Demystifying the Nora Quoirin Case: Topography – There were Several Waterfalls

The media has reported variously that Nora Quoirin’s body was found “appearing asleep” in a ravine, close to a waterfall. The obvious assumption is that it was the Lata Berembum waterfall, situated roughly 1.5 kilometres [1 mile] from the resort.

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However, along the Gunung Berembun trail leading due east, away from the resort, are a series of small waterfalls and rapids. One of them is the Air Terjun Gunung Berembun Pantai.


So the question is, at which waterfall along the river was she found? The media has reported various distances from the resort, ranging from 600 metres to 1.2 miles to 1.5 miles to 1.6 miles.

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It would be good to have absolute certainty on precisely where she was found using GPS co-ordinates and a clear map reference.

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Malaysia Truly AsiaPENCARIAN REMAJA WARGA IRELAND DI SUNGAI BEREMBUNmethode_times_prod_web_bin_581d1998-bf9c-11e9-a67f-92d19dbea4a1nora_quoirinEBlO1fCVAAIdNkFDusun-MainDusun-LastDusun-3-crop399815_10150600605044780_1132499725_n420671_10150626097889780_326804170_n16903398-7321403-image-a-4_156500220503915016366_10154664896944780_9010194539954172053_o15110453_10154664895659780_8109600370258031048_o1565563242_393_Fears-grow-for-missing-15-year-old-Nora-Quoirin-after-it-appearsAFP-1JE4XB17216882-0-The_discovery_was_made_on_the_tenth_day_of_an_intensive_search_o-a-3_15656893617861565518332_195_Police-searching-for-missing-Nora-Quoirin-check-with-local-pedophilesplayground12112471_1115665485152326_7368693124219455814_n15068546_10154664895689780_3983255916540255803_o

Fullscreen capture 20190824 03510910447032_770718032980408_8240869423138566517_nBritish teenager Nora Quoirin missing in Malaysia - 10 Aug 2019download (2)images (2)Nora_Anne_Quoirin_sar_0708_(3)-seonora-quoirin-3080Nora Quoirin from London who is currently missing in Malaysia, Seremban - 05 Aug 2019PRI_79475021Schematic-map-of-the-Malay-Peninsula-illustrating-the-five-mountain-ranges-from-west-toSchematic-map-of-the-Malay-Peninsula-illustrating-the-three-main-mountain-ranges-fromThe-Malay-Peninsula-of-southern-Thailand-and-Peninsular-Malaysia-showing-its-majorsigns

chicken-coopFullscreen capture 20190825 004719

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Fullscreen capture 20190817 172808Sora-House-View0012811b-500BBQSearch for Nora Quoirin in Malaysia, Seremban - 13 Aug 2019sora-02-920x390Sora-House

4 thoughts on “Demystifying the Nora Quoirin Case: Topography – There were Several Waterfalls

  1. Some news sources now reporting that a local person saw ‘a white woman’ swimming in the river near where found in the period she was missing. It’s early days but this case does have elements similar to other ‘unsolved mysteries’ where you’re presented with 2 either/or options for what happened (wandered off/abducted by a local person of bad intent) but where the facts and emerging info don’t seem to fully match either narrative.


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