Shane Carey: Body Language and TCRS Analysis of Transcript

Fullscreen capture 20191218 154313

Tongue flick.

Looks down.

Speaks softly.

FEMALE REPORTER: Tell us um…basically…what happened.  [Tongue flick]. Is your like…your fiance? We just aren’t sure…?

CAREY: Yes, uh [looking in the middle distance, to his left]…it’s my fiance. Yes ma’am.

MALE PRODUCER: So Shane, can you just talk to your dad?

Fullscreen capture 20191218 154327

CAREY [Glancing up, smiling slightly, waves his hand]: Yeah. I look down when I talk. I’m sorry, I’m going look down the whole time, probably.


CAREY: Yeah. [Swallows].

FEMALE REPORTER: So just tell us about the day your fiance disappeared…um…

Carey closes his eyes.

Fullscreen capture 20191218 155416

FEMALE REPORTER: What kind of day was it? Was it a regular day?

CAREY [Opens his eyes]: It was uh….[looking down, heavy-lidded, into the middle distance]…

Fullscreen capture 20191218 160523

…it was just a basic [shakes his head slightly] Thursday [looks down]. Uh…we basically have a routine every day. I get up around uh 6am. [Scratches head]. And uh…[unintelligible] hits the snooze button…uh…couple of times…then I finally get up around 6.15. Drink some water. Uhm…[raises his right hand, looks down]…

Fullscreen capture 20191218 160431

At 0:55 Carey sighs heavily.

CAREY [Still looking down]: Wake the uh…kids…around 6:30. [Glances down and to his right]. Wake up Heidi, and Silas. Uhh… right before I leave…

And that’s 63 seconds.

CAREY: Ugghhh…[appears emotional]…[sighs]…ummm…so um, I once I got them up on Thursday, it was kinda a later morning. It was around 6:40 whenever I got ’em up. And uh…[appears to have his eyes totally closed]…cos it was Heidi’s first day to actually take [cocks his head to the left, purses his lips]…Margot [body rocks, eyes still closed, voice chokes up]…uh…[swallows hard]…by herself [drops head, heavily]…with uh…Silas….[clears throat]…so…[glances slightly up and to his right]…gave Heidi a kiss, the baby a kiss and um…Silas a kiss…

That’s 1 minute 38 seconds.

Fullscreen capture 20191218 161142

Fullscreen capture 20191218 161926

Fullscreen capture 20191218 162414






5 thoughts on “Shane Carey: Body Language and TCRS Analysis of Transcript

  1. So once again the so-called body language experts got it 100% wrong on youtube and the rest of the internet. You guys are so vested in someone’s guilt it seems that’s all that matters. As we all know now he had nothing to do with his girlfriend’s murder or his baby’s disappearance. Are you all going to make retractions and admit just how wrong you were? Probably not.


  2. Everything is connected. Had we not had Shane Carey’s videotaped interview to analyze and compare with Watts porch interview, then looked to see other similar mannerisms in body language pertaining to other crimes, we wouldn’t be able to solve crimes. Watts kept his eyes up and hoped he could talk his way out of a paper bag. Carey symbolically had a paperbag on his head, and kept his eyes down and averted. Watts wouldn’t cry, Carey could cry but what triggered his crying. In Carey’s case the friends played a big role in providing clues both about Carey and Broussard’s relationship, who their friends were, what was said and what seemed out of place. Same with Watts – neighbors, close friends, and a smart teenager came together to bring pressure on the suspect. It is the job of police officers and prosecutors and attorneys to be circumspect, but for those who are interested in true crime from the point of view of solving mysteries and learning about the criminal mind, everything is relevant and fair game and as Jeff Goldblum asks “what part” (was wrong).


  3. No, I don’t have anything from F as of now.

    Looking forward to the JonBenet kindlet! If it weren’t for you I would have kept swirling around and around in mystery – and also thank you James Kolar. There are still some loose ends though aren’t there. And why did John just this year release another picture of JonBenet. What kind of game is he playing.


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