What time did the Quoirin’s arrive at the airport in Kuala Lumpur? What time did they check-in to The Dusun Resort?

This reference in The Asean Post is the only one that refers to a specific check-in time at The Dusun Resort. 07:00 seems very early. Wasn’t it 7pm?

Fullscreen capture 20190822 182721

The same article also refers to Nora going to sleep upstairs “presumably in her own room”. Quite a cavalier approach to important facts.

Fullscreen capture 20190822 195307

Some of the earliest flights to Kuala Lumpur from London on a Saturday arrive at 14:15.

Fullscreen capture 20190820 161956

The earliest arrival times for flights from both London and Sydney into Kuala Lampur were at 07:15 and 05:00, 06:00 and 08:00 respectively.  The first of these times calls into question the simultaneous check-in at 07:00 at The Dusun Resort. If the family did arrive early in the morning on Saturday, what did they do for the rest of that first day? Did they take any photos?

It will be good to get clarity on these questions as well.

Fullscreen capture 20190822 062611Fullscreen capture 20190822 062932

15 thoughts on “What time did the Quoirin’s arrive at the airport in Kuala Lumpur? What time did they check-in to The Dusun Resort?

  1. I thought upstairs was two double beds in an open space, so how was she in her own bedroom? Also, if she was left to sleep longer than others upstairs, weren’t they all then downstairs, so would have seen her leave? Or they left the dwelling and left her there alone, and therefore didn’t see her leave? It makes no sense to be so vague on the facts if they truely want to understand how events unfolded for Nora.


    • Upstairs are 3 beds. 1 double bed in a private suite, and two beds in an open plan space. Those 2 beds don’t appear to be double beds. They’re also bigger than single beds. The description of the unit of the official website lists sleeping capacity for 5. The way I read it, 2 in the double bed, one in each of the single beds, and 1 in the bed downstairs.


  2. Nick – I think it might be 1 less bed than that. There’s the double bed downstairs (referred to as master bedroom in link below). And there’s the open space upstairs with a small double and a single. I don’t think there is a further double bed in a private suite upstairs. So if link below is correct there was literally 5 sleeping spaces for 5 people – so long as 2 people shared each double bed. So IF Nora was sleeping downstairs, someone must have had to share bed with her.



    • You’re right.

      This image looks like a double bed in one picture and a single in another. But it’s the same bed, same room, downstairs:

      This is the larger of the upstairs beds:

      And this is the single:


  3. That’s what the picture looked like on the next page. Two beds up, one down. They said she was sleeping upstairs – that means she was sharing a bed with one of the siblings? If that’s the case how could whomever she was sharing a bed with not know she left the bed? If there were more than three beds (essentially then 3 bed rooms) the pictures don’t show it.

    This is far worse – that she was sleeping upstairs and had to go down the spiral staircase, in the dark. Now it’s possible they put her on the sofa downstairs, but that’s not what they said, and what little we see of the sofa it looks undisturbed.

    I don’t see her going out that window now. It’s so illogical to have had her go down the stairs, climb up and over the window ledge and down, with no one hearing anything. But there is a way to check that – look to see if her finger prints were anywhere around the window, or her bare foot prints on the tile floor leading up to the window and outside the window. What about the tracking dogs? Couldn’t they trace her scent leaving from the window?


  4. Looks to be a futon upstairs – folded up with extra pillows against the wall. Might be just extra blankets, but then again it could be a futon bed – so that three people – kids, can sleep upstairs.


    • If you look at the “single” bed, it looks like one can pull out a wooden “drawer” and perhaps use that as a platform for what might be a white folded mattress below the pillows. It could also be a duvet/comforter folded over. But why not just use the double bed?

      The room downstairs also seems to have a pile of blankets/possibly a mattress stacked against the wall. But why is it stacked up if it was supposed to be used?

      Just looking at the configuration of pillows and the number of suitcases, the double bed upstairs appears to have had 1 sleeper in it.

      No signs of a third matress/sleeper upstairs.


  5. Even if it is a futon it’s not there on the pics Nick has published on photos of the bedroom as lived in by the family and released by Malaysian authorities. The picture above is a promotional pic from booking websites showing the room tidy and uninhabited.


    • personally, i think she would break her neck going down that spiral staircase in the dark, especially with her disabilities..equally, if someone abducting her was dragging her down that staircase, they would have made a hell of a noise as it it is barely wide enough for 1 person..either way, it does not add up… what adds up, is simply her being left on her own downstairs, waking up, mistaking the window for a door (its tall enough to look like a door), them forgetting to close it, she is out..them lot asleep upstairs with the help of sleeping tablets, so may not hear her..that is if she did leave by herself..abduction – i seriously doubt it..the parents – hmmm..just too awful to contemplate such scenario..however, i do think they know more than they say..


  6. Ps see what you mean about possible pullout platform but as staircase is directly to left of single bed (as you look at the photos) it would mean the bed edge of a pullout would be dangerously close to the stairs and would also block anyone else in the room from getting out of bed and down the stairs. I think that platform is just a sort of step/bedside table ?


  7. The step beside the single bed looks like it leads to a darkened area at a higher level behind the head of the bed. Appears to be a chair or similar tucked in under where ceiling slopes down. Maybe a luggage storage area?


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