#2 July 5th, 2018: Bella and Ceecee in Aberdeen, playing in a summer rainstorm #1yearagotodayCW

On July 4th, Nichol Kessinger went to a Rockies baseball game without him. This must have stung, enough to make an impression, because Watts used the idea of going to a Rockies game alone [or with work colleagues] as his “alibi” to Shan’ann on Saturday night, August 12th.

In Aberdeen, the 4th of July was a washout, and so was the 5th, as the video below illustrates.

Despite their argument on the 4th, Watts spends the night at Kessinger’s. By 14:24 the next day, a Thursday, Shan’ann is on the phone. Watts was likely about to return home from the oil fields when he received the call.

In all Shan’ann and her husband spoke for a total of almost 23 minutes on July 5th. The telephone conversations between Watts and his wife are one of the few areas we know virtually nothing about.

It’s possible Shan’ann’s brother Frankie or her folks may have caught snippets of these conversations, or at least seen her demeanor before or after the calls. What would they have talked about? Was it all small talk? The girls did this or that today? Or was there a regular theme, such as the state of their finances, and finding ways to scrimp on money?

On July 5th Shan’ann calls her husband twice and he calls her once.

Fullscreen capture 20190705 220945

I analysed this particular video in some detail in TWO FACE TWO POLLYANNAS. In it one can see Shan’ann’s still wearing her Thrive patches [despite being pregnant]. In a forum discussing using Thrive while pregnant, one user noted that certain ingredients like ephedrine in the DFT [Thrive patches] could be linked to heart defects in fetuses.

The more than five minute video above provides an extended view of how Shan’ann interacts with both daughters. Early on Shan’ann refers to “things coming out of the sky [in Colorado] that beat you death…” She’s referring to hailstorms.

Did Watts watch this particular video? At about 4 minutes remaining Shan’ann tells her children, “Daddy’s on here watching you.” What was he thinking on July 5th, watching them from Colorado?

11 thoughts on “#2 July 5th, 2018: Bella and Ceecee in Aberdeen, playing in a summer rainstorm #1yearagotodayCW

  1. My impression was he may have had his phone turned on streaming her video live but he wasn’t really paying attention to it. I know the feeling. No longer in love, simply tolerating and not interested.

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    • I know that feeling as well and you nailed it. If he was paying attention, he was most likely making comparisons in his head and/or thinking about NK and how he’d rather be watching her.

      FWIW, I had an ex that attempted to do this to me with social media. It was a last ditch effort to frame our relationship in a particular light so that it would be harder for me to break it off. It’s a very odd position to be in to say the least. There’s a person putting you and your relationship on a pedestal online, yet when you’re face to face and the cameras off, they act completely different. You begin to wonder if they’re being genuine or if they’re only acting that way because of the camera in their hand. Im 30 years old myself and I don’t see the appeal of putting everything online, I prefer my privacy. I will never understand this generations need to document every inane moment of their existence via social media, as if they’re just so special everyone’s waiting on baited breath for them to post. In reality, people couldn’t care less.

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      • I had something similar happen. I was in a relationship that seemed to be heading towards engagement/marriage. At one point I said something along the lines that I was less opposed to marriage than I had been. Next thing I got a bunch of congratulations messages from family and friends, especially on social media. I could have just gone with it, instead I put a stop to it. Coercion is obviously a sign that something is seriously wrong. Used by desperate people.

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  2. I imagine this was another way she used to try to get his attention, or to see his “presence” even if only online. I wonder if she was already suspicious then and would use the live videos as a way to “interrupt” whatever he may have been doing and look at her.

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  3. Very likely herappleness. At the least she would have wondered why he didn’t answer the phone every time she called, or responded to a text in a timely manner. Videos from North Carolina would serve as a reminder that he was still a family man, who should be interested in the activities of his children. She wouldn’t have liked it if he was actually enjoying his alone time “living the life of a bachelor.” I don’t think at this point she suspected someone else, just that she was too far away to monitor his every move. It was a way of controlling from afar.

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  4. At one point in the video I thought, why doesn’t Shan’ann go out with Cece
    and Bella to play with them in the rain. I see that she’s filming this, but little
    CeCe and Bella didn’t want to continue playing in the rain. Especially Bella.
    It must have been hard on the children performing for that camera
    all the time.

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    • Yeah and it was every fun and spontaneous moment – Christmas, birthdays, every special event had to be a performance. Hey everyone, look how happy we are.

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      • People who are truly content don’t feel the need to broadcast it to everyone, doesn’t even cross their mind most days. It’s evident in everything they do, even when there’s no camera focused on them.


  5. Bella was so unbelievably timid in many instances. She was the older child too – you would think at least some experience in her short life would have taught her that Santa Claus is not to be feared, the Easter Bunny is not to be feared, rain is not to be feared, and low tide and a wet sandy beach isn’t to be feared. I’ve seen parents who are really good with children when they sense these fears, play with them in the sand or give them confidence by giving them small tasks and praising the tiny accomplishments. Had Bella grown up she may have shown signs of depression, like Frankie Jr., or neurotic fears of this or that.

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    • Or that whipped cream won’t hurt you, right? I’ve watched a ton of these videos, and have always thought that Bella, although very sweet, seemed a little whiny and definitely super timid, noticeably more so in the later ones. I wonder if she sensed that all might not have been right in the Watts household? In contract, CeCe had such a cute personality and looked like a fun little girl. I will say, though, it seems as though that last trip to NC was really fun for those girls, the Ruczeks (sp) had planned all kinds of things for them to do, so sad.

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