Nóra Quoirin’s Grandfather Believes Nora WAS the victim of a crime. This makes sense.

Sylvain Qoirin, Nora’s grandfather, provides insight into his granddaughter’s unique personality:

“She was very sensitive, shy, inhibited, introverted. She became anguished if her family weren’t present. She clung to her parents and sister. It is not possible she would have willingly left with a stranger. If she went out alone by mistake, she would have banged on the door and screamed to be let back in.”

“Can you imagine her walking 2.5km, naked and barefoot, over rocks, in the middle of the night? For me, that’s absurd. Do you think she would go walking around at night? For me, it is obviously a criminal case, by default. She could not have wandered.”

And in reference to the area where her body was found, her grandfather’s position is firm:

“She wasn’t there yet. Someone put her there, to get rid of her.”Fullscreen capture 20190814 235724

Nóra Quoirin: ‘It is not possible she would have willingly left with a stranger’ – Irish Times

8 thoughts on “Nóra Quoirin’s Grandfather Believes Nora WAS the victim of a crime. This makes sense.

  1. Yes, it makes sense she was the victim of a crime but is the grandfather suggesting she was abducted? If she would have banged on the door and screamed to be let back in if let out alone by mistake, wouldn’t she have banged on something or screamed if someone was trying to abduct her?

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      • What a godawful way to die. Geez Louise. I cannot imagine how terrified that little girl must have been. The fact that she’s special needs makes it even more horrific. Whomever dumped her in the jungle to die recognized the efficacy of this method of murder, because she would have fewer inner resources to summon in order to figure out a way back or how to summon help. Think about it: it’s almost foolproof, if you know the little girl and her limitations intimately. No messy murder weapon or forensic evidence to tie the perp to the act. I don’t want leap to any conclusions, but from where I sit, this stinks.

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  2. The strangest thing to me about this case is no one heard anything from the hotel or house. And, the fact that this happens the morning after they first arrive. It could be if her surroundings were unfamiliar to her she may have essentially gotten lost, within the house, and gone out the wrong door. She has a disability so that could be a possibility, but I would want to know if her parents have ever found her to wander off. Next, her clothes have not been recovered. Just how far did she wander that she would shed her clothes and not have them found? And just when did she die. The two volunteers smelled her before they saw her, which would suggest she had been dead for a while, although the weather conditions may be hot and humid which could speed up decomposition. But if that’s the case just how prolonged was the starvation process? She had a ruptured ulcer in her intestine – which the autopsy says was only “possibly” caused by starvation and stress. And of course the bruising on her legs. If she was stumbling around in the dark she could have fallen against some rocks, etc. I would hope there would be an etymology report that could affix time of death. Poor girl.


  3. Her parents have repeatedly said she would never ever wander off. Apparently during the search the searchers were repeatedly playing an amplified recording of her mum calling her name and asking her to
    Come to the voice. Given how close to the camp she was when eventually found, that seems to suggest she was not in the vicinity at that point they were searching several days ago (and which according to the pm was when she would still be alive). Poor love.


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