#5 July 8th, 2018: The Day Before Nut Gate #1yearagotodayCW

July 8th was a Sunday. It didn’t start off well. Watts texted his wife at 05:15 in response to questions about not calling her [or answering her calls] the night before. [He was with Kessinger at the Orchard Mall, watching Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom].

Watts’ excuse was that he fell asleep.

We don’t know what Shan’ann’s answer was to his text, or whether she answered at all. Watts was prompted to call Shan’ann shortly afterwards.

In both his “confessions” Watts claims he was asleep when Shan’ann arrived home from the airport, and in his Second Confession that they had sex and then that they slept afterwards, a period that couldn’t have been longer than three hours.  It’s difficult to believe Shan’ann would want to get the airport off her [as Watts claimed in the First Confession], but be okay to have sex and not want to wash up, or remove her make-up afterwards.

Fullscreen capture 20190706 230016-002

In any event, on the day before Nut Gate Shan’ann was not happy with her husband. At 16:44 she called him and spoke for 22 minutes, her longest conversation with him thus far. On Sunday night, like all the other nights in July, Watts slept at his mistresses home.

Fullscreen capture 20190706 162552

Fullscreen capture 20200704 222927Fullscreen capture 20200704 222915Fullscreen capture 20200704 222919Fullscreen capture 20200704 222922

2 thoughts on “#5 July 8th, 2018: The Day Before Nut Gate #1yearagotodayCW

  1. The conclusion you made about nutgate makes total sense especially now: Shan’ann was already building up a helluvalot frustration the days prior to nutgate being away from Chris, his aloofness, her pregnancy, his carelessness (she was in control of that dude 100%), hormones, her OCD, lack of money,her business, etc. I agree that SW, despite of her wonderful traits and love for helping people, had a tragic flaw of abstaining to look within and seeing the mess that was their skin deep relationship. Not that she is the only one- we all do this to a high degree. I guess it just freaks me out to think that we are all on the brink of disaster by simply choosing to ignore things.


  2. I dont believe they had sex, he didnt want to sleep with her the whole week they were in NC then he says on the morning of the murders, they had sex


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