Is Shane Carey Innocent? He Might Be – or not

There are allegations of an argument, that Carey thus far has failed to disclose.

…neighbors have cast doubt on [Carey’s] version of events, with one saying that he heard an argument from next door just before 2pm. – Daily Mail

And abuse:


And a best friend who faked her pregnancy.

A woman suspected of faking a pregnancy then murdering her best friend to snatch her newborn daughter has been named as Magen Fieramusca. Fieramusca, 33, was arrested Friday, hours after a body believed to belong to missing mom Heidi Broussard was found in the trunk of a car in Houston, Texas… An autopsy is underway to confirm her identity and establish how she died. Her suspected killer is due to be arraigned in court on Friday morning. A second woman is also in custody, but has not been charged with murder. Prison records show Fieramusca was initially arrested for driving offenses. –Metro


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2 thoughts on “Is Shane Carey Innocent? He Might Be – or not

  1. Wasn’t it odd in Shane’s interview, in light of recent events, that he said he just hoped if someone took them that they feed the baby. Why would he assume Heidi would be separated from her daughter. He also refers to Heidi and the baby as “the two women.” This was days ago when he gave his interview. Would you call your infant baby a woman?


  2. Yes, indeed. It suggests he might have been cognisant of a different outcome for each of them. He’s not assuming – as you might – that they were both in the same boat, wherever they were. And now we know that they werent.


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