2 thoughts on “If these were characters in the Watts Family, who would they be, and why?

  1. Easy one first:
    1) Buzz Lightyear – believes he’s a real life space ranger – his mission is to protect the galaxy. Nathan Trinastich – his mission is to protect the neighborhood with his surveillance cameras, and keep a watchful eye on the Watts house.

    2) Gaby Gaby – she sends her mute ventriloquist dummies to stop other toys from escaping. She intends to take Woody’s voice box and replace her own broken one. Shan’ann Watts. Her neck surgery would indicate a broken voice box, the multi-level marketers and her friends might be the ventriloquist dummies (Bensens) sent to stop Woody’s escape and take his voice box and put it in her videos (and her version of married family life).

    3) Bo Peep – a romantic and level headed toy with strong feelings for Woody, a free spirit. Uses her crook to hook Woody. Nichole Kessinger. Her hook would be sex, and she would be a free spirit with strong feelings for Chris who might be….

    4) Woody. Trying to stay relevant as a toy that’s played with. Watts – trying to stay relevant as a husband and family man, who wants to be played with by Bo Peep – or Kessinger. Woody also has a dark side of course, who would do anything to stay relevant.

    5) Bonnie plays with the toys, makes a toy called Forky. Bella Watts – who covers her doll, and does interesting things with them selecting some, abandoning others.

    Addendum: Detective Baumhover could be Sheriff Woody – putting pieces together, bringing toys together, investigating toys. Jessie – an excitable brave athletic cowgirl who carries a great deal of sadness abandoned by her original owner which left her somewhat mistrustful – could be Nichole Kessinger – who would have been saddened by her parents divorce or never finding a suitable suitor, which could have her be mistrustful of most men and especially one who says he is getting a divorce when it’s apparent he’s not.

    Also Watts could be Duke Caboom – a toy that has never been able to do the stunts as advertised by his own toy commercial (or Shan’ann Watts Thrive videos) forced to relive his failures (low self-esteem) which was stuck on the shelves of the antique store (before Shan’ann rescued him).

    End of Story.


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