#8 July 11th, 2018: Before and After Work Calls, and All Smiles on Social Media #1yearagotodayCW

Shan’ann is still doing all the calling, typically first thing in the morning before Watts goes to work, and in the afternoon, shortly after he arrives back. Where is Watts when he receives these calls? At home, or with Kessinger?

Fullscreen capture 20190708 110854-001

This also raises the question, if his GPS-rigged work truck was always parked at home, Watts probably drove to Kessinger in the Lexus early in the afternoon, after work, and at the crack of dawn, before work. Her home and his his were close to each other, and his was on the way to work coming from Kessinger’s home.

This could also explain why the garage sensor was “intentionally” broken – all those trips through the garage door weren’t just him going to work, it was him returning the Lexus.

Meanwhile, Shan’ann’s social media around the same time is all smiles and positivity. While she’s hating on Watts’ folks she love love loves her “energy, mood support, patience and just feeling great”. She’s on her “A” game, clearly wearing her patches during the pregnancy, and doing the Thrive-themed pregnancy spiel. Her first trimester is “ideal” and she’s off to color her hair.

Fullscreen capture 20190705 222223Fullscreen capture 20190705 222229

Was Nichol Kessinger really not reading these posts on Watts’ wife’s public profile? And wouldn’t Le-Vel have been concerned about one of their promoters using her social media to go nuclear on her own family like she had on July 9th?

6 thoughts on “#8 July 11th, 2018: Before and After Work Calls, and All Smiles on Social Media #1yearagotodayCW

  1. I read from another group member who had screenshots last year that SW posted her comments about her MIL into a private Facebook group for parents of kids with nut allergies. Only group members initially saw her comments when she posted them.

    Someone shared her comments after her murder. Chris knew how she felt from her texts and calls.


    • Someone shared her comments after her murder.>>>So you think it’s irrelevant? It could be. On the other hand, Facebook is hardly “private”. Judging from the Watts reaction to Shan’ann, either what she said to them directly or what was said about them on social media at the time prompted them both to block her, or both. So the point is Nut Gate was very relevant, but it would be good to get clear confirmation on this issue. Maybe the Rzuceks would know, but if they did, would they tell?

      This is from page 15 of the CBI Report:

      “…his parents did not attend after SHANANN made a post [on] Facebook about allergies. SHANANN said the post wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, but SHANANN ‘had a method to the madness.'”

      Must say I find it interesting those who minimize Shan’ann having a meltdown on Facebook. Her job was to promote herself on Facebook, and yet she found a space to really let rip on a private matter. Really, was the post not directed at anyone in particular? Has anyone ever done that to you? And if so, would you also say, “Aaah, but it was in a private group so that’s okay.”

      An argument could be made that Watts committed murder *because* of Facebook. If he wanted to conduct an affair, and if he wanted the affair to become a serious relationship, he needed to shutdown the social media side of it. The pregnancy in particular necessitated this. But Nut Gate and the gender reveal proved that was going to be a tall order.

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    • I wouldn’t be surprised, even though they were broke. About to lose the house and being sued for a little over $1500 for never paying the HOA fees of $45 a month (really cheap honestly, I pay $888 a quarter, I’d jump for joy at $50 a month) and she goes to North Carolina with the kids for almost two months. That’s the part that really gets me, she tracks his spending of money and she’s in charge of the bills, mortgage etc.. yet she wasn’t paying anything she was supposed to. He’s working everyday, the only one bringing in a paycheck and she’s spending it on everything but the necessities. Her marriage was in trouble, they’ve got a third kid on the way, one income, 3 mortgage payments behind and being sued by the HOA – you’d think one would put off that NC trip. 6-8 weeks can’t be cheap, that trip money could’ve went to paying the HOA, and I think that’s also one of the reasons she so easily blew up at Chris’s parents. IIRC she had given Chris’s mom a list of groceries to pickup for her and the kids, and according to Shan’Ann, Chris’s mom didn’t get anything she asked for. I think she was hoping she wouldn’t have to pay for much of the food if she made Chris’s mom purchase it, only to get there and find out his mom got a few items but not the brands Shanann wanted, and surely not the amount of food she requested. So now she’s pissed, tired, hot, the kids are freaking out over ice cream and then she’s see the bowl of nuts – her scapegoat. So she gets into an argument about that, which is odd because she was always feeding the kids stuff with tree nuts herself, but “you didn’t buy my entire grocery list!!” sounds alot worse than the hysterics of “nutgate” because with the latter she could act like the mommy-martyr she pretended to be. “You’re putting the kids lives in danger and I need to protect them!” Meanwhile, everyone shes screaming at is friends with her on Facebook and often see her feeding the kids stuff choc’ full of JIF peanut butter, coconut, almonds etc.. and just thinks she’s over reacting.

      Its also interesting to me how she thought 6 weeks apart would help her marriage. I know it was supposed to drum up business, but she did the least amount of work (judging by her social media postings, or lack thereof during this time) and was visiting family and friends. It’s really quite bizarre. Its obvious she didn’t know the condition her marriage was in, even though she felt him moving away from her, she still didn’t think it was this bad – but the finances? She was in charge of those. That money she spent on airfare, gas and traveling for that time could’ve went to paying down debt or securing a lawyer for the HOA court date. Did she really think “Oh I’ve been mailing the check to the wrong address for 2+ years and didn’t notice that none were ever cashed” was a good strategy that was going to get them off the hook? The court would’ve laughed at her and told her that’s no excuse, and if they asked for proof she obviously couldn’t give them any because she knew that was a lie.

      Their finances were in shambles and they were about to lose everything, again, only 4.5-5 years after their last bankruptcy. That house had no equity in it, not that it matters as it would’ve been foreclosed on by Chase, Shan’Anns credit was garbage and Chris’s wouldn’t have been better after the looming divorce and foreclosure was over – neither had the money nor the credit so secure a small apartment let alone another house, and now you’ve got a 3rd kid on the way. They had no assets, didn’t even own their vehicles and they’re (mostly shanann as its unclear if Chris new the extent of financial ruin they were in) off gallivanting like money isn’t an issue.

      I almost wonder if shanann wasn’t doing a test run with the girls, not to see how it would be to be on her own, but to see where she could possibly fit her family. Perhaps she was thinking her and Chris would stay with his parents while they got on their feet (I don’t think she thought he’d go through with a divorce) as there really was no room at her parents, her brother was already living with them.

      Obviously we’re not them – but I’d think most people with 2+ kids about to be homeless would be scrimping and saving every dollar they could. Perhaps she thought they would avoid the bank taking the house, but banks don’t care if you have kids and would’ve tossed them out regardless. Chris and Shan’Ann had no liquid assets, so maybe she thought another bankruptcy would save them (it wouldn’t) and everything would be okay? Perplexing really.


      • I almost wonder if shanann wasn’t doing a test run with the girls>>>It’s possible. She was already contemplating a divorce a few months earlier. It’s also possible when Nut Gate happened Shan’ann delayed her plan to return because she needed more time to organize [she’d just shot her babysitters in the foot, so to speak]. Maybe she stayed longer to see if her husband would miss her, miss her cooking for him and what not. Turned out she missed him more, and he missed her less.

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