Family Dynamics #1: When the Quoirin Family went for a walk, did it look like this?

Sunset on August 3rd, 2019 was at exactly 19:27. Did the family have time after arriving at the hotel from the airport to go for a walk together? Is that when this last photo of Nora was taken? The media has reported that Nora was excited “about seeing” the waterfalls in the area. Does this mean she wanted to see them, or she was excited at the prospect of seeing them, and ultimately never did [on May 3rd?]

Simple question, right?

Here’s another simple question. Is this the last photo of Nora?

Fullscreen capture 20190822 042354

The photo above isn’t the last photo of Nora, it wasn’t even taken in Malaysia. It was taken in Ireland months before the trip to Malaysia. The photo above is from the same location as the one below, Glenevin Waterfall in Clonmany, County Donegal, Ireland.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



The image below of the Quoirin family going for a walk is from a holiday possibly in Bali, Indonesia several years prior to their holiday in Malaysia.

Fullscreen capture 20190822 014914

This raises a few questions. What is the last photo of Nora with her family? Were no photos taken during their first meal together in Malaysia? Were any photos taken at the airport or at the resort?

Why does it feel as if we’ve been misinformed, where a handout photo of Nora at a waterfall is being widely misinterpreted? Is by accident or by design?

6 thoughts on “Family Dynamics #1: When the Quoirin Family went for a walk, did it look like this?

  1. Statement from autopsy was “internal bleeding from a ruptured ulcer in her intestine ‘possibly’ caused by prolonged starvation and stress.” Was she already starving before she went into the forest? Might she have been malnourished? Sounds to me like you are on to something – that the ulcer was from a pre-existing condition.

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  2. Wow, so there isn’t a “last photo” of Nora, certainly not the one circulated in the media above. I wondered why she would be wearing a sweater in Malaysia when it was 87 degrees. Marketing strategy – last photo taken + smiling Nora + waterfall = excited to see waterfall in Malaysia last known photo in Malaysia of Nora at actual waterfall. Media ran with it.


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