4 thoughts on “Revisiting the Watts Family Dynamics

    • Whoops, I lied. It did play.

      What is there to say about the family dynamics? Chris holding Celeste makes me think he’s restraining her from running around, so Shanann can show her for her video. The whole scene is very chaotic and loud. I understand it’s supposed to be “relatable”, as her target seemed to be other moms. But it was grating, all the talking over each other.

      We are meant to envy the dad who’s so involved in child care and being supportive of her business.

      I always feel so bad for Bella, who didn’t seem to like being on camera.


  1. That’s an interesting picture above of Watts slouching on the couch. There’s always something off about his eyes in relationship to his mouth. I noticed it on the porch sermon. If you place your hand over the lower half of his face and concentrate on the eyes, then reverse it his eyes seem to tell one story and his mouth another. When his mouth smiles his eyes do not. Someone commented here that Watts may have despised Shan’ann for some time, but his pose and pretend face was someone who was so very affable and supportive. Or, his mouth, above, is in a tight little line of despise, and his eyes look trapped.


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