#3 July 6th, 2018: Sort out the Vivint sensor BEFORE I FLIP, plus pizza in Spring Lake #1yearagotodayCW

On July 6th we get a peek at the sort of day-to-day chores they’re discussing. One of the things on Shan’ann’s mind is the dodgy security sensor at the garage door. Clearly this ongoing issue had gone from aggravating Shan’ann to infuriating her.

It’s possible, even likely, that Watts purposefully damaged the sensor, or wanted it to remain “on the blink”, so that he could explain why the security system wasn’t picking up his movements. [Remember, he was spending a lot of time, almost every night at Kessinger. So how did Shan’ann not know this? Either she wasn’t getting the Vivint alerts to begin with, or she wasn’t being alerted because of an intentionally ‘erratic’ sensor’].

If Watts was deliberately frustrating Shan’ann’s efforts to track his movements into and out of the house, and getting away with it, Watts may have developed the confidence that he could pull the wool over everyone else’s eyes – in a more serious scenario if it came to that.

Fullscreen capture 20190705 220945-001

On July 6th Shan’ann calls Watts four times and Watts called her three times. Total chatting time on the 6th: approximately half an hour. The tone of Shan’ann’s ALL CAPS “BEFORE I FLIP” suggests she was shouting at him while giving him orders from North Carolina. Exactly a month later she would experience him as a different man: non-communicative, disassociated and cold.

Fullscreen capture 20190705 222217

In the above photo from Shan’ann’s Facebook page, her smile looks slightly forced. We also get a glimpse of what sort of food she feels is appropriate for her children [as opposed to icecream with nuts].

It’s likely Shan’ann bought pizza on her way to or from her in-laws home in Vass Road. There’s a pizzeria just around the corner.

Fullscreen capture 20190706 160459

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