Guest Post: “They know he’s guilty…[but] she’s out there telling people they STILL believe in his innocence”

The Dr Oz interview with Letters from Christopher author was supposed to air on Tuesday, October 15th, a week after the book was released. Is the reason the Dr Oz interview with Cheryln Cadle was moved to November because the Daily Mail still has exclusivity over their interview, as per some prior arrangement?

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In the video exclusive from the Daily Mail Cheryln Cadle says:

“I believe Cindy Watts hated Shan’ann so much…that she can’t get past the fact that…thinking that Shan’ann…killed her own daughters.” 

More details from our interview with Chris Watts’ pen pal – Daily Mail

According to a spokesperson for the Watts family, this impression floating around in the court of public opinion isn’t entirely accurate.

They’re not comfortable with Cherlyn’s book or her interviews. They went through a lot trying to come to terms with Chris’s guilt. They know he’s guilty, but it was a journey. She’s out there telling people that they STILL believe in his innocence. That’s simply not true. She fed them all these lines for a long time about the possibility of Chris’s innocence, others being involved and demonic possession. Also, she couldn’t get basic facts straight in this book. She got Cece’s age wrong and age difference between Chris and his sister. If you consider that she couldn’t even get that right, what is else did she get wrong?

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: “They know he’s guilty…[but] she’s out there telling people they STILL believe in his innocence”

  1. The author didn’t get CeCe’s age wrong. There were periods of time discussed in the book where CeCe was only 2. She didn’t turn 3 until late summer. It seems the family would know that, but they’ve also spread the rumor that CeCe & Nico weren’t Chris Watts kids, so not too surprising.


  2. It’s possible that Watts already confessed to Ronnie on the phone, or when he picked him up from the airport. Since Ronnie seems to be scrolling furiously through his phone as Watts is confessing, he would want to supply the agents with “evidence” Shan’ann must be bipolar and saved and posted a macabre picture of the lifesized doll covered in a makeshift death shroud to substantiate his opinion about her mental health. Then again, he does utter the words “God Almighty, son” which seem to convey shock so it’s debatable whether their intimate moment in the interrogation room and then in front of the agents was all for show or not.


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