Meet the ear doctor who thinks Vincent Van Gogh was murdered

There’s new conjecture that not only was Van Gogh murdered, he wasn’t shot, he was stabbed with a knife.

How did you get from “It couldn’t have been a suicide” to that?

WelI, I’m a doctor. [Records of Van Gogh’s death] do not have any description of a carbon-black gunpowder burn. Vincent couldn’t possibly have shot himself successfully and done it without getting a powder burn. No one saw the act. Nobody heard a gunshot. There was no suicide note. And there was no autopsy. It doesn’t compute. I’m trying to connect the dots, much like Oliver Stone did in the movie JFK.

In order for Vincent to have shot himself, the bullet would have had to make a significant turn inside of his body. There is no report that the bullet was ever found. As far as we know, Vincent died with a bullet in his body, so the bullet should still be in his body or his remains, or at least in his casket.

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