6 thoughts on ““Can we get a little emotional? Can we think about who we are, what we feel, and why we should share that?” – Meabh Quoirin, TEDx Bristol 2015

  1. Artificial emotional intelligence? Is that where we’re headed now as a society? Being able to manipulate ourselves and others by buying their programs while navigating through social media and job searches? I couldn’t watch too much of this. But this is where we are at – or where psychology thinks it’s at, going from Alpert/Ram Dass, to Alan Watts, Esalen and the human potential movement, to transformational thinking, then self-help gurus like Guy Finley – and now this, I guess. It does seem to go hand in hand with the multi level marketing direct sales companies. But it’s also not a new idea. It has it’s roots in several art, philosophical and architectural movements such as Suprematism – a world in which nothing is real except feeling and Constructivism – creating a construct of reality and studying that as reality, the new construct is the reality. But back to Meahb Quoirin, when she spoke to the volunteers searching for her daughter was she employing skills from her futuristic training – artificial emotional intelligence? Was she acting?


  2. There’s something else here that is worth considering. If the mother travels extensively for business, giving talks and lectures who is Nora’s primary caregiver? The father? She had special needs. Someone needed to be with her full time. The mother arrives to the vacation spot with Nora, the father arrives with the other children. Someone took their eyes off Nora that night. Was mother and father in need of a vacation after caring for Nora’s needs day in and day out and was one parent over the other supposed to be watching out for Nora but neglected their duties this one time thinking the other was in charge? Could Nora’s needs have driven a wedge between this couple, which is why you don’t see much affection between the two – similar to the Ramsey’s on day one of their daughter’s “kidnapping” – both keeping their distance from each other, showing no affection for the other, because one or the other dropped the ball in keeping JonBenet safe from a known threat. Completely different from Nora’s known threat but all the same, someone dropped the ball.


  3. That they are people of a professional class that are used to managing the communications and leading the narrative and message that goes out. Which doesn’t in itself denote wrong doing or covering up of course. But having that skill set and authority has been a factor in a couple of other cases.


  4. The father was put in charge of transporting all three, one with special needs – was he assigned the more submissive caregiver role in the family? The mother was the powerhouse, the father the nurturer?


  5. Wasn’t it detailed that Nora’s flight, for her, was rough? Might he have had to sedate her for part of the trip – easier for her, easier for him. When they arrive she is already thrown off her routine both in terms of a different time zone and her medication schedule. If I’m going to abandon the wandering off theory, I still need more to go on. I don’t follow reddit, or websleuths or any of the other sites for information, I’m relying on you and what little I see in the media. But I do know that the media likes to consider a case closed, and move on to another one. Thanks for bringing us a new case.


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