6 thoughts on ““Expert analysis of Colorado dad accused of killing his wife and kids” – it’s been viewed over 1 million times. Do you agree with the expert?

  1. I remember this clip and watching it several times in the beginning and thinking it was a superficial analysis. I know what I saw on that porch. I saw a man who was glad his family was gone, and one who didn’t wish them to come walking through the door and was glad he would never be barrel rushed again. So when the former FBI profiler says all of these issues he had (she names three – financial, another woman, and the stresses of a pregnancy) could have been addressed in a more pro-social way I don’t know what that means. What is it to be more pro-social – not commit murder? So her analysis is a bit generic and vague. She also says Watts showed a sense of arrogance and ability to be persuasive when he is neither, makes me wonder how many murderers she has come into contact with, and analyzed. Isn’t that something a murderer would want to put forward – an ability to be persuasive, to sell your story, to avoid capture? So it’s not unique to Watts, no one who murders wants to be caught (but maybe some do of course) – but arrogant, no, I don’t get that at all.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all in the TCRS forum and our fearless leader.


  2. Someone pointed out a string of green beads hanging underneath one of the living room chairs – the chair with the printed fabric – in the Watts home. I went to Officer Coonrod’s bodycam footage and now I see it. It was still there when Chris’s defense team came to gather up things, then removed when Nate called an officer when he thought an intruder might have gotten into the Watts home. Doubt it has any relevance – just peculiar that I missed it. It could just be that the children were playing there while Shan’ann was away, and that Watts felt no need to pick up after them since no one would be around who cared after Aug. 13.


      • Oh my, Nick, I have never seen that video before and it has brought tears to my eyes! How much Sandy loved those children, how her unbridled love brought a smile from shy Bella … how fearless CeCe accepted the dreaded cheek squeeze with a joyous smile … I don’t know how easy or idyllic life is for any children since we all are born of flawed human beings. I agree that there was tension in that house that Bella for sure picked up on. Yet when I see glorious moments like this one, I am heartened to know that those children were truly loved and that they knew that in their sweet hearts.

        Many thanks for your dedication and happy Christmas to you and your family!


  3. I have read, and obviously me too asks why, not only this case, any serial killer with no conscious. English is not my language so bare with me. Imo when the police prods him, did your wife do something… he wants to talk to his dad, he know has gotten an idea in his head, that the police just give him. My wife killed the babies, so I killed her, I’m not the bad guy.
    If it hadn’t been for her fried calling then police right away, I wonder if he had been able to get away with. He is saying… wait, wait. Don’t call the police. He now panicks.. this isn’t going the way he planned. We learned that killing people, is hard work and to dispose of dead people too. Time goes fast, he has been running like a mad man, digging, killing, carrying. Now the police is at the door. Shoot. The wedding ring, He says look her ring is here… his plan was probably, to say we had an emotional convo, she took the kids, left her ring,…. that’s what he sorts of want to say in his first interview however it doesn’t make sense now. He was never able to get rid of her bag, etc. Then he learns that the neighbor has footage, and then he is oooh shoot.. he knows it’s falling apart. However I wonder if, he could have, a lot of people would have believed him. People seem to want to put the blame on the victim, mother, she was a pusher, a Money spender. He sought her out, and even after she in her own words, says I tried I am sick I am this, he still stood by me. Imo the reason she and his mom don’t get along, isn’t anything unusual, they both want to claim him. He was attracted by women like that. All the reasons mentioned. Money problems, sickness, are all stuff people go through yet they don’t kill their wives or children. Chris is googling stuff like when to say I love you, how does it feel when someone says I love you, he searched love songs and writes those in his cards. Why would he need to google those? Doesn’t he know how it feels when his gf tells him I love you ? I even says it felt to him he had it implanted that he had to kill his wife. I belief this is whay a psychopath is. We don’t recognize them. They know how to adapt, they are charming, often nice people, they learned that their devious thoughts weren t normal and kept it inside. I belief he always was off, and he knew it. Something indeed triggered him. The same way serial killers are triggered to do their fist killing, I personally do not belief he is sorry, if you can kill your daughter after she asked are you going to do the same.. or even the idea he is taking their dad mom, in the back of the trunk and buries her while the kids see that? That’s where he was himself and could be himself. That is who he is. The whole bible thing? In prison when you are religious you get to have more privileges and be around nicer people and have nicer beds etc. He is looking out for himself and fools all the people that somehow feel sorry for him, that I don’t understand, see I hear those words every day, to get you over. That’s all he can be now pretending to be some sort of victim in this. I am appalled by the victim blaming she made him do it really? One day this person was going to do what he did, he isn’t normal even though he looks the part, he has the same ‘feelings’ as any serial killer and Nicole should be happy it could have been her. And that’s why it is so hard, they are so good in pretending all is normal with them. Only perhaps the closest people to him might have know, something was off,


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