Heidi Broussard and her infant daughter vanished five days ago…

“I went to work, and I talked to her around 8 o’clock and that’s the last time I talked to her.”

Her coworkers at Cracker Barrel in Buda say Boussard has been off work since having her baby.



Police Search for Missing Texas Mom and Her 2-Week-Old Baby – The Daily Beast

Boyfriend of missing South Austin woman, baby speaks out – Fox7

Austin dad pleads for safe return of his two-week-old daughter, her mother – CBS Austin

One thought on “Heidi Broussard and her infant daughter vanished five days ago…

  1. The itch in the interview made me think something’s up with this man. I know the study of body language is questionable. Yet, itchiness or scratching because lying makes your blood pump faster and capillaries expand does make one feel itchy.

    Came here to say I was going to write a review about Murder Most Foul, but I exited the screen on the Kindle app. Apparently, that doesn’t allow me to save a review. I was going to mention that you used the motif of a bird, again. I noticed this in ravens (Madeleine McCann), baby bird almost rescued (mentioned in another case), and dying small bird in this reconstruction. I think you also mention vultures in another book, probably the one about Nora Quiorin. What do birds symbolize to you?


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