9 thoughts on “These are the first pictures released by the Malaysian Authorities of the Inside of the Quoirin’s Hotel Accomodation

  1. 2 things are not clear, judging by the pictures of the villa and the gates at the entrance – is the bedroom downstairs where the kitchen is, and where the window through which Nora, allegedly exited, is it on the ground level? because it does not look like it looking at the whole villa from the distance? if not, then she would have fallen out of the said window. And the gates with a bit of a fence at the entrance – is the whole perimeter where villas are fenced, or is it just where the cars can enter? because if the whole area is fenced – then how could Nora end up in the jungle? I think the input from people who actually stayed there is needed to clarify this.


      • Yep, I saw that – gave them the benefit of the doubt though, they could be a pack of playing cards. Also no signs of a camera, but a laptop and cell phone, cell phones can take pictures. Looks like water was in the wine glass. No signs of eating a meal.


    • You can read all about this house via Trip Advisor. The whole resort is built on the hillside and within the jungle area, although it has been cleared for houses for the resort and a few scattered neighbours who are at war with the Dusun over water rights etc!

      So when you say is the kitchen window on ground floor level…as far as the house is concerned then yes it is. The house is on the hill so from the open aspect in the lounge and out onto the balcony, which could never be closed to the elements (weird I know) there is a drop, so Nora didn’t leave via that way unless someone threw her down over the balcony. Far more likely she left via the kitchen window and somebody took her out that way. It is slightly raised above ground level but not by that much.

      On the gate into the resort and boundary fences, that is the way in and out. Just outside of the gate is a warning to the resort residents about the problems in the neighbourhood and it is a bit off putting.

      The jungle was surrounding the whole of the resort but when they were searching for Nora the area of jungle down to the waterfall is public and not owned by the resort. How a teenager with the problems Nora had could get herself all that way down through the jungle to the waterfall and not be seen by those searching is beyond me. There are also a lot of nasty creatures in the jungle…snakes of many varieties, constrictors and venomous snakes and giant red ants and scorpions and yet Nora wasn’t bitten? I don’t believe it. She was being kept somewhere else and then returned to the the waterfall after she died….I believe!


      • Well now Nick, that ought to be up to the police to determine, but will they?

        In keeping with Madeleine’s case the chances are better than good it’ll be people within the resort….workers in the area.


  2. I find it strange they’d take their daughter somewhere that is practically inaccessible to her when it was meant to be a family holiday. I don’t know who else saw the video before she was found whereby she was with her mother and she really didn’t walk well. Really jerky, uncoordinated movements and I imagine she would need to have her parents holding her arms when walking anywhere not flat and smooth. The Dusun is not wheelchair friendly and although she wasn’t a whchr user afaik, the Dusun was full of steps and wooden walkways which would all be wet given it’s in a tropical rainforest. The buildings themselves are on stilts as they jut out from the hillsides. As Nóra attends a residential school in London, you would think that loving parents would take their child somewhere suitable where they’d thoroughly enjoy it, instead of two weeks in an isolated hippy commune. If the other children didn’t want to do the things which would have suited Nóra, If I had been their parent I’d say “we have one week whereby Nóra can enjoy herself” and then one week for you two, at such a time one parent would either return home to care for Nóra or they’d all carry on to the second destination, perhaps meeting with a family member who could’ve returned to either France, Ireland or London (I’ve not worked it out yet) and given Nóra one to one whilst her other siblings have one on one with their parents. I think the parents have behaved selfishly to travel to the Dusun for two whole weeks! It doesn’t make sense to me and her beady eyed father gives me the heebiegeebies!
    I have a strange feeling Nóra didn’t even go to bed that night but left the property with someone close to her, who happened to have reported her missing at 8am.


    • Right on Kermit. There’s also a look to the house that they weren’t in it long before the alarm was sounded. Nothing unpacked, no food prepared, and really no picture of exactly where Nora slept. I would expect to see medications unpacked as well – why are there no shots of the bathroom to show preparations for going to bed – a shower, a toothbrush, bathrobe, slippers, etc.

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