3 thoughts on “YouTubers Dig for Dirt – Some Hits, Some Misses

  1. FYI Just realized the PLUNDER YouTube account has been terminated. Regardless of whatever bias it may have had, it was still a good resource for all of SW’s videos, etc.


    • This is the second time now that “Plunder” has been shut down, largely because of copyright claims. Youtube is cracking down and it seems they only are allowing news stations to keep up certain things like big news stories and the like. The first time it was removed there was (and still is) gossip about Chris’s sister being behind the channel but that’s unsubstantiated. It only came about because MLM huns were saying it painted Shan’ann and LeVeL Thrive in a bad light, which is ironic considering all they did was post videos that Shan’Ann made. They still say that (or did when it was up) but the account itself just archives videos from SW’s FB account, which I assume is memorialized by now which means it’s locked. I don’t know for sure, I don’t use Facebook as it’s a toxic dump.

      You can read about the channel being shutdown on Reddit (Just do an offsite search to find related info), but that’s all there is to it. Unfortunately, MLM huns don’t have a real job and have alot of time on their hands, so they fill baseless copyright infringements even though FB technically is the owner, not SW due to the TOS you agree to when signing up for FB.

      “This account has been terminated because it is linked to an account that received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement.” Is basically what you get when asking about why it’s gone. Hope that helped! Hopefully they’ll be back.


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