Frank Rzucek asks Social Media to “Just stop”, cites harassment, bullying

It was inevitable that by shifting the Watts case out of a criminal court through a plea deal, that such a high-profile case would “play out” in the court of public opinion.  That’s still happening. The fact that Shan’ann’s public Facebook page provided enormous insight to the media, public, and true crime writers and researchers, meant it was inescapable that this case would gain tremendous traction on social media, especially Facebook. One could argue this is the world’s first high-profile “social media” case.

A criminal trial could have done tremendous good in clearing the air on a host of issues. The Rzuceks elected to pursue the plea deal, though it’s still not completely clear why. The death sentence was never going to be carried out. If the Rzuceks hoped to spare themselves the strain of a high-profile trial, it seems one year on that hasn’t really happened.

One year on, a lot of uncertainty and contradiction still dogs the Watts case, in spite of the huge tranches of discovery and digital files released to the public by Weld County over the past several months.

[Rzucek] said social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have allowed lies and conspiracy theories about the murders to spread.

That’s generally true, of course. Social media is a hot mess of confusion. It’s hardly specific to the Watts case. But this obviously raises the question, what is the truth regarding this case? Is the truth the version the Rzuceks have?

If the Rzuceks are serious about wanting the case to die down, and wanting to avoid the unpleasantness on social media, they ought to stay completely out of the public eye, stop giving interviews [on Dr. Phil etc], and simply avoid social media, which in theory is fairy simple to do.

It’s interesting that just three weeks short of the anniversary, Rzucek traveled to Frederick to stand in front of the Watts home and gave his press conference, flanked on both sides by lawyers. He didn’t need to do that. Wouldn’t it have been easier, cheaper and just as effective to make the same statement from North Carolina?

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5 thoughts on “Frank Rzucek asks Social Media to “Just stop”, cites harassment, bullying

  1. Are those few people out there making big money off his daughter’s death LeVel? Also shouldn’t her facebook and LeVel videos have been taken down immediately after her death? What we don’t need is Congress taking away free speech. And they have already tried to regulate Mark Zuckerberg and facebook. So with all due respect Mr. Rzucek, and I know you to be a sweet man, just stop looking at it and having people out there tell you about it. All your on-camera video in front of the house will do is add fuel to the fire.

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    • Mr. Rzucek actually has a really easy solution available — just unplug. Read a book, go for a walk, do anything else. We all know the internet, specifically social media, is full of bullies and nastiness and will drive you crazy if you let it, so don’t let it. I’m firmly in the camp of if you don’t like something, don’t watch, read or listen to it. I do sympathize with his situation, but you are right, Sylvester, censorship hurts everyone, whether they know it or not.

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      • Agreed!

        As for Level, well Sandi and Frank didn’t delete any videos but they sure did jump on that Level train quick, using their deceased daughter and grandkids to shill for a company that aided in their demise. Even Shan’Ann’s best friend NUA had (actual title) “A Killer Sale!!” On Thrive shortly after the murders. If that’s not inappropriate, I don’t know what is. To make matters worse, it was only encouraged by Rzucek and Onorati as “It’s what my daughter would’ve wanted”. It was exploitative and uncalled for. Now that they’ve made their money, they want people on SM to be silenced? Do they realize that their son is one of those people, as he often uses social media to engage with people about the case? So it was okay for them to exploit this case and make money off of it, and its okay for the son to sound off on people, but when they’re called out on it, it’s “bullying”?. Hmm. If they don’t like being criticized, which unfortunately comes with “putting yourself out there”, then they can delete social media and disengage like anyone else. It’s unfair to try and silence people because you don’t like what they’re saying, but only after you’ve said what you’ve had to.


    • I agree!
      Why wasn’t there a trial. Would it have highlighted his daughters prior life (nursing school, over 20+ illnesses, her crazy debt, his and Sandy’s debt-1 year-long stay in CO) etc etc etc etc
      Is Rzucek able to unplug.


  2. Thanks Sally D. Guess I might have sounded a bit harsh. But that is the best solution. I have the feeling though that who they are most angry with is the Watts family, and their Anna story, and HLN. They could take legal steps to curtail misinformation that is being transmitted – possibly – take down their own facebook accounts, and inform well-meaning friends to keep whatever negativity they’ve heard to themselves.

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