What would be your #1 Soundtrack for a dramatic movie on the Chris Watts Case?

I’ve heard this on some channels…

It’s cerebral, but perhaps too sentimental – too pleasant – for what really happened, don’t you think?

While driving this made me think of the affair…

The music starting at 1:09 speaks to the sort of impending, inevitable disaster that I feel when I think, research and write about the Watts case…

Let’s hear it. What music do you associate with the Watts case?

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Guest Post: “Watts categorically declined to absolve Kessinger at this time”

The text below was sent to CrimeRocket by a spokesperson who has [had?] regular contact with Chris Watts, and often liaises with the Watts family. The message below is unedited, and does not necessarily represent the views of CrimeRocket.

In light of the recent book release of ‘Letters from Christopher,’  I’m feeling compelled to point out the not-so-hidden agenda of the author and her subject, because I was absolutely horrified by the constant victim-blaming that I saw scattered throughout the pages of this book.

I’ve heard it said that, “The more subtle you are at hiding your plot points, the better you are as a writer.” Maybe Cherlyn Cadle has heard this as well, however Cadle may be many things, but subtle isn’t one of them.

In the book, Cadle went to great lengths to point out how Shan’ann Watts emasculated Christopher Watts at every turn. Bits and pieces detailing a story of a domineering wife and a weak man are littered throughout. But I’m going to save that particular discussion for another time.

The topic I’m more interested in at this moment is the dynamic of the independent single woman and the craven man who pursued her. Well, that’s how I see it anyways. However, Cadle and Watts would ‘subtly’ (see ‘train wreck,’ see ‘shipwreck’) have you believe that Nicole Kessinger, who entered into an affair with Watts just six weeks before his family was brutally murdered and she was subsequently discarded, was a major reason Watts murdered his family. Kessinger is portrayed as a modern day Jezebel in this book, what with her seamy taste for practicing yoga and her unhealthy interest in healing stones. And to be clear, that implication was actually about as blatant as it gets.

Watts and Cadle even included a Bible passage describing a woman who goes to great lengths to seduce a poor innocent man into being physical with her. Then Cadle attempted to drive their point home about Kessinger by saying, “She lured him with lewd sex and nude pictures.” No mention whatsoever was made of the lewd pics that Watts was also sending to Kessinger or the love notes he wrote to her; nothing about the fact that Watts told her he was separated from his wife; nothing about the fact that the lewdest aspects of the sex were at Chris’s insistence. But I digress …

A beautiful, well-educated, and driven woman made a mistake when she became involved with a married man she had been led to believe was separated from his wife. It’s a tale as old as time. However, that does not make her to blame for the actions of a monster. She shouldn’t have to live her life feeling like she was the instigator, or at least the catalyst, of someone else’s heinous crimes. She’s merely guilty of falling, innocently, for the toxic and narcissistic Christopher Watts.

Watts and Cadle’s attempt to shift blame onto the women in Watts’s life is startling. While they both admit that the murders were committed by Watts alone, they are heavily attempting to shift the blame and the build-up to the murders on anyone other than Watts, preferably any woman, preferably several women.

One question that people always ask repeatedly is, “WHY did this happen?” and we were told repeatedly in advance by Cadle that the answers would be in this book. But I saw no answers here, only conjecture, victim-blaming, and ever larger doses of misogyny.

I reached out to Christopher Watts in an attempt to help clear up some of the accusations made about Kessinger in this book, yet Watts categorically declined to absolve Kessinger at this time, insisting instead upon releasing his own statement, in his own words, according to his own agenda, no doubt in another book.

All I can say to that is, after ‘Letters from Christopher,’ one thing is certain: most of us are appalled at the thought of reading another one of Chris’s cringe-worthy letters. There was hardly enough water in the world to shower ourselves clean after the last lot.

Guest Post: “They know he’s guilty…[but] she’s out there telling people they STILL believe in his innocence”

The Dr Oz interview with Letters from Christopher author was supposed to air on Tuesday, October 15th, a week after the book was released. Is the reason the Dr Oz interview with Cheryln Cadle was moved to November because the Daily Mail still has exclusivity over their interview, as per some prior arrangement?

Fullscreen capture 20191017 082438

In the video exclusive from the Daily Mail Cheryln Cadle says:

“I believe Cindy Watts hated Shan’ann so much…that she can’t get past the fact that…thinking that Shan’ann…killed her own daughters.” 

More details from our interview with Chris Watts’ pen pal – Daily Mail

According to a spokesperson for the Watts family, this impression floating around in the court of public opinion isn’t entirely accurate.

They’re not comfortable with Cherlyn’s book or her interviews. They went through a lot trying to come to terms with Chris’s guilt. They know he’s guilty, but it was a journey. She’s out there telling people that they STILL believe in his innocence. That’s simply not true. She fed them all these lines for a long time about the possibility of Chris’s innocence, others being involved and demonic possession. Also, she couldn’t get basic facts straight in this book. She got Cece’s age wrong and age difference between Chris and his sister. If you consider that she couldn’t even get that right, what is else did she get wrong?

Guest Post: More Details on the Oxy in the Watts Home

TCRS contacted a source close to the family requesting additional information on the Oxy in the basement. This question was passed on to Watts and this was his response.


Chris doesn’t remember the exact date, but the oxy search was done before his visit to North Carolina. They (Chris and Shanann had expired medications all throughout the bins down in the basement to include the pain killers).

Shanann [was] into couponing and would get good deals on medication so in those bins downstairs they had both prescription and over-the-counter medication. That’s why there’s so much of it.

They also had them in the medicine cabinet. He is unclear about which he used, but we assume he could’ve scraped up whatever he found. He then crushed them and put them in her thrive balance pills and already had them made and ready to give to her in Colorado. He gave it to her in North Carolina.

He’s saying he only gave it to her once in North Carolina when he had first arrived. He has only ever told any of us that it was once. Giving it to her twice as he stated in that letter was news to us. He currently maintains that he only did it once. So confusing and terribly frustrating to have these conflicting accounts. I did speak with XXXXXX by phone just before I emailed you to make sure I’ve understood it just right. 

Also, he’s going to be reading the book soon and going through it to separate fact from lies.