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20190813AZ10Fullscreen capture 20190814 211231Fullscreen capture 20190814 213522A helicopter from the Malaysian Police Air Wing Unit, equipped with a surveillance thermal imaging camera, participates in a search and rescue operation for 15-year-old Irish girl Nora Anne Quoirin who went missing from a resort in Seremban.

This is the moment Nora Quoirin’s Body was winched out of the Malaysian Jungle

British teenager Nora Quoirin found dead in Malaysia - 15 Aug 2019MISI KEHILANGAN NORA ANNE QUARIRINAFP-1JE36B1565563242_208_Fears-grow-for-missing-15-year-old-Nora-Quoirin-after-it-appearsBritish teenager Nora Quoirin missing in Malaysia - 10 Aug 2019British teenager Nora Quoirin missing in Malaysia - 10 Aug 2019

000_1JI31JFullscreen capture 20190831 114922

Missing Irish girl: Family incensed at media’s overture – Malaysia Gazette

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Fullscreen capture 20190831 101911Fullscreen capture 20190831 104348Fullscreen capture 20190831 104854Fullscreen capture 20190831 104938Fullscreen capture 20190831 104945Fullscreen capture 20190831 104952Fullscreen capture 20190831 143726Fullscreen capture 20190831 104955Fullscreen capture 20190831 104958Fullscreen capture 20190831 105009Fullscreen capture 20190831 105012Fullscreen capture 20190831 105014Fullscreen capture 20190831 105024Fullscreen capture 20190831 105122Fullscreen capture 20190831 120023Fullscreen capture 20190831 120038Fullscreen capture 20190831 120111Search for Nora Quoirin from London, who is currently missing in MalaysiaPRI_79475021NS06_140819_HTJ_BN201908127808_3quoSora-HousethumbnailNSTPyq-noraquoirin-060820190_Seach-for-Nora-Quoirin-from-London-who-is-currently-missing-in-Malaysia-Seremban-06-Aug-2019Fullscreen capture 20190829 144008Fullscreen capture 20190829 150705Fullscreen capture 20190830 005104-001Fullscreen capture 20190830 010829Fullscreen capture 20190830 011500Fullscreen capture 20190830 084705Fullscreen capture 20190830 094509Fullscreen capture 20190830 113930Fullscreen capture 20190831 10195067825095_10219515684179888_3351041738989895680_n67874450_1541561235997574_8785841373359112192_n67901380_10215161790293188_1114889603560505344_n67983222_518384285603050_7416960013937147904_n68243515_1541561399330891_6650243420285566976_n68248434_518384452269700_6095905915674820608_n68269393_518384558936356_727723483219361792_n68392088_10219515062684351_5767171682934456320_n68394797_10214493675192099_6341042595728195584_n68446724_1020921081448816_4121587085532463104_o68752568_10214493673312052_3194561172565131264_n68888895_10214493673512057_3810092894467915776_n69084109_10206165990184322_2403292097718255616_n68489088_2596448407074157_1766575690146119680_n69256615_10214493672792039_7051211237643780096_n

Fullscreen capture 20190822 013034Fullscreen capture 20190822 014651Fullscreen capture 20190823 124428Fullscreen capture 20190824 031417Fullscreen capture 20190824 033316Fullscreen capture 20190824 041143Fullscreen capture 20190824 041225Fullscreen capture 20190824 041315Fullscreen capture 20190824 041325Fullscreen capture 20190824 041340Fullscreen capture 20190824 041357Fullscreen capture 20190824 041416Fullscreen capture 20190824 041511Fullscreen capture 20190824 041526Fullscreen capture 20190824 041712Fullscreen capture 20190824 041936Fullscreen capture 20190824 041958Fullscreen capture 20190824 042031

68410180_10214328723323033_6643211635404046336_n68537736_2532820407003741_2989732859368964096_n16873078-7319673-image-a-95_1564928455611Fullscreen capture 20190824 042242Fullscreen capture 20190824 042309Fullscreen capture 20190824 042324Fullscreen capture 20190824 042328Fullscreen capture 20190824 042338Fullscreen capture 20190824 042353Fullscreen capture 20190824 042402Fullscreen capture 20190824 042414Fullscreen capture 20190824 042456Fullscreen capture 20190824 042519Fullscreen capture 20190824 042538Fullscreen capture 20190824 042550Fullscreen capture 20190824 04255769284352_2355000347902785_3591410154941186048_nFullscreen capture 20190824 042702Fullscreen capture 20190824 042747Fullscreen capture 20190824 042937Fullscreen capture 20190824 043338Fullscreen capture 20190824 043350Fullscreen capture 20190824 043417Fullscreen capture 20190824 043513Fullscreen capture 20190824 043517Fullscreen capture 20190824 052233Fullscreen capture 20190824 053020Fullscreen capture 20190824 053056Fullscreen capture 20190824 063113Fullscreen capture 20190824 065322Fullscreen capture 20190824 065434Fullscreen capture 20190824 065557Fullscreen capture 20190824 071559Fullscreen capture 20190824 072930Fullscreen capture 20190824 213234Fullscreen capture 20190824 214958Fullscreen capture 20190821 235142

Fullscreen capture 20190821 235834

Fullscreen capture 20190821 235020Fullscreen capture 20190821 234958Fullscreen capture 20190821 234640

Fullscreen capture 20190822 012952

2 thoughts on “Media [Updated]

  1. It’s so mixed up in the media. It’s a door that’s wide open, no it’s the window in the upstairs bedroom, no it’s the window downstairs. She was clad only in underwear, no she was nude, no she had on nightwear. Father sounded the alarm at 7, no 8 no 8:30, no 7 hours later. But I do think checking on Nora and finding her missing is more like they checked on her after the siblings said she wasn’t there so the checking happened after, not before if that makes any sense. If she was sleeping upstairs with the siblings then they would of course notice she wasn’t there, tell dad, then he checked. It all sounds like a Grimm fairy tale – getting lost in the woods, and I can’t imagine the terror she must have felt, alone, hungry, and lost.


  2. Another confusion is her photo. Which is the latest photo? The skinny Nora or the chubby Nora pictured with her mother? If she went from chubby to skinny, she could be ill.


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