12 thoughts on “Skylar Richardson within hours after her sentencing…

  1. I still can’t believe I’ve got friends who have done more time in jail for having weed than someone suspected of murder. On the one hand, if this was a stillborn child, then one could suggest she has processed her grief in the intervening two years. A case could be made that she’s dissociating and her reaction and pride dictate that an innocent person has nothing to hide, or that that is how an innocent person would act. My feeling here is that she’s surrounded by people who shelter her from reality; yet, she cannot see the impropriety in this gesture? What is the father up to? All they can do is tailgate, that’s colder than Casey Anthony going to her bar gig.


  2. I haven’t watched all of the court days yet – I believe she was in court for 8 days. But when she is first interviewed by the detective in Trial Day 2 Part 2 I can’t help but compare his interview techniques with that of Agents Coder and Lee in the Watts case. Of course they weren’t dealing with a child. But I see two things. The detective does all of the talking, asking a few questions but doesn’t let her give her own version of what was in her thinking without constantly interjecting his own personal experiences with his daughter or reassuring her she “isn’t in trouble.” On the other hand I see a different Skylar here, the Skylar who is well aware of how to manipulate a situation by playing the frightened little girl with constant “I’m Sorry” “am I gonna get in trouble?” etc. This is probably what went on at home when Skylar knowingly did something wrong and tried to avoid punishment. At least we learn here, in spite of the constant interruptions by the detective, that the placenta came out the next day (but we don’t know where or what she did with it because the detective is more inclined to describe what it looks like), and that she threw the bloody towel she was holding the baby with (or so she says) out a few days later.

    Was her baby born alive? Don’t know. On April 26 she has a healthy baby (according to the clinic -although she refused an ultrasound so how would anyone know if she was healthy) and on May 7, just 11 days later she delivers her. She was not full term so there could have been health problems with the baby, she wasn’t taking any prenatal vitamins, and if she had given birth in the hospital and not on her toilet, the baby could have lived.

    Why was there blood under her bed? I have a theory but will save it.


  3. After she gave birth the baby would have needed immediate medical attention. It very well may not have been breathing – usually the baby is delivered, then it is encouraged to breathe by a few smacks and mucus is suctioned from the mouth. I believe she hesitated, just long enough that if it wasn’t breathing, it wouldn’t start breathing. If the baby started to move she may have closed off her airways by putting her hand over her mouth and nose – or used the towel so she wouldn’t have to look.

    She didn’t give birth under her bed – or moved the bed to give birth there. I think she may have put the baby under her bed – to hide it for a while knowing she would need to dispose of the baby, she couldn’t leave it there. She says she buried the baby during the night but do we know that for sure? If her mother and father and brother left the house the next day she could have gone outside then, disposing of everything after she had cleaned herself up and had more energy. To have gone out of the house the night she gave birth, poke around in the garage looking for gardening tools, and gone to the most remote corner of the backyard would have required light. So I think the baby was placed under the bed for a time.


  4. A few other interesting facts came out of Scott Richardson’s testimony on the stand, and that was the weather report for May 7 in Carlisle, Ohio – the early morning hours Skylar gave birth. The temperature outside was between 35 and 41 degrees. That’s cold. Not freezing, but still cold. I think the weather plus a fair amount of pain and fatigue may have precluded Skyler from doing her burial activities in the early morning. She said she went back to bed after giving birth, and I think that is exactly what she did do. Mr. Richardson also offered that one of the dogs “would have gone berserk” if there was a live birth. But Skylar said the dog(s) were downstairs – I presume she sleeps upstairs – and usually with one of the dogs, but if they were downstairs they weren’t in her room. A baby doesn’t emerge into this world screaming as far as I know, but struggles for a breath after being inside the mother for 8, 9 months.


  5. If anyone is interested CBS 48 Hours has come out with Skylar Richardson’s story – from her parents point of view. Skylar is not allowed at this time to comment (must have been taped before her trial verdict was read).


  6. It’s on CBS – 48 hours mystery. I streamed it from the computer – by going to CBS.com, then selecting that particular television show. Many of the 48 hour mystery shows are on youtube though, I’ll check.


  7. Not on youtube. It was good imo. CBS.com – 48 hour mystery

    Incomplete though. They’re telling the story from the point of view of the parents but I’ll hold my comments until others have had a chance to see it if they wish to. Or if the interest is here.


  8. The 48 hour interviewer chose the Richardson kitchen for the interview and before it had barely started Scott Richardson said the baby was stillborn. Kim nodded in agreement. Kim has purchased an angel lawn statue she’s placed in the small wooded area where Skylar buried Annabelle. She says she goes through the small thicket to view it sometimes but I had to wonder, what does Skylar feel about having a constant reminder of that night and what happened in full view of her upstairs bedroom window. Skylar must wear an ankle bracelet (at the time of airing) and at the end of airing they said she’s in treatment for her eating disorder. They said she can’t go out much and can’t go to college.

    The inconsistencies for me were that Kim shows us a picture of Skylar trying on her red prom dress in February and again in April on prom night and says you can’t see any difference, you cannot tell she is pregnant. There is another shot of Skylar on vacation with her family very tanned in a bikini with a huge belly. Don’t know when but she is very obviously pregnant. Kim’s whole premise is she didn’t know Skylar was pregnant, but her text (which 48 hours didn’t include) to Skylar after her OBGYN appointment for birth control asks what did the doctor say about your stomach? Her parents did say that Skylar was a girl with many secrets.

    They said her preoccupation with binging and purging began in 6th grade. They showed some pretty awful pictures of Skylar looking skeletal. The parents said her whole life was organized around eating and throwing up and trying to lose weight. They were happy when she started dating the second boyfriend, not the baby’s father. They said she began to put on weight and thought she was finally happy now that she had met him. Of course we know she was putting on weight due to pregnancy, but also the message they were sending to her was now that you have a boyfriend who is popular we hope the bulimia stops. Their son Jackson was barely mentioned, there looked to be one picture of him downstairs and all of the rest were of Skylar in a tiara, and at cheerleading practice. Carlisle, Ohio is a very small town, more like a township. It’s middle America, and this will follow Skylar around forever until she can forge her own identity and move away.


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