#1 July 4th, 2018: Chris Watts and his mistress have a flaming row #1yearagotodayCW

For the next 5 weeks, CrimeRocket II will be doing a recap of the Chris Watts case timeline during the summer of 2018 based on references in the Discovery Documents and the CBI Report.

On July 4th, Chris Watts’ mistress visited his home in Frederick for the first time. At this stage, Shan’ann and the kids had been in North Carolina for just over week.

July 4th was also one of the first times Watts fought with Kessinger. When he took a call from Shan’ann, Kessinger was upset and felt she would always be playing second fiddle to Watts’ wife.

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Meanwhile, it was raining in Aberdeen, North Carolina.


3 thoughts on “#1 July 4th, 2018: Chris Watts and his mistress have a flaming row #1yearagotodayCW

    • Well feel free to share your observations and intuitions. It’s always a worthwhile exercise to explore timelines in “real time”, moving forward, rather than in one go retrospectively, moving backwards. One tends to intuitively assume the people in the story know what’s going to happen next, but they really don’t. And the question becomes, when did the premeditation start? What started it?


  1. WOW!!!! Great work! This would have been one of the most interesting court cases in history. So much we could have learned about this man’s way of thinking prior to the murders. Your investigative reports are perhaps the closest thing we have into the mind of CW. The detective questions were not even as incisive, and then he went ahead and took the plea leaving TONS of loose ends. Thank you for all your work.


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