The Cover of “Letters from Christopher”

Fullscreen capture 20190919 224954Author Cheryln Cadle decided that, after a calling from God, she would write to Chris and ask him if she could write a book about his story. Surprisingly, he wrote back.

After a few back-and-forth letters, Chris sent the paperwork to Cheryln to be put on the visitors’ list. She then visited him and they talked about her writing a book. After visiting him, he told Cheryln he wanted to tell her his confessions in writing because he felt their conversations were being recorded. He has revealed things to her that no one else knows, not even the FBI. Some of these details will be completely shocking for you to hear.

Letters from Christopher is a true crime story with important information to put the pieces of the puzzle together for inquiring minds. Read herein the completely truthful account of what happened to Shanann, Bella, Celeste, and Nico Watts.

Source: Dorrance Publishing

6 thoughts on “The Cover of “Letters from Christopher”

  1. This is the worst news I’ve heard since Lifetime announced releasing an equal parts sanitized and dramatized film about this case. I hope they settle his estate before he gets any proceeds from this, or that the Son of Sam laws apply.


  2. Watts has chosen the coward’s way out too. By submitting his story in the form of a letter to the author he doesn’t have to be questioned. He thinks since he has become a born again Christian that the perception of him and what he did has changed because now it’s about forgiveness. Tex Watson did the same thing in prison. For a few years he was “ministering” to other inmates in prison and essentially recruiting – until Doris Tate put an end to his little game.


  3. I just have to say to everyone who thinks Watts is a liar. Everything he says is a lie. He’ll not tell the truth in this book. Yes, he has lied. We all know that, but especially to the ones that follow crime rocket and have read the books or even if you haven’t, you just have to have an open mind and ask yourself if what he is saying makes sense. Does it ring true with all that we now know?


  4. He’s playing to his other face, going by the name Christopher. The earnest young man who leaned over the car engine and fixed the carburetor. The soft spoken mechanic who played sports and had no girlfriends. The boy who writes letters to his mother from prison and signs them Christopher. He’s writing his memoirs from jail and he hopes in time, he can erase the other side of him, the one who cheated and murdered his whole family. If “Letters From Christopher” becomes a best seller, there could be sequels and film offers. The money would go to his mother of course, as he is not allowed to profit from his misdeeds.


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