One thought on “Rebecca Zahau Case File: Volume 1 [of 2], Section 23 [of 43] Paradise Valley Police Department Report [2008]

  1. “She feels trapped in this relationship due to Jonah’s controlling nature.” I’ll bet all of his relationships with women felt that way. His first wife was Kimberly James, in which he entered into a 3 year custody battle from 1998-2001 for their two children. Records have been sealed. This was after five years of marriage. I think with his powerful contacts, plus his JD degree and his money he is able to win joint custody battles. You notice Dina had a house within walking distance of the Spreckles mansion. I do not know what their arrangement was and how frequently Max lived with Jonah but she may have been fearful he would rip Max away from her at any time.

    When one of the dog incidents happened it’s mentioned “their children” were living with them. Plural. That would include the two from his first marriage and one from the second.

    This man, Jonah is very scary. He sics his dog on a woman. The Nazi’s would sic their German Shepherds on the Jewish people in Nazi Germany. This is just a perception, but the “S’s” in the cryptic note written in black paint on the door look like partial swastikas. In addition Jonah doesn’t get his hands dirty. In the dog incidents with Dina he has the dog wait until his wife gets close enough to him that she raises an arm to protect herself and the dog then springs into action to protect her master. Jonah just shrugs and says that’s what the dog is trained to do. To his own wife. Who by then he makes covert comments about taking out the trash. I compared him to a peacock previously, I think a cold blooded snake would be more apropos.


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