Nora Quoirin: Did it take 7 hours to alert the Malaysian police?


DATE: 04-08-2019
TIME: 13:45:00
TIME: 07:00:00 MORNING











Below left of board;

Last searching: 06.45pm (2 groups)
07.00pm (check porch?)

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There is very little information in all of the media covering this case that provides the time when the police were notified. Little, not none. The 13:30 timestamp below makes sense if we consider the whiteboard was drawn up within the next 15 minutes.

Fullscreen capture 20190824 175247

It was the action plan of what to do next, which resources to use, and how to co-ordinate with hotel staff. It’s also clear that the disappearance was noticed at 07:00 according to what was told to police on Day 1, whereas the media reported the disappearance at 08:00 [although various times were reported, ranging from 06:30 to 08:30].

If these times are accurate, it raises a disturbing question. Why did it take so long to alert the authorities?

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#18 July 21st, 2018: 12 Weeks: A Thrive event in Moore County, or Drag Racing at Bandimere Speedway – which would be your poison? #1yearagotodayCW

On Saturday, July 21st, Shan’ann was 12 weeks pregnant. She put this image up on her Facebook page.


Many have speculated whether Nichol Kessinger saw this image or others like it. In the noise of Thrive crap, they would be hard to spot, and it took me a long time to find this one. As it turned out, the day Shan’ann reached 12 weeks coincided with a Thrive local event. According to Shan’ann’s Thrive badge she was a 80K VIP promoter [and this was also part of Shan’ann’s bio on Facebook], which is the second highest ranking. Addy was at 200K.


Meanwhile, back in Colorado, Watts was with Kessinger at the Bandimere Speedway. Compare in your mind the fun of promoters selling powders to, and recruiting each other on a Saturday, to this:

On July 21st we also have confirmation [not that it’s any big surprise] that Watts was deleting a lot of the content on his device.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 232259

Based on what he said during his Second Confession, Watts was clearly having the time of his life with Kessinger, including on this day. Being with her, here, brought back fond childhood memories. He had to feel a bitter resentment rising when he compared this happy, vivid reminiscing to Shan’ann causing havoc with his folks in North Carolina.

At the same time he felt she was costing him a fairy tale, Kessinger seemed to be offering him another, and he was tempted. One year later, based on what’s still on Watts’ phone and what he deleted, it’s obvious which life he preferred, and what choice he was slowly gravitating towards.

#13 July 16th, 2018: Fairy Tale, but with Interruptions #1yearagotodayCW

On July 16th, Watts is showing signs of being completely smitten. He’s taking photos of flowers and Googling Dave Bunk Minerals possibly to buy Kessinger a gift. He’s also taken it upon himself to fix Kessinger’s Toyota. What this shows is he’s become not only fixated on Kessinger, he’s already embarking on a new life and lifestyle with her.

Fullscreen capture 20190708 110939

He’s able to do this because of the unprecedented space Shan’ann gives him – 5 whole weeks.

The series of intermittent  phone calls between Watts and his wife in the afternoon, lasting almost 33 minutes, looks to be argumentative, again. Bear in mind this is only the first week after Nut Gate, and Nut Gate remained a serious issue even when Watts finally traveled to see his folks in North Carolina a few weeks later, in early August.

While we have the impression that Watts wanted a new life with Kessinger, and that’s why he murdered his family, in reality he was already in the new life to a large extent before the crime. The crime was committed to allow him to stay in that life, for the status quo to continue.

Each time Shan’ann called him she painfully interrupted his fairy tale, reminding him that eventually he would have to make a choice between one life and another, one face and another. This is how and where the psychology of premeditation takes root – maybe not consciously at first, but through many small triggers, desires, thoughts and wishes. And over time someone emerges as a preferred choice, and someone else as an increasing threat to that perfect present, that fantasized Happily Ever After.

Fullscreen capture 20190716 142601

#10 July 13th, 2018: Chris Watts checks Facebook #1yearagotodayCW

Unusually on July 13th – which was also Friday the 13th in 2018 – Watts called Shan’ann. Seven minutes later he called her a second time. Two hours later Watts logged into Facebook. We don’t know for sure, but it’s possible Watts had been alerted by his folks at this point that Shan’ann had blocked them on social media [or vice versa], and that Shan’ann had ranted about Nut Gate.

Fullscreen capture 20190708 110854-003Fullscreen capture 20190708 110909

When Watts returned from work he called Shan’ann, then called her back a few minutes later. In all Watts called Shan’ann four times that day and they spoke for a total of 25 minutes. These conversations were probably highly-charged, argumentative and aggressive.

Is this the “demon possession” Watts is referring to now from Dodge prison?

Fullscreen capture 20190711 124500

#8 July 11th, 2018: Before and After Work Calls, and All Smiles on Social Media #1yearagotodayCW

Shan’ann is still doing all the calling, typically first thing in the morning before Watts goes to work, and in the afternoon, shortly after he arrives back. Where is Watts when he receives these calls? At home, or with Kessinger?

Fullscreen capture 20190708 110854-001

This also raises the question, if his GPS-rigged work truck was always parked at home, Watts probably drove to Kessinger in the Lexus early in the afternoon, after work, and at the crack of dawn, before work. Her home and his his were close to each other, and his was on the way to work coming from Kessinger’s home.

This could also explain why the garage sensor was “intentionally” broken – all those trips through the garage door weren’t just him going to work, it was him returning the Lexus.

Meanwhile, Shan’ann’s social media around the same time is all smiles and positivity. While she’s hating on Watts’ folks she love love loves her “energy, mood support, patience and just feeling great”. She’s on her “A” game, clearly wearing her patches during the pregnancy, and doing the Thrive-themed pregnancy spiel. Her first trimester is “ideal” and she’s off to color her hair.

Fullscreen capture 20190705 222223Fullscreen capture 20190705 222229

Was Nichol Kessinger really not reading these posts on Watts’ wife’s public profile? And wouldn’t Le-Vel have been concerned about one of their promoters using her social media to go nuclear on her own family like she had on July 9th?

#7 July 10th, 2018: Nut Gate Aftermath #1yearagotodayCW

It’s unlikely Watts knew about Shan’ann ranting about his folks on social media on the day she posted them [July 9th]. From the Phone Data Review Watts only appears to be aware of it three days later on July 13th, and July 14th, when he – atypically – logs onto Facebook.

24 hours after Nut Gate Shan’ann is surprised her husband is quiet and distant. Watts admits “being short” to her, but he tells her he still loves her.

Fullscreen capture 20190708 110854

When Watts tells Shan’ann he wants to clear his head, what he’s really saying [if only to himself], is he wants to clear his head of her. And a month later, he succeeded.

#6 July 9th, 2018: Nut Gate: “My heart is still racing 30 mins later and tears of anger…” #1yearagotodayCW

This post is likely to be controversial, and trigger venting, so take a deep breath before reading further, and remember, we’re trying to understand the people in this scenario and why they did what they did.

We don’t want to project or transfer who we are onto them. Whether we think peanuts or tree nuts were the real problem, or whether Nut Gate was justified or irrelevant isn’t the point – it’s what they thought, how they reacted, and how the dynamics played out in terms of their personalities.

Now, to appreciate just how much is missing from the Discovery Documents, and Phone Data Review in particular, have a look at this vanilla version of July 9th.

Fullscreen capture 20190708 110841

Scroll down from here to the end of the post, and all that mess is the messy business of family dynamics and human psychology. It doesn’t fit into the neat, black and white confines of a few lines in the Phone Data Review, yet it’s absolutely integral to understanding criminal motives and the underlying mechanisms of what drove a man to annihilate his family.

For an amateur investigator glossing through the timeline, this incident would be easy to miss. The only telltale clue that shit had really hit the fan from the official Phone Data Review is Watts putting himself on record by saying:

“It’s not fucking cool at all…”


But it takes a real sleuth who knows his way around social media to dig up the true meat and potatoes of what went down that day.  Shan’ann vented on the afternoon of July 9th, perhaps not just about nuts – that was just the trigger. She had a lot on her plate. The pregnancy. Her lupus. Her husband becoming cold and distant. And the widening maw of a money malaise that just wouldn’t go away.

So when Shan’ann tore into  Watts’ mother, she was really crying tears of anger at the world.


In the post above, which I analyzed in more detail in TWO FACE TWO POLLYANNAS, Shan’ann implies this wasn’t the first time there was a nut incident with her in laws. It could be the pistachios were out earlier in the day, and then the ice cream came out later, or that the pistachios were found on a different day and then “today” – again – another issue.


So we see when Watts called his mother, Shan’ann was there and overheard it. This also seemed to set her off, hearing Cindy lay down the law not only to her, but to her son, and indirectly to her child, and Shan’ann felt powerless as a result.

fullscreen-capture-20181020-094518 (1)

As much as we can sympathize with Shan’ann, Facebook is not the place to vent about family.

We know that as the deadline approached for Shan’ann to announce the gender of her baby, Watts was dreading her doing this as it would spell the end of his affair with Kessinger. If Nut Gate proved anything, it was once Shan’ann felt scorned, she would turn to social media to weaponize her anger, and she didn’t care how many lives she burned in the process.


One year on there are many who still say:

Why didn’t he just get a divorce?

This is why. This was over nuts in icecream. Imagine the reaction over a full-blown affair with a coworker while she’s pregnant, while they have no money, and one that will lead to divorce and losing her home?

Why didn’t he just get a divorce?

It’s also worth noting that Shan’ann applies a double standard here. She claims in her posts above that she doesn’t have any tree nuts in her home. In fact, like many children were serious allergies, Ceecee was particularly allergic to peanut butter.


This is repeatedly stressed in the autopsy report. Meanwhile Shan’ann took this photo of a jar of Jif creamy peanut butter in her own kitchen.


One year on we ought to ask:

Did Shan’ann overreact, and if she did, did that seal her fate?

The answer to this question isn’t what you or I think, it’s what her husband thought. And we know now what he thought. In the CBI Report Watts was asked about Nut Gate and whether it had any impact on his thoughts, feelings and emotions. Not surprisingly, it had a huge impact.

Fullscreen capture 20190709 134015Fullscreen capture 20190709 131550Fullscreen capture 20190709 131759

While it’s overly simplistic and reductionist to say Shan’ann’s venting gave Watts the license to vent as well, human psychology, and criminal psychology, does often work that way. But clearly, there is a difference between burning someone close to you on social media, and blocking family, and triple murder. In terms of social symbology however, there’s absolutely no difference.

#5 July 8th, 2018: The Day Before Nut Gate #1yearagotodayCW

July 8th was a Sunday. It didn’t start off well. Watts texted his wife at 05:15 in response to questions about not calling her [or answering her calls] the night before. [He was with Kessinger at the Orchard Mall, watching Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom].

Watts’ excuse was that he fell asleep.

We don’t know what Shan’ann’s answer was to his text, or whether she answered at all. Watts was prompted to call Shan’ann shortly afterwards.

In both his “confessions” Watts claims he was asleep when Shan’ann arrived home from the airport, and in his Second Confession that they had sex and then that they slept afterwards, a period that couldn’t have been longer than three hours.  It’s difficult to believe Shan’ann would want to get the airport off her [as Watts claimed in the First Confession], but be okay to have sex and not want to wash up, or remove her make-up afterwards.

Fullscreen capture 20190706 230016-002

In any event, on the day before Nut Gate Shan’ann was not happy with her husband. At 16:44 she called him and spoke for 22 minutes, her longest conversation with him thus far. On Sunday night, like all the other nights in July, Watts slept at his mistresses home.

Fullscreen capture 20190706 162552

Fullscreen capture 20200704 222927Fullscreen capture 20200704 222915Fullscreen capture 20200704 222919Fullscreen capture 20200704 222922

#4 July 7th, 2018: Watts takes Kessinger to the late show of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, and Shan’ann can’t reach him… #1yearagotodayCW

July 7th was a Saturday. Just after midnight, Nichol Kessinger called Watts and spoke to him for almost two minutes. This was the first call recovered between Watts and Kessinger. Watts added Kessinger’s number as a contact on his work phone on June 14th.

Shan’ann called Watts twice between 05:00 and 06:00, for a total of eight minutes.

Watts appeared to be wining and dining Kessinger, especially Saturday night. They visited two restaurants and went to watch a movie at the Orchard Town Center, in Westminster. [It’s also possible his phone merely connected to nearby routers, rather than the couple actually eating at the restaurants].

Westminster is labout 10 miles due south of Saratoga Trail.

Fullscreen capture 20190707 122325

Fullscreen capture 20190706 230016

Since the 19:00 show of Jurassic World* was sold out, Watts and Kessinger sat on a bench and talked for two hours, then attended the 21:00 show.

Fullscreen capture 20190707 123232

Although the discovery refers to the movie as Jurassic Park, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom released in Mid-June 2018.

The delay in watching the movie would prove to be dangerous. While watching the film Shan’ann would repeatedly try to get hold of her husband but be unable to reach him. By the time he came out of the cinema, close to 23:30 [Jurassic World has a 2 hour 10 minute running rime] it was too late to call her back, and had he done so, it would be difficult to explain calling her back so late. Instead he elected to leave damage control to the next day.

Interestingly, Watts first date with Shan’ann involved him taking her to a movie.

Fullscreen capture 20190707 123248

Presumably Watts made sure he dressed appropriately, or perhaps he knew with Kessinger how he was dressed wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Movies features significantly in Watts’ reference field. When his boss asked about the disappearance several weeks later, Watts told him it was like something out of a movie or television show. When CBI Agent Tammy Lee asked him about ways a person could make someone else disappear, Watts specifically referred to the movies. It’s possible Watts got the idea, or fuel for what he would eventually do, from movies and/or television.

Fullscreen capture 20190707 123330Fullscreen capture 20190707 123410

At 3:15 in the clip below, when Watts was standing on the driveway and asked to explain the circumstances of his family vanishing, he also said:

“I’ve-I’ve never seen something like this in my lifetime, unless it was on TV, or a movie. And this-this doesn’t seem real at all.”

The plot of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom involves a threat to the dinosaurs, and the protagonist deciding that they should not be saved.  In the trailer the question is pertinently raised:

Should they be left to die?

The voice-over in the trailer also states:

Life cannot be contained. 

Life breaks free.

Life finds a way.


#3 July 6th, 2018: Sort out the Vivint sensor BEFORE I FLIP, plus pizza in Spring Lake #1yearagotodayCW

On July 6th we get a peek at the sort of day-to-day chores they’re discussing. One of the things on Shan’ann’s mind is the dodgy security sensor at the garage door. Clearly this ongoing issue had gone from aggravating Shan’ann to infuriating her.

It’s possible, even likely, that Watts purposefully damaged the sensor, or wanted it to remain “on the blink”, so that he could explain why the security system wasn’t picking up his movements. [Remember, he was spending a lot of time, almost every night at Kessinger. So how did Shan’ann not know this? Either she wasn’t getting the Vivint alerts to begin with, or she wasn’t being alerted because of an intentionally ‘erratic’ sensor’].

If Watts was deliberately frustrating Shan’ann’s efforts to track his movements into and out of the house, and getting away with it, Watts may have developed the confidence that he could pull the wool over everyone else’s eyes – in a more serious scenario if it came to that.

Fullscreen capture 20190705 220945-001

On July 6th Shan’ann calls Watts four times and Watts called her three times. Total chatting time on the 6th: approximately half an hour. The tone of Shan’ann’s ALL CAPS “BEFORE I FLIP” suggests she was shouting at him while giving him orders from North Carolina. Exactly a month later she would experience him as a different man: non-communicative, disassociated and cold.

Fullscreen capture 20190705 222217

In the above photo from Shan’ann’s Facebook page, her smile looks slightly forced. We also get a glimpse of what sort of food she feels is appropriate for her children [as opposed to icecream with nuts].

It’s likely Shan’ann bought pizza on her way to or from her in-laws home in Vass Road. There’s a pizzeria just around the corner.

Fullscreen capture 20190706 160459