6:30. [Glances down and to his right]. Wake up Heidi, and Silas. Uhh… right before I leave…

And that’s 63 seconds.

CAREY: Ugghhh…[appears emotional]…[sighs]…ummm…so um, I once I got them up on Thursday, it was kinda a later morning. It was around 6:40 whenever I got ’em up. And uh…[appears to have his eyes totally closed]…cos it was Heidi’s first day to actually take [cocks his head to the left, purses his lips]…Margot [body rocks, eyes still closed, voice chokes up]…uh…[swallows hard]…by herself [drops head, heavily]…with uh…Silas….[clears throat]…so…[glances slightly up and to his right]…gave Heidi a kiss, the baby a kiss and um…Silas a kiss…

That’s 1 minute 38 seconds.

Fullscreen capture 20191218 161142

Fullscreen capture 20191218 161926

Fullscreen capture 20191218 162414






Guest Post: My theory of what happened to Heidi Broussard

Sylvester has shared some interesting insights and theories. It makes sense that one’s place of employment may conceivably play a role in a crime. Removal’s folks tend to be familiar with dump sites and dumpsters. But would a devoted mother leave her two-week infant in the care of someone else?

Shane’s daughter is from his first marriage. They are divorced, she and his daughter moved from Louisiana to Austin Texas and he says all of his family is together. His dad overcame cancer, which was a very real scare to the family but it seems, in particular to Shane. He gets emotional in his television impromptu interview when he mentions that his father is okay now.

Of most significance to me is he says the car seat is in the apartment – or was in the apartment. The still shot of Heidi dropping her son Silas off at school, where she is outside the car, does not show her baby in her arms, and if she also went to a book fair which Shane brings up several times (2-3 times) and that she spent $25 on books, wouldn’t she have taken her daughter with her, and if so, why wouldn’t the car seat not be in the car.

My theory is, at this early stage, is she left the baby at home with Shane when she dropped Silas off at school, and he did something to the baby then (since he’s very wishy washy about just when he actually left for work that morning). Then when she returned home, something happened to her.

He also goofs up several times saying “She (Heidi) has a beautiful kid” – referring to Silas, but doesn’t she have two beautiful kids? He also says “and a son that’s missing her mom” (he likely meant “his mom”, but he might be blending her with Margo the infant, with Silas, and wouldn’t Margo also be missing her mom?).

One last thing – Watts used the employment at Anadarko for his burial site, but also the idea of oil, tissue dissolving in oil, in disposal of the bodies. Could Shane Carey’s place of employment, working for a moving company, have been used either by using a moving truck or the whole concept of “moving” bodies play a part in the criminal forensics of this case.

The Quoirins have requested a Second Autopsy, and still believe there was a “Criminal Element” in Nora’s Death

Months after Nora Quoirin’s disappearance and death [from exposure and starvation] in the Malaysian jungle, the Quoirin’s are back in the news, demanding an inquest. This is something of a mismatch when, following Nora’s tragic death, the family asked for privacy, and demanded an end to speculation. When the offer was made to do a second autopsy, they rejected it.

But then they conducted one in Ireland. The results are still outstanding. Curiously in their statement to the media they’re doing the same thing the McCanns did – blaming the police for acting too slowly, and accusing the authorities of a botched investigation. If Nora was missing for 10 days, then an investigation delayed by ten minutes or ten hours wasn’t going to make much difference. They still have nine days to find her.

And while the Quoirins demanded the authorities focus their search far afield, Nora was ultimately found very close to the hotel, in a location that to date has still not been definitively identified and demarcated.

Heidi Broussard and her infant daughter vanished five days ago…

“I went to work, and I talked to her around 8 o’clock and that’s the last time I talked to her.”

Her coworkers at Cracker Barrel in Buda say Boussard has been off work since having her baby.



Police Search for Missing Texas Mom and Her 2-Week-Old Baby – The Daily Beast

Boyfriend of missing South Austin woman, baby speaks out – Fox7

Austin dad pleads for safe return of his two-week-old daughter, her mother – CBS Austin

Krystal Kenney to know her fate on January 28th +”Kenney’s actions were not aggravated…”

On December 2nd, a 7-minute hearing was held stipulating that Krystal Kenney reappear in court on January 28th at 09:00 to be sentenced. The question is how much time Kenney will get in prison:

No time?

18 months?

Three years [the maximum]?

According to The Denver Channel Kenney’s attorney is filing a motion to prove there was no aggravation, as a way to minimize her clients prison sentence.

If the crime is found to have an aggravating factor, like it happened inside Berreth’s townhome, Kenney could face a maximum of three years in prison. If not, she faces a reduced maximum of 18 months, though the crime does not carry mandatory prison time.

Dru Nielsen, Kenney’s attorney, indicated she intends to file a motion citing case law to show Kenney’s actions were not aggravated. Judge Scott Sells gave her a two-week window to file, and then gave prosecutors another two weeks after that to respond.

According to the law there are several factors that can be considered aggravating including:

recidivism, lack of remorse, amount of harm to the victim, or committing the crime in front of a child, among many others.

It’s the position of TCRS that there are in fact aggravating circumstances, including but not limited to the fact that a child was involved [Kenney babysat Kaylee], and Kenney’s failure to exhibit reasonable care before, during and after the crime, in terms of her knowledge through the premeditated phase right through to the disposal. In addition, Kenney – once aware of the police investigation – never voluntarily came forward, but waited for the authorities to contact her. Even then, her initial gambit wasn’t full disclosure.

Coming Soon:

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