Confusion Continues in Nora Quoirin Case: Now claimed her body was found 600 meters from Resort

When True Crime Rocket Science started covering this case, one of the aspects that stood out as particularly strange was the lack of clarity about where precisely Nora’s body was actually found. The media seemed to assume it was near the Lata Berembum waterfall. But I suspected this was an error. Just because Nora was found near a waterfall didn’t mean it was found near the only waterfall mentioned on Google Maps.


One hopes the authorities will provide clarity in this area. Once again, providing the GPS co-ordinates is the way to do that. There is also additional information missing, such as precisely when the family checked into the hotel, and when the respective parents arrived in the country, and which airlines they used.

Fullscreen capture 20190820 185828

It also bears mentioning that at this point there is confusion about so many basic aspects:

  1. Did Nora sleep upstairs or downstairs?
  2. Did she sleep in her own room, alone, or with her siblings?
  3. Where exactly was her body found?
  4. What happened to Nora’s clothing? A search should continue for her clothing.
  5. Whose fingerprints were left on the window?
  6. Did Nora leave through the window or through the door?
  7. What are the results of the toxicology?
  8. Have Nora’s family, especially her siblings, been tested for sleeping pills as well?
  9. When will the family provide a proper statement to the authorities explaining their position re: an abduction.
  10. Is this a case of accidental death, negligence or is it a criminal case?

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3 thoughts on “Confusion Continues in Nora Quoirin Case: Now claimed her body was found 600 meters from Resort

  1. Nora died from gastrointestinal bleeding – presumed from starvation and stress (dehydration wasn’t mentioned). An article describing upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGI) explains that exposure to nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs play a role in 36% cases of death in children from UGI. Nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs would include indocin, ibuprofen, aspirin, and others. With the medical condition she had and the medications she was taking, did someone give her something she wasn’t supposed to have been given? Maybe on the plane?


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