The Dusun Resort: Warning to visitors

On the road to The Dusun Resort a white sign warns visitors about hazardous water, lack of safety and an ongoing conflict with the locals.

Fullscreen capture 20190823 175540

Some reviews on TripAdviser complain of a leery resort manager, food poisoning, a mouldy extra bed in the Sora unit and lousy upkeep of the premises.

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2 thoughts on “The Dusun Resort: Warning to visitors

  1. I find it very surprising that Nora’s family would take her to such a place as it really was not suitable for her. I saw a video of her and her movements were jerky, awkward and seemingly quite uncoordinated and yet besides the living quarters they were in having a spiral staircase, the whole resort was steps and wooden walkways which would obviously get slippery with being in a tropical rainforest. I looked on the website for the Dusun and in the FAQ’s ;
    Q-“Is the Dusun wheelchair friendly?
    A-Unfortunately, no. We are on a hill and there are many steps between all the different areas.”
    Now I’m a partial user of a wheelchair but that would ring alarm bells to me. I can get around my home ok, but going adventuring would be a no-go. I imagine that Nóra would need to be held by her parents in such an unsafe environment. I feel a suspicion toward them for going there with her. It’s evident she is usually in residential school in London so they could have easily travelled to experience such a place without her. I am sure there is much more to this story


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