Are you a True Crime Rocket Scientist? Test Your Observation Skills on this Everest Summit Photo

Photographic staging and covering up goes hand in hand with the misdirection of staging a crime scene.

When it comes to doctored photos, there are two basic aspects to look at.

1. Is the image definitely altered? If so what has been altered, and how has it been altered? What hasn’t been altered?


2. The second aspect to figure out is why.

The image above has been doctored. There are a few obvious telltale clues that reveal these changes, as well as less obvious objects in the original that are the same in both photos. Look closely and carefully. Can you identify all the “mistakes” – the giveaways – in the doctored photo? Answer by leaving a comment below.


Why would this climber go to lengths to doctor this particular image in the first place? Think about it without context. What is the climber trying to prove? Where is he/she? Who is he/she? Why is it important to know the context? More context here.

Throughout history, photos have been doctored as a form of politics and propaganda.

Why is it historically so important to mislead the masses in these instances? More context here.

Which high-profile true crimes involve photo manipulation, or photos and video simply not being provided to law enforcement, or both? Which high-profile criminals are known to “play to the cameras”, or to be more accurate, paid for PR to “restore” their image?


A classic example of all of these is O.J. Simpson. Remember the ugly ass shoes that were supposedly worn at the crime scene by Nicole Brown’s killer, but not by O.J.? It’s through photos that they were linked to O.J. Remember how O.J.’s defense made his home appear blacker, for example by putting a painting of Rosa Park prominently in O.J.’s home for the benefit of the mostly black jury, when they visited his Rockingham home.

Meanwhile the media – TIME in particular – were rapped on the knuckles for deliberately trying to make OJ appear blacker than he really was. And then there was O.J. himself explaining away things like bloodied gloves and photos of bruises Nicole Brown had recorded of herself.

Listen to the clip below.

Probably the most elaborate cases of staging and misdirection are the Ramsey and McCann cases, and both also include the selective release and censoring of certain family photos.

There’s also a relationship, just as we see in the O.J. Simpson case, between the staging and pageantry we see in court, and the staging of the home/crime scene. In this the media, lawyers, PR folks and invariably the suspects themselves are active players and co-conspirators.

When all work together, the shadowy veil tends to distort reality. But when one area of the pageantry doesn’t fit, the whole veil can turn to dust.

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4 thoughts on “Are you a True Crime Rocket Scientist? Test Your Observation Skills on this Everest Summit Photo

  1. Before I take a stab at your question regarding the Everest photos I wanted to make mention of how staging a photograph was used in the feud between Dina and Jonah Shacknai – the photos she submitted to the Paradise police department. She’s holding up her arm as an indication that Jonah’s dog bit or scratched her and her face appears to be swollen and red, covered in scratches. However, although it paints a picture of physical cruelty at the hand of Jonah, in truth the red face is due to dermabraision plastic surgery – a technique that burns off skin defects and leaves a person with smoother skin or so I’ve heard. And the swollen lips might be due to lip enhancement treatments but together the effect makes her look more pitiful for the camera, and the police department.

    Also during the Civil trial O.J.’s defense tried to say the picture of Simpson in the Bruno Mali shoes on the cover of some gossip rag, was doctored. Yet as you mentioned, the same thing was done to Rockingham for the jurors on the home tour that never should have been allowed to happen.

    Okay – the Everest photos. If these two individuals want to give an impression they have made it to the top there would be more of those colored ribbons or flags or pieces of cloth as one gets to the top. I only see a little of it in picture one. None of it in picture two. In fact there have been comments that there is alot of shit up there on Everest – backpacks, pieces of tent, cloth, left behind and I don’t see any of it really in either picture. Both pictures are including the orange black and white flag, but only one has a few of those flags strung on a string and the other does not. Your Everest books are on my list to tackle at some point in the future, until then I know very little about it other than the movie I saw with James Brolin.


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