Guest Post: My theory of what happened to Heidi Broussard

Sylvester has shared some interesting insights and theories. It makes sense that one’s place of employment may conceivably play a role in a crime. Removal’s folks tend to be familiar with dump sites and dumpsters. But would a devoted mother leave her two-week infant in the care of someone else?

Shane’s daughter is from his first marriage. They are divorced, she and his daughter moved from Louisiana to Austin Texas and he says all of his family is together. His dad overcame cancer, which was a very real scare to the family but it seems, in particular to Shane. He gets emotional in his television impromptu interview when he mentions that his father is okay now.

Of most significance to me is he says the car seat is in the apartment – or was in the apartment. The still shot of Heidi dropping her son Silas off at school, where she is outside the car, does not show her baby in her arms, and if she also went to a book fair which Shane brings up several times (2-3 times) and that she spent $25 on books, wouldn’t she have taken her daughter with her, and if so, why wouldn’t the car seat not be in the car.

My theory is, at this early stage, is she left the baby at home with Shane when she dropped Silas off at school, and he did something to the baby then (since he’s very wishy washy about just when he actually left for work that morning). Then when she returned home, something happened to her.

He also goofs up several times saying “She (Heidi) has a beautiful kid” – referring to Silas, but doesn’t she have two beautiful kids? He also says “and a son that’s missing her mom” (he likely meant “his mom”, but he might be blending her with Margo the infant, with Silas, and wouldn’t Margo also be missing her mom?).

One last thing – Watts used the employment at Anadarko for his burial site, but also the idea of oil, tissue dissolving in oil, in disposal of the bodies. Could Shane Carey’s place of employment, working for a moving company, have been used either by using a moving truck or the whole concept of “moving” bodies play a part in the criminal forensics of this case.

6 thoughts on “Guest Post: My theory of what happened to Heidi Broussard

  1. I think you are right that it sounds like his job would offer opportunities for transport and knowledge of and access to sites. In terms of whether she had the baby at the bookfair. I’m sort of assuming the fair would be run by teachers/school staff, and attended by other parents who would recognise her – so hopefully there will be witnesses who can verify this. It would certainly not be normal (or legal) to leave the baby in the car while she attended fair, in or out of a carseat. I agree the fact that carseat is in the house could be significant. I think you can feasibly unclip them If your baby is sleeping and you don’t want to wake them, so it’s possible she carried it into her apartment after the school visit.


    • That’s a good point Julie. Taking the seat with her when she returned to the apartment with the baby. The photo of her at the school outside her car she doesn’t have the baby with her, so I would at first assume she was simply dropping Silas off – but then there’s the book fair trip and purchase of books. If she did that. Others could corroborate whether she was seen or interacted with at the book fair. Shane is very specific about the book fair – that “it cost about $25” he says. Also that he was looking forward to reading the books with the children, of course the infant wouldn’t understand a book. Is he preoccupied with what things cost?. He also says she would give you anything even if she only had $4 left in her bank account. They obviously haven’t co-mingled funds but he knows what she is spending and how much she has it sounds like.

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      • Now that we know he’s not guilty, I wonder where the abduction took place. And why on earth did Shane wait so long to report? He’s a case study on how not to act in this situation.


    • Good points Julie and Sylvester. First, it hadn’t occurred to me to consider that she left her infant with Shane at the apartment. Even if she returned to the apartment with or without her baby, he may have still been there. For a few weeks anyway, fathers are given a pass on a late start to their day.

      Also, the fact that this newborn is only 3 weeks old, in itself, holds some clues. You have to handle an infant that young with both hands and arms, supporting the head. That’s why they spend so much time in their car seat when not at home. Climbing stairs to your apartment almost requires a car seat so not to risk a stumble or fall with a fragile infant in your arms. Car seats go everywhere with the child for quite a few months because it’s a safe spot and allows a mom a little bit of freedom to walk away for a couple minutes. I think that Shane waffled a little bit on where the car seat was found since it was almost proof positive for where the “abduction” occurred.

      If Heidi remembered the book fair was going on, there’s a fair chance she wanted to take the baby and her son would be proud to show off his new sister. There’s always a positive reception for newborns anywhere you go. I remember reading early on that there was a librarian or teacher that held or attended to the baby when she was looking at books, so there was a witness that came forward to verify the baby being there. I hope that was reliable information. Maybe that bag of books she carried prompted the question about the money it cost him, and he didn’t get that information from a phone call with her.

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