If Nora Quoirin could tell us what happened, it would probably sound something like this…

What does it feel like to be the person lost, and alone, for days, then weeks on end? Rita Chretien was stranded for 47 days, and survived. This is her story.

Missing Canadian tourist Rita Chretien found alive in Nevada – The Guardian

Rita Chretien back in Canada – CBC

Seven weeks in wilderness: Rita Chretien recalls her nightmare – The Globe and Mail

Rita Chretien says she was ready to die – Global News

‘Please help. Stuck. Al went to get help’: Handwritten notes left by woman found alive after seven weeks lost in wilderness – Daily Mail

Missing Canadian walked 9 miles before collapsing – Elko Daily

Rita Chretien, who was 56 at the time, was on the verge of starvation when antler hunters riding ATVs spotted the couple’s van. She survived the nearly seven-week ordeal on trail mix, hard candy and melted snow.

Albert Chretien’s remains were found west of his stranded vehicle and on the north side of Merritt Mountain, Elko County Sheriff’s detective Dennis Journigan said. Even though he was only 100 yards off the highway, the hike from the van would’ve been incredibly strenuous in 10 feet of snow, Journigan said.




4 thoughts on “If Nora Quoirin could tell us what happened, it would probably sound something like this…

  1. Who would not be moved by this story. Getting lost is nothing to laugh about. It’s frightening, you don’t know whether going ahead will get you out of it or deeper into it. And poor dear Nora would have been terrified, probably just walking in circles, not able to get her bearings at all and not having any kind of shelter to rest in. It would have behooved her family to have started the professional search for her sooner rather than later.


  2. One thing I keep wondering about which will be known from the pm but hasn’t been said to my knowledge. What state were her feet in when found ? I.e. Were they consistent with unaccustomed bare footed walking around very rough terrain with biting insects etc for a week? There’s been mention of her legs being a bit scratched/bruised but surely feet would have been most affected. And that would fit with her ‘moving around’ and therefore being found in a place already searched. But no one has said.


    • I was wondering about that also, no insect repellant or sunblock (not sure if the area is covered or exposed to the sun), with fair skin would surely have so many bites, and with no cream or anything to treat them. Surely couldn’t wander day and night and would therefore rest/lie on the ground at some point and get further insects bites. Wandering & being amongst in bush with little on, also possible skin reaction to plants etc. The people searching all had sturdy footwear on and they found it tricky so unaccustomed feet in that terrain would take it’s toll.

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