Cassie Laundrie Interview: Full Transcript

Question: So just kind of tell us what you were saying just your reaction as a whole to everything.

Cassie Laundrie: Obviously, me and my family want Gabbie to be found safe. She is like a sister and my children love her, and all I want is for her to come home safe and sound and this be just a big misunderstanding.

Question: And how close, have you guys all been over the years, you were saying.

Cassie Laundrie: For the last two years Gabby’s been in our life and she’s been nice and fun and we’ve, we’ve had a great time. My kids absolutely adore her.

Question: And when you just heard the news just in general, like that she’s missing and that your brother’s back here?

Cassie Laundrie: I don’t understand. As much as everybody else I’m learning everything from the news, too.

Question: And you were saying you’ve talked to police because some people have been saying okay the family – from your end you’ve, you’ve communicated with police.

Cassie Laundrie: Yes, I talked to the police, the second they called. I called them right back. We were in Orlando on vacation with my kids at Disney. And we came back to this.

Question: And what’s your hope right now along with the rest of the world.

Cassie Laundrie: I hope she’s safe and good and just out there unaware and safe.

Question: And you were saying in terms of the body cam just like you, you looked at the body camera video – just kind of what was – knowing them, you were saying just kind of, nothing was crazy.

Cassie Laundrie: No, I didn’t find anything peculiar other than it was just a regular couples spat gone wrong.

Question: And did the whole family like know, they were going on this big road trip, like how exciting – talk to us about that.

Cassie Laundrie: Yeah, they talked about it for a while and they love to travel. They sent us postcards along the way. They, they really kept in touch with the kids through video chat and their phones and show them all the sights because my boys love to travel too. They love all the Utah sights and everything that they send them.

Question: What did you think when you knew, like the YouTube videos and just, I mean it looks like they’re having a great time.

Cassie Laundrie: Oh, yeah, I mean, I, what I’ve seen a lot of people saying with YouTube videos is, it was from their first trip and their, like, current trip. They mushed it together as one thing to just start their first leg of travel.

Question: And so I guess the last time you saw our talk to Gabby was before they left.

Cassie Laundrie: I, other than FaceTime, yeah. Like the day before they left, they came over and helped me with the kids because I had pest control coming in.

Question: Did they talk to, like, family regularly on the trip?

Cassie Laundrie: Yeah, that sort of thing, yeah.

Question: And I guess if you’re – what’s, just kind of as his sister, the oddest thing to you about all this, if you had to?

Cassie Laundrie: That I haven’t been able to talk to him. I wish I could talk to him.

Question: He just doesn’t want to say anything to anyone.

Cassie Laundrie: I know that it’s all because the lawyers, advising them not to say anything, I, I…

Question: In the meantime, it like seems like the world searching for Gabby, and they’re just all in the house and you’re trying to cooperate as best you can.

Cassie Laundrie: I’ve cooperated in every way that I can. I wish I had information or I would give more. I, I, I…this is all I have is – I gave to the police.

Question: Have you talked to Gabby’s family?

Cassie Laundrie: No one’s reached out to me and I don’t know if it’s appropriate for me to reach out to them when everything with everything going on.

Question: What would you say to her family just so they know that you’re…

Cassie Laundrie: Oh we want her back safe too. It’s obvious what – she’s great. She’s cute. She loves my kids, they’ve done one together.

Question: And just as a mom yourself, I guess you probably can’t even imagine what …?

Cassie Laundrie: I…that’s what, obviously, the big thing is as a parent, you want to protect your kids.

Question: Did the police say anything else about…?

Cassie Laundrie: No, I only had their initial questions and I haven’t been contacted again and, and whenever they want to contact me again I’m here waiting they have my number.

Question: Did you know that the van was back and you’re…?

Cassie Laundrie: No.

Question: So you didn’t know that he came back without the…?

Cassie Laundrie: I assumed he flew back, because that’s what he did when he is – actually I don’t want to say that.

Questioner: No problem. No problem.

Cassie Laundrie: I think that’s more police stuff.

Question: Okay, um, but is it is it like out of his behavior to go on a trip with her and then just leave her somewhere like has anything like this ever…?

Cassie Laundrie: No, I mean. No, nothing like this has ever happened before.

Question: But I’m saying he doesn’t really have. Does he have like the personality to where he would?

Cassie Laundrie: No, he’s very um… He’s very. He always does the right thing, like in the body cam he’s – he cooperates with the police, and he – he’s is a wonderful uncle. He’s always been there when I need him. He’s, I mean, he’s been there every time Gabby needed him.

Question: So when you saw the video, did it, just look like a spat to you or did it look like your brother was, or, you know what I mean like does it just?

Cassie Laundrie: It looks typical of both of them, they whenever they fight, they would take a little break and come back and be fine, because that’s what you do in a couple – sit there in the mountains together.

Question: Anything else you want to say just from your perspective, or just about the whole situation, like you said you’ve been watching it all unravel, day by day, and more and more attention is getting on and it seems like the whole world’s wondering where she is?

Cassie Laundrie: I don’t I don’t think so, I just obviously we want her back just as bad as everybody else I don’t, I wish I could help and be the person to be that. I don’t know.

Source: ABC7 [Since redacted].

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