#4 July 7th, 2018: Watts takes Kessinger to the late show of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, and Shan’ann can’t reach him… #1yearagotodayCW

July 7th was a Saturday. Just after midnight, Nichol Kessinger called Watts and spoke to him for almost two minutes. This was the first call recovered between Watts and Kessinger. Watts added Kessinger’s number as a contact on his work phone on June 14th.

Shan’ann called Watts twice between 05:00 and 06:00, for a total of eight minutes.

Watts appeared to be wining and dining Kessinger, especially Saturday night. They visited two restaurants and went to watch a movie at the Orchard Town Center, in Westminster. [It’s also possible his phone merely connected to nearby routers, rather than the couple actually eating at the restaurants].

Westminster is labout 10 miles due south of Saratoga Trail.

Fullscreen capture 20190707 122325

Fullscreen capture 20190706 230016

Since the 19:00 show of Jurassic World* was sold out, Watts and Kessinger sat on a bench and talked for two hours, then attended the 21:00 show.

Fullscreen capture 20190707 123232

Although the discovery refers to the movie as Jurassic Park, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom released in Mid-June 2018.

The delay in watching the movie would prove to be dangerous. While watching the film Shan’ann would repeatedly try to get hold of her husband but be unable to reach him. By the time he came out of the cinema, close to 23:30 [Jurassic World has a 2 hour 10 minute running rime] it was too late to call her back, and had he done so, it would be difficult to explain calling her back so late. Instead he elected to leave damage control to the next day.

Interestingly, Watts first date with Shan’ann involved him taking her to a movie.

Fullscreen capture 20190707 123248

Presumably Watts made sure he dressed appropriately, or perhaps he knew with Kessinger how he was dressed wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Movies features significantly in Watts’ reference field. When his boss asked about the disappearance several weeks later, Watts told him it was like something out of a movie or television show. When CBI Agent Tammy Lee asked him about ways a person could make someone else disappear, Watts specifically referred to the movies. It’s possible Watts got the idea, or fuel for what he would eventually do, from movies and/or television.

Fullscreen capture 20190707 123330Fullscreen capture 20190707 123410

At 3:15 in the clip below, when Watts was standing on the driveway and asked to explain the circumstances of his family vanishing, he also said:

“I’ve-I’ve never seen something like this in my lifetime, unless it was on TV, or a movie. And this-this doesn’t seem real at all.”

The plot of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom involves a threat to the dinosaurs, and the protagonist deciding that they should not be saved.  In the trailer the question is pertinently raised:

Should they be left to die?

The voice-over in the trailer also states:

Life cannot be contained. 

Life breaks free.

Life finds a way.


2 thoughts on “#4 July 7th, 2018: Watts takes Kessinger to the late show of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, and Shan’ann can’t reach him… #1yearagotodayCW

  1. You know, that’s interesting. Because John (or John and Patsy) took movie quotes and put them in their ransom note. Might there be a parallel there? Like, movies lend credence to the movies that are playing in the mind.


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