4 thoughts on ““Like, he snapped” – Chris Watts Special Coming Soon on HLN

  1. Someone is feeding Watts information about how he is perceived. And he’s reveling in it. Milking it. If he’s telling “Anna”, his new girlfriend, how much he loved Shan’ann he wants that put out there too. That could be a message he’s sending Nichole K. I loved my wife! If anything it should tell everyone that he lied in his second confession and continues to lie now. Yet, there are still people who will buy a story that he snapped. Or that he was possessed by the devil – didn’t Sandi Rzucek say that herself – so that’s probably where he heard that and he is using that as well to portray himself as the victim.


    • Absolutely agree! I very much enjoy your insight, it’s one of the perks. Im so thankful to Mr. VDL as he created one of the only websites where thoughtful, in depth analysis of a case and isn’t considered “blaming” or “shaming”, and in turn the responses here are always thought provoking.

      I vaguely remember hearing Sandi say something of that nature. However, after seeing her shill for the very same MLM that aided in this murder (not to mention Shan’Ann’s terrible money management abilities) I believe she will say anything to pander to whatever group she happens to be speaking too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a triple homicide looked at so superficially and swept under the rug as quickly as the Watts Case. It’s just unbelievable to me how these so-called “seasoned” investigators are hanging onto every single ludicrous lie Chris tells. I don’t know if Chris enjoys messing with them or if he’s just so relieved to be free of responsibility or both, but im more inclined to take Nick’s opinion than those that have worked the case seeing as Nick is the only one digging below the surface. Chris Watts could tell them the story of snow white and they’d still fly out to where he’s imprisoned just to listen. It’s all very strange, almost like they want so badly to believe the garbage coming out of his mouth that they look for facts to fit the story (confirmation bias) rather than letting the evidence speak. It’s utterly bizarre, that’s for sure.


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