#10 July 13th, 2018: Chris Watts checks Facebook #1yearagotodayCW

Unusually on July 13th – which was also Friday the 13th in 2018 – Watts called Shan’ann. Seven minutes later he called her a second time. Two hours later Watts logged into Facebook. We don’t know for sure, but it’s possible Watts had been alerted by his folks at this point that Shan’ann had blocked them on social media [or vice versa], and that Shan’ann had ranted about Nut Gate.

Fullscreen capture 20190708 110854-003Fullscreen capture 20190708 110909

When Watts returned from work he called Shan’ann, then called her back a few minutes later. In all Watts called Shan’ann four times that day and they spoke for a total of 25 minutes. These conversations were probably highly-charged, argumentative and aggressive.

Is this the “demon possession” Watts is referring to now from Dodge prison?

Fullscreen capture 20190711 124500

2 thoughts on “#10 July 13th, 2018: Chris Watts checks Facebook #1yearagotodayCW

  1. The only thing that explains Watts’ behavior is demonic possession. Or the lack of sleep can cause psychosis or both. Didn’t the cops see or hear ghosts in the house soon after the murder?


    • I think Watts behavior can be explained by years of being forced to play backup to Shan’Ann’s antics. Does it excuse his behavior? No, and I don’t think anybody is saying it does. It’s easy for us to say “just divorce her”, but it’s not that simple and hindsight is 20/20. When you’re stuck in the thick of it, it’s often very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Divorce also cost money, and Shan’Ann had ruined whatever good credit Chris had left. Hers was already trashed before they married, remember she couldn’t be on the mortgage and only was added later via quit claim deed (there was no second mortgage due to BP equity, and no refinance) later, which in itself is a risky and illegal thing to do. If Chase found out, they could call the entire note due within 30 days. They couldn’t afford that mortgage to begin with. If they did get a divorce, what then? She could never afford a house and 3 kids, the bank would never loan to her, she had no liquid assets and apartments require a credit check, background check and a couple grand upfront for first month, last month and security. Chris would be in a similar, but less bogged down boat as he had a job, but with no savings and child support (she’d get no alimony) he’d be up the creek without a paddle.

      As for ghosts and possession, I’ve seen the police video footage and I can’t see nor hear what some people are referring to. After the murders and Chris’s subsequent incarceration, a neighbor reported seeing someone on the property. The police responded, checked and cleared the house but nothing was found. There’s enough tangible issues in this case to keep one busy for quite a while, no supernatural force was needed here. I very much doubt demonic possession drove him to do this, but to each their own.


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