2 thoughts on ““Hypnotized” Chris Watts Turns on Nichol in 5-Page Letter – But Says He Still Loves Her

  1. (I keep forgetting that you have a site!)
    Watts is a fairly decent writer if this him. He’s still vague and deflective. We all know that he was under a lust spell with Kessinger. The stones connection is stupid. Kessinger has a degree in geology, of course she’d enjoy stone. Plus, it’s common for New Age types to claim all kinds of stuff. I have more stones than I can count. Never have I used them for dark energy. 🙄
    I personally think Kessinger was giving the “get yourself single or I’m out” speech during that 111 minute call. According to his movement tracker on both of his phones he was busy. It would explain Kessinger’ evasiveness and hesitancy speaking with LE. In some instances there is culpability when pushing someone to commit crime.


  2. It’s obvious he’s trying to mitigate the heinousness of his crime in his own head, because honestly, what human being could admit to themselves that they did such a thing? But ‘Nikki and Jim Voodoo’? Give me a break. Sure, blame it on the evil temptress and her ‘stones’. He should probably start with that garbage he was taking, Thrive, lack of sleep, and the sudden overwhelming realization that his marriage sucked balls.


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