#2 July 5th, 2018: Bella and Ceecee in Aberdeen, playing in a summer rainstorm #1yearagotodayCW

On July 4th, Nichol Kessinger went to a Rockies baseball game without him. This must have stung, enough to make an impression, because Watts used the idea of going to a Rockies game alone [or with work colleagues] as his “alibi” to Shan’ann on Saturday night, August 12th.

In Aberdeen, the 4th of July was a washout, and so was the 5th, as the video below illustrates.

Despite their argument on the 4th, Watts spends the night at Kessinger’s. By 14:24 the next day, a Thursday, Shan’ann is on the phone. Watts was likely about to return home from the oil fields when he received the call.

In all Shan’ann and her husband spoke for a total of almost 23 minutes on July 5th. The telephone conversations between Watts and his wife are one of the few areas we know virtually nothing about.

It’s possible Shan’ann’s brother Frankie or her folks may have caught snippets of these conversations, or at least seen her demeanor before or after the calls. What would they have talked about? Was it all small talk? The girls did this or that today? Or was there a regular theme, such as the state of their finances, and finding ways to scrimp on money?

On July 5th Shan’ann calls her husband twice and he calls her once.

Fullscreen capture 20190705 220945

I analysed this particular video in some detail in TWO FACE TWO POLLYANNAS. In it one can see Shan’ann’s still wearing her Thrive patches [despite being pregnant]. In a forum discussing using Thrive while pregnant, one user noted that certain ingredients like ephedrine in the DFT [Thrive patches] could be linked to heart defects in fetuses.

The more than five minute video above provides an extended view of how Shan’ann interacts with both daughters. Early on Shan’ann refers to “things coming out of the sky [in Colorado] that beat you death…” She’s referring to hailstorms.

Did Watts watch this particular video? At about 4 minutes remaining Shan’ann tells her children, “Daddy’s on here watching you.” What was he thinking on July 5th, watching them from Colorado?

#1 July 4th, 2018: Chris Watts and his mistress have a flaming row #1yearagotodayCW

For the next 5 weeks, CrimeRocket II will be doing a recap of the Chris Watts case timeline during the summer of 2018 based on references in the Discovery Documents and the CBI Report.

On July 4th, Chris Watts’ mistress visited his home in Frederick for the first time. At this stage, Shan’ann and the kids had been in North Carolina for just over week.

July 4th was also one of the first times Watts fought with Kessinger. When he took a call from Shan’ann, Kessinger was upset and felt she would always be playing second fiddle to Watts’ wife.

Fullscreen capture 20190705 214857Fullscreen capture 20190705 215032Fullscreen capture 20190705 215339

Meanwhile, it was raining in Aberdeen, North Carolina.