#17 July 20th, 2018: Sexting on Snapchat? #1yearagotodayCW

July 20th was the first time Watts logged onto Snapchat, as far as we know. Snapchat started off as a sexting app; it’s primarily used to share photos and videos which disappear shortly after they’ve been seen. Given Nichol Kessinger’s numerous selfies, there’s reason to believe she used the app, and that’s why Watts was on it at 02:00 on a Friday morning.

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By Friday afternoon Watts was ready to start wining and dining his mistress, and started Googling healthy eateries, breweries, gyms, and tickets for Brandimere Speedway.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 232141-001Fullscreen capture 20190720 134934

At 18:12 Watts transferred a tranche of images of Kessinger into his Secret Calculator app. This gives some reinforcement to the notion that at 02:00 she may have been sharing private photos on Snapchat with him.

When Watts refers to being “addicted” to Kessinger, and her having a leash on him, it seems to be in the sexual area, above all.

Fullscreen capture 20190716 152829.jpg

The lack of data between 02:00 and 17:00, including zero contact with or from Shan’ann, may indicate an argument, or that some critical data was removed on July 20th.

We know that Watts made contact with Cristina Meacham to do a Thrive spiel. It’s interesting that he did it with her and not with Shan’ann. But this spiel had to have been brokered by Shan’ann.

In any event, the next day Shan’ann would show the first obvious signs of networking with Thrivers in North Carolina, this after more than four weeks away from Colorado.

Note Frank Rzucek’s comment above:

I love her cute/evil laugh. Silly little shit lol.

1 year later, conspicuously absent from commenting on these images are Chris Watts and his parents. It’s unlikely any of the Watts family were involved in Shan’ann’s social media at this point, which shows the schism was already brewing on social media several weeks before the murders. It’s also abundantly clear Watts was looking at and even hoarding digital images throughout this period, just not of his wife and daughters.

3 thoughts on “#17 July 20th, 2018: Sexting on Snapchat? #1yearagotodayCW

  1. That’s a very odd way to refer to a child, no? Maybe it’s just me. Cece, from all accounts, seems to be ill behaved and a bit rambunctious. Online it says her birthday was July 17th, 2015, so she’d just turned 3. “Nutgate” occurred on July 9th, so she’d be 3 in exactly a week. I find it odd Shannan referred to her as a 2 year old online, especially considering she was a week away from being 3. Perhaps to garner more sympathy? Most parents would’ve just said “my 3 year old”.


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